Originally published November 9th, 2023.

In my second last piece on Gaza Gone Wild 2023 I mentioned Chris Elston, and not in a positive light. He went over to oppose the anti-genocide rally that Palestinian activists put on while wearing his standard anti-grooming outfit. This would be fine, except he was fighting against the side that supported Hamas, the people who have put an end to the pervert menace in Palestine.

It would be very productive to do exactly what he did, only protesting on behalf of Hamas, exposing the subversive zio-antifas in their midst. That would jam their narratives, but instead he does the opposite. Eventually, he ended up filming a bunch of Arab teenage girls doing the bullying of antifa that the e-right just won’t do.

Antifa fag with a soy voice: He’s trying to tell children anti-LGBT propaganda. He’s trying to tell children that they’re not allowed to be trans.

Arab Girl: Yeah, they’re not.

Honorary Aryans Continue: You can’t do that. You have to respect us.

Other Queen: No LGBTQ. None.

First Queen: In our religion you can’t do that.

Antifa Fag: You natzees are wrong.

Again, you could be forgiven for thinking Chris went over to support Hamas. After all, Hamas doesn’t just ban tranny surgeries for children, but homosexuality of all types.

Instead, Chris went over to protest against Hamas, who he calls “evil”, and then Wow, Just Wow’ed at the “intersectional comedy,” going on between Arabs who are opposed to genocide, and ziotifas who are trying to hijack their protest and turn it into a pro-AIDS fest.

Isn’t it hilarious that these LeFTiSTs are “infighting”?

Except, turns out the Palestinians don’t actually want the perverts looking to rape children show up at their protests. And it turns out the perverts who want to rape children are there to concern troll the Palestinians out of supporting Hamas, which is the armed wing of the Palestinian resistance to their genocidal occupiers.

No one needs “woke ideology” to oppose zionists who refer to non-Jews as “human animals,” say “there are no innocents in Gaza,” and then follow that up with the mass murder of civilians.

There is nothing particularly “woke” about demanding that the genocidal occupiers of Palestine stop genociding the particular Goyim who live on land that they feel entitled to steal. They’d do the same to White People, because the crime that the Palestinians have committed is not being born Jew.

Instead, Chris’ responds with some counter-jewhad snark.

Bro, take a look at these colliding ideologies of “let me fuck kids,” and “stop murdering our children, Jews.” Isn’t it hilarious when these LefTIsTs fight each other. Bro, LefTIsM is so incoherent and contradictory. Also, get a load of these evil LefTIsTs attacking an old Jew man of colour. He was murdered in cold blood by eeebil Palestinian Goyim, no evidence necessary. 

This is because those eeebil Palestinian Goycattle are fighting a civilizational war against us here in the West. Part of that is them taking our children and turning them into trannies. This brave Jew was fighting against all of that. He was fighting for Western Civilization. He was fighting – 

The “twist” is that he was fighting for Jew supremacy when he attacked the legitimately peaceful anti-genocide protesters. Similarly, he was fighting for Jew supremacy when he, as an antifa member, went out to harass and intimidate “White supremacist groups,” from recruiting in California, which probably means something like the Proud Boys. He received praise from the “Conejo Valley Antifascists,” for his stunning and brave anti-White work. 

Crazy how (((Paul Kessler))), a frothing at the mouth “leftist” who hates “HuWhyte Supreeemacy,” also went out and attacked a bunch of brown people who were protesting against the legitimately genocidal state of Israel. It’s so weird that this Just. Keeps. Happening.

Jaime, can you pull up that snarky tweet of Chris’ please?

Hey Chris, how come you didn’t tweet out a snarky “when ideologies collide,” post after some antifa scumbag tripped and died after seething at some brown people angry about ostensibly HuWhyte Jews committing a genocide? Isn’t that contradiction wacky and hilarious?

I’ve protested with Chris Elston before. In short, I’m glad that I went, but there is a reason why I never wanted to protest with Chris Elston again. Tons of risk, with seemingly very little political upside. It felt like protesting for social media upvotes, as opposed to actual tangible political change. Protesting in this manner is his career, and I think he’s gotten comfortable doing well meaning, but ultimately impotent actions that amount to nothing. 

It was fairly similar to the servative lead protest in Kelowna that I and a few others participated in. While I don’t dislike either Chris Elston or the Kelowna organizers, there is something unserious about these social media influencer types. When you’re the rank and file fighting politically, you need to know that the people running your thing have your back, and have a plan. That’s absent amongst the entirety of the e-right. 

Kelowna protest, not lead by Chris Elston.

I don’t mean to say that Chris Elston is worthless, or even a knowing bad actor. He does call out Elon Musk for being a free speech fraud. 

He’s called out the complete and utter fraud that is Pierre Poilievre, on multiple occasions.

Poilievre is a shill who only stops talking about increasing immigration long enough to pass extreme pro-groomer legislation, while totally ignoring his base’s pleas to at least ban the sterilization of children. 

He also doesn’t fall for most of the usual shit tests that servatives are paid to fall for when it comes to these groomers. 

And he’s faced plenty of legal oppression from the blue antifa for his efforts.

All of which makes it very disappointing that he’s aligned himself with the IDF/Schizo-right crowd. I don’t want to hear chaff about the WEF, the Globalist Elites, or any other nonsense. I just want a ban on child mutilation and enforcement of already existing hate propaganda laws against pseudo-intellectuals pushing “White privilege” slander.

And I certainly don’t want to hear Christopher Rufo brag about not banning the anti-White hate propaganda (and shitty work of fiction) known as To Kill A Mockingbird. Also, servatives aren’t banning pornography, or restricting it in any way, so everything about this is trash.

I want to like Chris Elston. I still think there’s hope for him, but I can’t in good conscience say that he isn’t falling into a very predictable pattern of siding with zionists for his personal benefit. As I’ve detailed many times before, “wokeism” and support for the genocide state of Israel is a package deal. I believe that, the Liberals believe that, Biden believes that, Hamas believes that, and so does everyone with institutional power. The only people who don’t believe that are people who don’t know what’s going on, and it’s hard to see someone do politics as their full time job for years and credibly not get it.

Especially when you’ve seen firsthand how oppressive the pigs are, see the kid gloves they treat antifa with, then get to watch them arresting “suspected pro-Palestine rioters,” right in front of you face. 

Sad. Many such cases.

UPDATE: Lost in the host transition was this excellent comment by “HCS.”

His rhetoric on trans issues is rather good, so I kept an eye on his Twitter, but grew tired of it eventually. He has an obnoxious tendency of blaming whites for bad things – the only group he ever seems to blame for anything bad. A search on his account for “white” will probably come up with some results still.

He blames feminism on white women, while antifa are also simply white leftists, and those who spread trans ideologies are also somehow just whites – indeed, I recall him praising blacks for protesting with him while it was whites on the other side. He also blames whites for the ideology itself, with the safe go-to character of John Money, ignoring that Money was working on foundations developed by Magnus Hirschfeld, and it was the other Jew, Robert Stoller, who popularized the term “gender” – not to mention those who developed what is today known as transgenderism: Gayle Rubin, Judith Butler, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Kate Bornstein, Julia Kristeva, Bracha L. Ettinger, or then helped it from other scientific areas, like neuroimaging (Robert Sapolsky), or endocrinology (Norman Spack). For someone who prides himself on being brave to go out and protest, and who is okay with pointing the finger at an ethnic or racial group, and blaming them for bad things, Elston seems to not dare to break out of the anti-white framework, and is only okay with blaming whites – even for things Jews do.

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