Yes, it gets worse than him pretending to be alpha but actually being a literal cuckold. You see Jack Murphy, real name Goldman, apparently had a shitty porn career before becoming an Alpha Chad Cuckold. I could have gone the rest of my life without watching the videos that I have seen of him having gross sex, and have spared you the worst of it.

Yes, it gets worse than having to see Goldman stare directly into your eyes with his angry orgasm face as he plows the poor unfortunate girl who is co-starring in this feature film. It gets far worse.

I tried to find the frame that shows his package the least, but yes that’s him. He’s spreading his legs and I am a bit too disgusted to go into any details. At least what happens next is actually with a woman. It gets worse.

See Goldman was a cam whore. A male cam whore. And here he can be seen shoving dildos up his ass. Yes it it repulsive and disgusting, but it gets worse.

The autists of 4chan managed to find out that Goldman goes by “BigBadBeard1000,” and calls himself a “bear.” This is a faggot term for men who are large. But just in case you thought maybe that wasn’t conclusive, here he is on video explicitly saying that he’s “fucked other guys.”

After all this came out Murphy came out swinging with the utterly bizarre claim that someone had “revenge porn,” on his wife. And also incited violence against her.

Revenge porn is when somebody films their significant other having sex with them, then later releases this to the general public. In this case it’s just people finding his amateur porn career. And I have no idea what he thought he was going to gain by dragging Sydney Watson and Elijah Schaeffer into this.

Just a few hours later and he’s already admitted that he entirely made up the revenge porn shit. You see, back in 2019 he lost his job due to being “cancelled.” Being lost and desperate he decided the best course of action was to shove dildos up his ass on camera.

This guy was writing articles back in 2015 on how alpha he was for being a cuckold. I initially thought that this was something from 10 years ago, but no, this is just a few years ago that he was openly talking about having sex with other men on camera.

Needless to say the felting from the internet has been hot and heavy, as it should be.

And Goldman of course deconstructs White Identity as part of his Conservative Influencer routine. Here he can be seen “fighting against CRT,” by attacking the very idea of White.

Anyway, there you have it. Conservatism in one man.

  • Bizarre machismo
  • From literal cuckold
  • crypto jew
  • anti-White
  • “heteroflexible”
  • traditional masculinity
  • literal camwhore

I’ll leave you with a non-explicit video of him engaging with the audience from his camwhore days.

Vote republican goyim.

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  1. Holy fucking shit… He is literally the epitome of both Jewishness and Conservatism in the same body.

  2. I’d rather watch a skunk crawl out of a dead skunk’s ass.

  3. Isn’t it also true that his “Liminal Order” grift uses a chat app that was developed (in part at least) with CIA funding? It wouldn’t surprise me if Goldman turned out to be a literal kike glownigger gayop.

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