Remember about two weeks ago when Jordan “Lobster Dominance” Peterson claimed that the obviously not White leader of the Scottish National Party was secretly White? Today, after checking back into rehab, he apologized for this laughable take, and promised to never be so retarded ever again.

Just kidding. He decided to revive his mostly forgotten whoopsie completely out of the blue, by responding to the almost two week old video made by Red Ice in response to his original tweet. Since this is incredibly stupid and erratic, even for Peterston, I needed to be sure that this was real. I headed on over to the brave free speech warrior’s uncensored twatter account and confirmed that yes, this man is blind and retarded.

The original screencap didn’t get the date of Peterstein’s tweet. But in mine, you can see that he is responding to an eleven day old video. I don’t even know how he managed to see this, especially so many days after the fact. It makes me wonder what Peterson does with his days, aside from popping Benzos.

The responses are exactly what you’d expect. Remember, Peterson tells you in great detail that his White students are being racially discriminated against because they are White. Then he does the WhATS A wHiTe peRsON bit, when confronted with any truly uppity White People that his (((owners))) at the Daily Mail don’t like. And again, this is the guy he’s calling White.

His name is Humza Yousef for crying out loud.

Credit to Mosley Nationalist for this meme, although I can’t confirm that he made it. Either way, it’s getting stolen, and will be featured in just about every piece I write on Mr. Peterstein from now on out.

User McCarthy_was_right, seen below, mentions something that I’ve been saying for a long time. The “Wokesters” attack White People as White People. Then, when White People go to defend themselves, they do the same bUt WhATs A whITe PerSOn routine that Peterstein does. It exists purely to trip you up, as they know damn well what a White Person is when it comes time for them to racially discriminate against you and disadvantage you.

But it wouldn’t be a twatter thread without some faggot shitting it up with the “but like, natzees guyz,” routine. 

Just so you know, that user looks like this, with the below image taken from his own profile, which also features his pronouns. I’ve come to believe more and more that the only real way to respond to these types is to post pictures of them before pointing and laughing. Don’t ever make any logical arguments against the garbage that comes pouring out their mouths. 

Although I do have to quote this one part of his tweet because it is so absurd. 

Maybe… use another source on this topic, yeah?

Use another source on the topic of a non-White guy being secretly White?

It doesn’t make any sense, it’s just words spoken disingenuously to try to trip you up. What’s surprising is that , Peterson’s argument appears to be so obviously stupid and immediately laughable that I couldn’t find any consubversatives rushing to his aid. There was some additional “uhm like, problematic,” concern trolling defense of Juden Peterstein later in the thread done by some crazy womxyn, but that was it. The rest was wall to wall condemnation and mockery. 

I particularly liked this one, which is nothing more than a screencap of one of Jordan’s 12 rules for life.

Jordan Peterson’s real number 1 rule is to do so many brain frying benzos that you have to go to Russian rehab centers because you’re so fucked up that the stateside ones can’t help you. Then mindlessly attack pro-White advocates with increasingly idiotic and easily parried attacks because you like the Shapiro-bux. Or maybe he’s playing the long game, and he’s trying to discredit the Daily Mail, which is exactly what he told us he was doing when he sat down with us in our exclusive interview with him.

Jordan “Discredit consubversatism by being retarded” Peterson. He wasn’t the hero we asked for, but he’s the one we got. 

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  1. Science says that Peterson is clearly a Hmong tribesman. Trust Science!

  2. I’m guessing it won’t be long until Peterstein has to take a trip to Russia for another medically induced coma.

  3. “He’s white. At least as white as an Irishman :)” FTFY “Humza Yousef is as White as a White liberal.”

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