National Post:

In the last week, some international news outlets published claims that Canada has fallen for one of the biggest hoaxes in its history.

“Alleged mass grave of Indigenous children at Catholic schools across Canada contains NO BODIES,” declared Britain’s Daily Mail last Thursday. “No human remains found two years after claims of ‘mass graves’ in Canada,” headlined the New York Post. The American Conservative claimed Canada has perpetrated an “anti-Catholic blood libel.”

It’s also an anti-White, anti-Christian, and anti-Canadian blood libel. Plenty of non-Catholic churches were burned to the ground, including one that was a twenty minute drive away from where I used to live.

I called into the local RCMP inquiring as to why there were no hate crime charges, and hit a very predictable bureaucratic wall. Similarly, a protestant church in Vancouver was defaced by an antifa group called the “Red Braid Alliance for Decolonial Socialism.” To the surprise of no one, the group eventually disbanded due to pedophilia. 

National Post does a mediocre but passable job of covering the pogrom.

In the spring of 2021, a series of ground-penetrating radar surveys near the sites of former Indian Residential Schools uncovered anomalies that appeared to be consistent with children’s graves. In the nationwide protests that followed, more than 60 Canadian churches were vandalized or destroyed, and statues were pulled down in virtually every major city.

The surveys would help spawn the creation of a new holiday, Truth and Reconciliation Day, prompt an official visit by Pope Francis and result in Canadian flags being kept at half-mast for a record-breaking five consecutive months.

They also cancelled Canada Day, and stole three billion dollars through “reparations.”  

Reparations for the crime of building the schools that they demanded that we build for them, then teaching these kids how to read. Reminder, the Gravocaust is the fakest thing ever.

Nevertheless, the claim was that these residential schools were secretly genociding the Abos, murdering these children and then dumping their bodies in fields. This wasn’t insinuated, it was proclaimed as fact. 

And then, just last month, an excavation at the Pine Creek Residential School in Manitoba determined that fourteen “anomalies” suspected to be children’s graves were actually nothing. To date, of the hundreds of suspected graves identified starting in 2021, Pine Creek is the only one that has been followed up with an archaeological dig.

Most of the slanderers are smart enough to make sure never to have their claims investigated. It is not a coincidence that the only times when a dig is scheduled to investigate the “anomalies,” nothing is found. However, it’s flat out not true that this is the first time any of these “grave sites” have been actually investigated. The National Post is simply lying when they say this.

Spiked Online:

This is just the latest in a series of excavations of alleged burial sites at one-time residential schools. They have been undertaken at the former Mohawk school in Brantford, the former Shubenacadie Indian Residential School in Nova Scotia, the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton and the Kuper Island Residential School in British Columbia. And they have all failed to unearth a single unmarked grave. This really ought to call into question the whole narrative of mass slaughter at Canada’s residential schools.

What the repeated failures of the excavations ought to have done is make it illegal to perpetuate this slander. Good luck getting consubversive faggots like Pierre Poilievre to support that.

“Every imaginary child matters.”

Back to the National Post propaganda piece.

But there’s just one problem with claims that this was all an engineered hoax: The preliminary claims of First Nations performing the surveys did not state that these were “mass graves,” that they were deliberately concealed or that they were the result of homicide. At least in the beginning, the claims of “mass graves” or mass murder would stem mostly from foreign outlets.

It’s true that international zionist propaganda outlets uncritically ran with the slander that 215 children had been found at the Kamloops school. 

Above we can see the BBC push this propaganda. Below we can see Reuters doing much the same. 

And of course the New York Times made sure everyone knew there were mass graves full of dead Abo children.

However, no Canadian propaganda outlet claimed that – 

Oh. Uh, I guess the CBC doesn’t count. It’s only the state propaganda agency. Although I will point out that they repeated this slander over and over again.

CBC (July 2021):

The discoveries of hundreds of unmarked graves at former residential schools for Indigenous children in Canada have prompted renewed calls for a reckoning over the traumatic legacy of similar schools in the United States — and in particular by the churches that operated many of them.

Not “alleged.” Not “suspected.” Just “unmarked graves.”

It’s very important that the state propaganda agency fight the fact-checkers who deny their very clear claim of “we found 215 unmarked graves full of dead Abo children.” 

