The Sun:

Witnesses at the scene said a speeding driver struck the kids after going around a stopped bus.

“He was being impatient and went around the bus,” a witness said.

Two of the children were pronounced dead at the scene and the other four, ages 1, 2, 6 and 9, were taken to an area hospital, according to Local 10.

One of those children is listed in critical condition and the other two are stable, the outlet reported.

Authorities in the area advised drivers to avoid the 2400 block of Northwest Ninth Avenue, where the accident occurred.

“When he cut in front of me he went straight for the kids,” said bus driver Selvin Arjun.

Arjun said he had let two passengers off the bus when he saw a gray Nissan swerve in front of him.

“I don’t know if he couldn’t control the car because he was going fast, but he drove straight into those kids,” he said.

Authorities are looking for the driver.

“How can you run someone over, even an animal, get out and look and then get back in the car and keep going?” said a witness.

We honestly don’t have any footage or other pictures of this event, so it’s quite difficult to say if this is related to the BLM Waukesha Christmas Massacre, which you can read about here. I don’t see any mention of race, which, per Coulter’s Law, implies the driver was not White. However, this could also be a case of reckless driving.

In any case, a probably non-White driver hit some kids of unspecified race, got out, looked at them dying, and sped off. He has not been apprehended, but when he does, we’ll write about it then.

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