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Kendall Jenner has swapped her Pepsifor her very own beverage brand: 818 Tequila.

The 25-year-old model’s latest business venture, a new brand of “best-tasting tequila,” was met with backlash from the Latino and Mexican-American communities. The criticism? Another white celebrity cashing in on an industry and culture to which she has no proximity.

“There are so many other authentic, woman-owned tequila companies to (choose) from,” wrote a Twitter user. “Don’t support the exploitation of our culture and resources.”

Some dilating tranny who still has a twatter account in 2022 is whining about /ourgirl/ Kendall Jenner having a tequila brand. This is apparently a national news story.

But supporters argue Jenner is not the first non-Latina or white celebrity to create a tequila brand, and she’s being unfairly criticized. George Clooney (Casamigos), Nick Jonas (Villa One), Dwayne The Rock Johnson (Teremana Tequila), AC/DC (Thunderstruck Tequila), LeBron James (Lobos 1707) and more have all gotten into the tequila game.

One user tweeted: “…leave it to Kendall to be as tone deaf as possible, this is so offensive. Modeling that chic migrant worker look for her tequila brand, watch her cry and say she didn’t know later on for the 100th time.” Another user replied to the original tweet, adding that people should keep the “same energy for all the celeb men” who have also ventured into the business.

Kendall Jenner looks like a whore who spends all her free time doing cocaine. In reality she’s simply cultivated this image to destroy the cultural products of what she refers to as “inferior brown races.” In a spicy interview with Hyphen Report Jenner was quoted as saying.

KKK Kendall: We knew Blormph was a fraud right from the very start. The idea that there are “good Mexicans” out there, absolutely ridiculous. The Jenner family requires total spic eradication from any politician that wants our support.

Above Kendall Jenner can be seen cleverly pretending to be a worthless and idiotic celebrity ditz. In her comments to the Rake she made crystal clear her motivation.

KKK Kendall: Looking at their smiling brown faces gave me all the motivation I needed. Those little umpa loompa looking chocolate people being happy filled me with a deep and dark rage. Nevertheless, say one thing about the Jenners, say we have low time preference. There will come a day when that brown farmer will see all he loves turn to ash, and my photography team will be there to catch the moment his little brown heart breaks.

Dr. Shekelstein: Kendall there are some who might say those views are somewhat extreme.

KKK Kendall: Extreme? Only extremists have the will to power to change the world.

Dr. Shekelstein: Will to power? You could say that sounds somewhat Hitleresque. Would you call yourself a Hitler-Enjoyer Kendall?

KKK Kendall: Oh please. I’m going to make Adolf Hitler look like a soy latte sipping faggot.

All hail Empress Kendall “Total Spic Death” Jenner, the new Chairperson of the National Justice Party. Sadly as of right now, we cannot endorse her Tequila brand. She’s saying all the right things, but when cuckservatives say what we want you have to keep pushing.

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  1. She’s a model? gimme a break – how’s her silicone lip transplant going.
    Sorry, I forgot model = skinny neurotic skank.

    And the beaners might be a bit excessively proud of their one accomplishment , tequila.

    Oh yes I forgot, a complete disregard for birth control and a viewpoint “having a kid is the same as buying a puppy, you just can’t get enough”

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