But okay, it’s the CBC. Maybe that’s just an isolated – 

Okay, the CTV was uncritically pushing the idea that the anomalies, which you will find in literally any patch of ground, were secretly Abo kids. Maybe that was just one CTV article and –



First Nations communities and Indigenous groups across Canada are now grappling with what to do next after locating the remains of 215 children who were buried in unmarked graves near a residential school in British Columbia.

Okay, maybe it was just two articles from CTV. It’s not like there was – 



The discovery of 215 First Nations children buried in unmarked graves near a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C., has sent shockwaves through Canada.

Okay, so there was an organized campaign by CBC and CTV to push the slander that there were secret graves at residential schools full of dead Abo children. But it was just those two Canadian news – 

Okay, it was the Toronto Star as well. Actually, it was all of them.

Toronto Star:

VICTORIA – The discovery of unmarked graves at a former residential school in the B.C. Interior and the countrywide awakening it set off have been chosen as Canada’s news story of the year by editors in newsrooms across the country.

There were 38 editors in the annual Canadian Press survey who picked the grim discovery at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School as the most compelling and deeply revealing story of 2021. That compared with 31 votes for Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout and 13 for climate change and B.C. weather that saw massive fires in the summer and floods in the fall.

“The announcement of unmarked children’s graves shook most Canadians to their core, even if this information was not new to many First Nations people,” said Christina Spencer, Ottawa Citizen editorial pages editor.

Yes, there was an organized push from the WMD Liars to pretend that there are secret graves full of dead Abo children all across Canada, but especially at residential schools. It is quite literally based on nothing but “anomalies,” from ground radar, which are arbitrarily decided to be evidence of dead kids. The same people who make this claim cry and shit their pants when you propose actually exhuming the “graves,” despite them promising to do exactly that within weeks of the “findings.” 

The Toronto Star has a warning at the bottom of the headline, which informs you that the information present in the particular propaganda piece that you are reading might be out of date. What that means is “the op that we were pushing may have been discovered by the time you read this, but we’d like the NPCs to pretend that we are still a serious news organization and aren’t deliberately lying, like we do with everything.” 

You know who else pushed this bullshit? That would be none other than the very same rock ribbed consubversive National Post who is pretending that no Canadian propaganda agencies pushed the claim that children’s graves were found at the Kamloops Residential School. 

That last National Post article accidentally gives the game away.

National Post:

The Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation says it hopes to complete its preliminary findings by the end of June; it declined the Post’s request to speak with the archaeologist who did the ground-penetrating radar research.

This was a deliberate, planned slander right from the very beginning, and the National Post was in on it. They have since changed their tune, doing the “the residential schools were awful and blah blah but maybe they weren’t quite genocide,” bit, which is just as subversive. 

Now they’ve even stooped to pretending that no Canadian propaganda outlet ever uncritically reported the claim that random “anomalies” in a field == dead Abo children when they all did that in articles that you can still find for yourself with five minutes of Googling.  

Remember all the shrines that were erected to the imaginary dead Abo kids?

Remember the piles of shoes meant to represent imaginary dead Abo kids?

Remember when our national holiday was cancelled because of imaginary dead Abo kids? 

Remember when we had billions of our tax dollars stolen because of imaginary dead Abo kids? 

Remember when our statues were torn down because of imaginary dead Abo kids?

Remember when our churches were vandalized, desecrated, or burned to the ground because of imaginary dead Abo kids?

Remember the teddy bears placed on behalf of imaginary dead Abo kids?

It wasn’t because of anomalies detected in a field. There was a deliberate and organized slander here, obviously. Oh and remember how, when there was an easily dunkable fact-free claim of genocide, all the uncensored servatives were doing was complaining that Justin Trudeau wasn’t being respectful enough of the imaginary dead Abo kids?

The Post Millenial (July 8th, 2021):

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a press conference in Saskatchewan on Monday alongside Premier Scott Moe, at Cowessess First Nation, where yet another lot of unmarked graves were discovered near a former residential school.

Many on social media, though, saw the prime minister’s actions as distasteful, after photos of Trudeau kneeling on the unmarked graves, holding a teddy bear, made their way to Twitter.

This was what we got from these far worse than useless subversives back in 2021. Each and every one of them pretended that this slander was real, then whined about some Finklethink garbage instead.

The Gravocaust Slander would be the very top issue for Canadian servatives, if they weren’t entirely fake subversives who exist for no purpose other than to get in the way. The policy proposals write themselves. Billions in reparations for Canadians, the cancellation of the “Truth and Reconciliation Day,” libel charges against the original slanderers, investigations into the RCMP and judiciary’s refusal to prosecute church arsonists with hate crime charges, forced exhumations of all the claimed dead Abo child sites, and many more.

