We hurt Rumble’s feelings with a tweet yesterday. Like a true self-proclaimed “free speech platform,” they are now threatening to sue us for our speech.

Check it out for yourself!

You know what, I think I will!

Link takes you to a tweet that shows this image. It’s blurry, but I’ll type out a transcript below.

Julian Chandra
Odysee Inc.

Dear Mr. Chandra:

I request that you immediately retract your company’s tweet of December 9, 2021 at 1:37 p.m., which falsely claimed that Rumble has misled its investors with respect to its user engagement statistics, and issue a correction. A copy of this tweet is attached for reference.

Rumble’s investor presentation, which is available online and attached for reference includes accurate user engagement statistics based on Google Analytics and Rumble’s own measurements. These statistics measure engagement only on Rumble’s website and apps and not other websites.

Your company’s tweet appears to rely on statistics from SimilarWeb, a third-party monitoring site. We believe SimilarWeb includes videos viewed through Rumble’s licened player as part of its statistics. Because Rumble’s licensed video player is embedded on other websites, any statistics that include those views will show a short average visit and a small number of pages viewed on Rumble’s website. They do not accurately reflect user engagement on Rumble’s website and apps.

We value openness and transparency, so we have not used and will not use SimilarWeb’s statistics as part of our communications to investors. For the same reason, we do not use bots to inflate traffic on Rumble. Any claims to the contrary-including your tweet-risk misleading potential investors in Rumble as well as users, partners, and others in the marketplace.

Please confirm no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday December 10, 2021, that you will retract your misleading tweet and issue a correction. If Rumble does not receive a satisfactory response by that time, the Company will take aggressive action to safeguard its interests.


Michael J. Ellis
General Counsel.

Basically Rumble is assmad because Odysee made some tweet that alleged Rumble might use bots, and Rumble claims something something investors something something defamation. Okay let’s see that original tweet.

Pretty damning stuff, and if not true I can kind of see why Rumble is mad. In the letter, Rumble claims something about embedded videos counting as a visit duration, thus harming their statistics or something. I honestly have no idea and can only speculate.

All I know is that Rumble is a Kosh-Servative Grift Operation and Odysee is run by retarded Liberals who actually appear to believe in free speech. Whatever the case, Odysee was told they have until 5PM Friday to delete the tweet and tweet a retraction, or they’re getting sued.

We’ll keep you posted.

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