Most of you know by now that Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News for not being enough of a toady.

However, Donald “Orange Betrayer” Trump is also hated by much of our (((Democracy Class))), and yet has never passed up an opportunity to stab us in the back. Reasonable people could disagree on the authenticity of Tucker Carlson. Or at least they could, until he dropped this video.

Good evening, it’s Tucker Carlson. One of the first things you notice when you step out of the boardrooms of Washington, DC, is how many underserved White People there are in this once great country. It’s heartening how White some areas of this country remain, and I’ve enjoyed stepping out of the African wasteland that is Washington, DC, and spending time interacting with my fellow Aryans.

I’m liking the sound of this, but at this point you need to name Der Schlomo or I’m not that excited. And it’s not like this is the first time Tucker has had some based take.

Remember, when conservatives are saying what we want them to be saying, we pat ourselves on the back.

The undeniably big topics, the ones that will decide our future, get virtually no discussion at all. War, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, natural resources. When was the last time you heard a legitimate debate about any of those issues? It’s been a long time.

Debates like that are not permitted in American Media. Both political parties and their donors have reached consensus on what benefits them, and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it.

Suddenly America looks very much like a one party state. That’s a depressing realization, but it’s not permanent.

This is all very true, Mr. Carlson, but you were a part of that for Fox Jews. I’m not saying that you never did any good work, but come on now. We saw the leaked texts, you knew the election fraud stuff was bullshit, and we know that you knew.

Again, you need to name the (((problem))) here, or I’m not tuning in. America is a one party state, so if you try doing the “muh DEMONrats” routine I’m just not buying it.

And the reason for all this is that America is controlled to a large extent by the illegitimate nation of Israel.

Okay, hold on a second. I’m listening, but I’m pretty sure that he’s going to turn this into something gay and retarded. Just name them, Tucker, I know you can do it. 

I said before that Washington, DC is an African wasteland, but hang out long enough at any important and powerful institution and you’ll see a bunch of short little hook nosed goblins running around. It doesn’t take a PhD to see that the problem in America is simple: people who have dual loyalties.

Okay, you’re almost there, Tucker. Don’t twiddle it around the hole, let’s get balls deep in the truth. 

Dual loyalties might be a flattering way of putting it. The reality is that these little gremlins have far more loyalty to their middle eastern project than they do our country.

In fact they have nothing but malice for The White Race, which I, Tucker Carlson, consider myself the leader of. Did you know that these evil little hook nosed devils all support apartheid in Israel, yet were instrumental in flooding our communities with brown filth, both through desegregation and mass migration?

Look, there’s no point in pussyfooting around it any longer. It’s the jews, it’s the jews, it’s always been the jews.

For a long time I thought that the clip of Carlson saying almost exactly that was an AI fake. Now I see that it was leaked audio. This is the real reason why Fox Jews had to fire him. He was working on a project to redpill Americans on the Jews.

I for one, am very impressed with the direction that Tucker is taking. It’s nice to see that we’ve got moderate fascist Tucker back as the voice of the nation, instead of a Republican Party cheerleader. As long as he doesn’t go too crazy, and keeps things optical, I think this has some legs.

Since we share the common goal of making this great nation Judenfrei, I have invited my friend and longtime fellow Hitler Enjoyer Steven Crowder to be my Cohost. Steven, how are you doing?

Steven Crowder: I’d be doing a lot better if we had already nuked Israel and Africa.

Well there goes that. Tucker Carlson had a lot of potential, but if he’s got this genocidal maniac demanding Total Nigger Death every time that he tries going with the reasonable, measured take on something I think that this baby is going to be stillborn. We’re not going to reach the church ladies at the local BBQ with these talking points. 

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  1. Pretty good take on some Newz Guy I heard about now and then, only when some dweeb would pretend he was a real honest guy and “on our side”.

    And the election Fraud stuff wasn’t bullshit, not that it matters IN THE LEAST in our dumbshit Cuntry where there are still dumbshits wearing masks and still dumbshits pretending that voting matters – you gots ta vote cuz you gotta man, you got a choice between TWO PEOPLE … and there’s just no way Nose-feratu gots bof o dems on a leash…. pass me the squeeze cheese bro….


  2. “Most of you know by now that Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News for not being enough of a toady.”

    There are a number of stories about why Carlson is no longer at Fox. People believe whatever version is most in line with their own confirmation biases.

    I have no idea why Carlson is gone from Fox. He show was, uhh, non-conventional for years before he was taken off the air, and somehow Fox managed to tolerate it.

    He’s lucky in that this is the internet age, and he can do the same thing online and make a good living at it. He doesn’t need to be on TV. But he does need a platform, hosting, etc, and those are all vulnerabilities.

    Hopefully he’ll establish himself before the 2024 election gets going. Unlike some, I don’t really want to see him run for office.

    1. >He show

      His show

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