The Gravocaust is as ridiculous as Jussie Smollett’s KKK survival, and yet you won’t hear shit from the fags who can’t even handle someone wearing a “Straight Pride” shirt. To talk about this slander is to energize White People in a way that their (((donors))) very much do not want. 

Every bit of propaganda you read is gaslighting.

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  1. The gov wanted residential schools because if the children were left on reserve with their drunken, violent, quasi-pedo parents, then they would likely learn nothing.

    Anyhow, these schools shat out a next generation of welfare bums, that begat another generation of bums, and so on until today. These people are so useless that the supposedly proud “first nations” regularly shit these bums into urban centres for Whitey to take care of.

    “Educating” these low IQ bums has been and continues to be a complete and unmitigated disaster. Except for the lawyers and gov bureaucrats who run this gong show.

    It’s all so tiresome.

    1. Exactly. Sending them to public schools produced the same result as keeping them home with the drunken squaws, so no one honestly interested in “teaching” them would do so. Only the pols, “activists,” lawyers, etc. got anything out of it: free publicity, fees for legal work, virtue points.

      Basically, the same with every “liberal” scheme. Sounds good, doesn’t work, politicians congratulate each other.

      It is indeed very tiresome.

  2. Shit man wait til you hear about this thing called the ‘holocaust’, lot of jews had egg on their faces when they were forced to admit that it was fake!

    1. That picture of sad little shoes reminds me, there’s a “monument” in Budapest of hundreds of (bronze?) shoes on the banks of the Danube, right in the city center, that supposedly commemorates some last minute clean-up before the Soviets rolled in: the Arrow Cross lined up as many Jews as they could find, shot them and let the bodies fall into the river. Supposedly. It does sound pretty cool.

      It’s on every tourist map, every “what to see” website and video channel, etc.

      Thing is, no bodies. And the local crime families — oops, I mean, Jewish congregations — refuse to allow any diving or sonar scans to find any. “Sacrilege” etc.

      Of course, if there was any money or publicity to get out of finding a body, they’d be demanding such.

      Anyway, same as the Injun stuff. You’d almost think that they took it out of the Ashkenazi playbook, or the same people are behind both.

  3. The fact that they’re resorting to outright lies about the initial claims is proof that they’re on the back foot.
    Now is the time to press the advantage.
    Also, regarding the initial 215 – have any remains been exhumed? DNA analysis could at least establish whether or not the bones are even abo to begin with. It sure would be embarrassing if none of them were.

  4. And guess who was appointed the Chief Adjudicator of the IAP, Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat? Or should I say (((Chief Adjudicator of the IAP)))?

    Ahem: Daniel Shapiro.

    “The IAP was part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, product of the largest class actions settlement in Canadian history.”

    In other words (((lawyers))) looting the public treasury.

    Picture of the old fat jew looter found here:

  5. Remember that there would be no jew supremacist power in white nations, unless there were a handful of white traitors in government and business who collaborate with, and thereby empower this shitty little tribe of gangsters. This of course brings us to the National Post. This Zionist horseshit propaganda rag was started by Conservative sucker of kosher semen Conrad Black (married to a nutcase Jewess) and then sold to the ULTRA Zionist Asper clan of Winnipeg. Anyone who believes anything in the National Post, definitely has small turd for a brain. The present ruling class of the west is truly degenerate on both the left and the right. To quote Codreanu: “The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

  6. I was baptised Methodist, but I’ve blessedly been cured of this madness. I’ve rediscovered my AUTHENTIC European Pagan traditions. I do love architecture, though, so I have mixed feelings about the church burnings. I understand the loathing of lugenpresse lied about non-existent dead abo kids – but whast are ACTUAL Christians DOING about these outrages?

    Anything at all?

    1. When the Soviet mass murder machine was gearing up to roll over western Europe, and give the white people of the west a good taste of what they did to white people in the east, the various christian churches, especially the catholic church, did nothing. Voter support for the NSDAP in Germany was by far highest in protestant areas of Germany, by FAR. The allies sided with the Hun atheist Soviets over white Germany! This says a lot of horrifying things about our ‘leadership’. In the end it was the NSDAP of little Germany who stood up and gave the massive Soviet Huns a damn good shit-kicking. Shame on the west. God Bless Germany, and white patriots world-wide.

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