COUER D’ALENE [NOTE: They didn’t spell the city right], Idaho — A jury has found five members of the white supremacist group Patriot Front guilty of criminal conspiracy to riot, a misdemeanor.

We’ll skip over this characterization for now. 

The five were convicted of planning to riot at the Coeur d’Alene Pride event in 2022. 

Idaho is a Republican stronghold. What that means is that you get absolutely nothing, while groomers get unfiltered access to children.

NOTE: The pic on bottom left is erroneously blurred, something I cover in a piece linked below.

I covered the Coeur d’Aline demonstration many times on this site. From the fedjacketing of Patriot Front, to a look at their (((law enforcement))) to debunking servative fake news, pushed by many including Vince James of Red Elephants, about the drag pervert showing his penis to children. 

Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White

I knew they got arrested and then released on bail. I either didn’t know, or forgot that they were charged with anything, because it seemed so certain that they would beat those fraudulent charges. After all, Patriot Front clearly do not go into an area with the intention of causing a riot. That’s why they have shields, and have shown before that they use them purely to defensively fend off BLM/Antifa aggressors. 

For the record, it wasn’t just Patriot Front that the Coeur d’Alene Blue Antifa arrested. Two preachers were escorted off the scene in handcuffs, although to be clear I’m not sure if they were charged with anything. 

They did all that while taking pictures on behalf of the child groomers, who later on started gyrating their hips in front of an audience of toddlers. 

I’m sure the Israel Trip Enjoying Coeur d’Alene PD feel smug and satisfied with the way they handled the whole thing. 

Taken from the event.

The prosecution and defense both gave their closing arguments after two of the five members testified on Thursday.

On Wednesday, witnesses, including arresting officers and a detective, took the stand and spoke on what led up to the 31 arrests.

A total of 31 Patriot Front members were arrested and searched in 2022, and police also seized evidence, including two vehicles and a U-Haul they were transported in.

Forrest Rankin, Devin Center, Derek Smith, James Michael Johnson and Robert Whitted were all found guilty. None of them are from the Coeur d’Alene area, being from Arkansas, Washington, Colorado, Nebraska, and California. 

Again, I thought that the Coeur d’Alene police were using the process as the punishment, with no hope of getting convictions. They demasked Patriot Front, shut down their demonstration, arrested them, and then charged them with conspiracy to riot after releasing them on bail. Then they made them come back to court, despite most of them not living there, in order to fuck with them more. 

Never would I have thought they could get a conviction, no matter how corrupt the court. After all, they need a jury to convict them on that.

KXLY (July 19th):

COEUR D’ALENE, ID. — Five members of the white supremacist group Patriot Front appeared in Kootenai County Court on Wednesday related to the arrests of multiple members near a Coeur d’Alene Pride event in 2022. 

During that incident, 31 Patriot Front members were found in the back of U-Haul truck law enforcement believes was heading to the Pride event. 

It also doesn’t make any sense that only five of them would be put on trial for conspiracy to riot. There is no explanation for this given.

On Wednesday July 19, witnesses, including assisting and arresting officers, were called to the stand. They were five Coeur d’Alene officers, one detective and one Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputy. 

Witnesses described what led to their response to the U-Haul and “tensions” felt in the city due to conflicting groups hosting events. 

A plan was drawn up by law enforcement prior to the event in preparation of a possible escalating situation. Witnesses noted Patriot Front was not in their plans, so they did not know they were coming. 

As an aside, never forget Dave Reilly, TradCath faggot, who lead a bunch of retards into a totally different park that was miles away from the groomer fiesta, and then made fun of Patriot Front for being oppressed by the local PD.

That he’s such a moron he kept repeating “kneel for the Federal Government,” instead of “local police,” is irrelevant, it’s the thought that counts. And the thought is “it’s hilarious when actual men with balls get oppressed by law enforcement.”

The impulse has largely passed, since the TradTwink “movement” is largely seen as a joke these days, but these were the people who we used to get told not to “infight” with. 

The defense argued that the officers had no knowledge if the group was going to cause a disturbance, and therefore should not have been arrested in the first place.

The defense also motioned to have charges dismissed in the case, but the judge [ denied it, citing sufficient evidence for a conviction.

Below we see Judge John Cafferty, the robed dictator heading up this case. When he was appointed in 2020, he said “My role is to help instill faith in the judicial system. If you don’t trust the courts, you’re not going to trust the system.” 

Good job on that front, John. My faith in the Coeur d’Alene legal system is at an all time high.

These are the two KXLY propagandists who wrote these pieces. Above we see a man with terminal gayface. Below, a landwhale. These are the people celebrating the naked and unjust lawfare used against Patriot Front.

Conspiracy to riot is, in Idaho, just a misdemeanor. According to another KXLY piece, if found guilty they could be sentenced to “up to one year in jail, a $5000 fine, and/or 2 years probation.” Not exactly life, but nothing to sneeze at, and since it all comes down to the same corrupt judge who refused to waive the charges, I think it’s likely they get the maximum. Remember, this is all happening to them in a Republican stronghold, and what they did was show up at a Monkeypox Fiesta and try to do what they do everywhere else, which is march around for a while and initiate zero violence.

This is what you get with Republicans. You might get some 5/10 rhetoric that doesn’t come close to addressing the problem. Then, if you try doing real life activism, you get the exact same legal oppression that everyone gets from DEMONrat run states and they ree about Der Natzees while railroading you into prison.


Someone left this comment in the Daily Rake telegram chat.

I followed this case closely and went to the trial myself for 2 of the days it was happening. The prosecution was very weak, but the defense was even weaker unfortunately. The laywer they had wasn’t ideological like you would want in a case like this, but they ended up getting what’s called a “withheld sentence”. It means if they do 3 days of jail (5 with credit for 2 already) and they pay the $1k fine then the sentence will be vacated after their probation ends. If they don’t get arrested at all for 2 years, it’s almost like it never happened.

There have been so many examples of this that I’ve become comfortable saying that a lawyer who won’t defend you ideologically is often a net negative. If you can’t get a lawyer who cares for the cause, consider representing yourself. It is also good to see that they aren’t getting the year in jail and $5k fine treatment, but of course they shouldn’t be getting anything.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the mental gymnastics that servitors will use that these convictions are proof that Patriot Front are feds.

  2. “There have been so many examples of this that I’ve become comfortable saying that a lawyer who won’t defend you ideologically is often a net negative. If you can’t get a lawyer who cares for the cause, consider representing yourself. ”

    agreed – fundamentally these fake charges are political, so must be fought politically. no lawyer will do this as they would be disbarred. fighting this as a legitimate legal case just reinforces the fake jew premise. also spending money on a lawyer – “good” or otherwise – just uses up your money, which is what they want. whatever they want to do to you they will do regardless, so you might as well keep your money. calling them out in court is probably the best you can do in a bad situation.

  3. In the future the word Republican will come to describe anyone who willingly throws a fight for corrupt reasons. A boxer losing a boxing match against an opponent he totally outclasses in order to be paid bribe money is an example of a Republican.

    I’ve also noticed that the democrats protect their own no matter what they are caught doing, whereas the republicans regularly cut each others throats over the most minor missteps.

    Every Republican state is this way, you get nothing and trannies get access to tots. I would rather vote for a democrat to maybe get myself delisted from whatever lists I’m on because republicans are worthless and it’s unlikely we will ever have 3rd parties form or win our fake elections.

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