A woman from Dover, New Hampshire, has been convicted by the state’s justice department after she told a Black child she’d “kneel on his neck.”

Kristina Graper, 51, in May of last year threatened the child, a 9-year-old boy, according to a release from the New Hampshire Department of Justice. She had also referred to the child using a racial slur.

A civil complaint cited by the Associated Press says Graper’s son had pushed the 9-year-old child, who had, as a result, broken her son’s foam missile. When her son told Graper how that part of the toy broke, Graper went back to the park, the AP reported, and threatened the child.

The Strafford County Superior Court “concluded that this conduct was motivated by the victim’s race and had the purpose to terrorize or coerce the victim,” the release reads. “The court reached this conclusion after the defendant defaulted by not filing a response to the Attorney General’s complaint.”

Basically a poor White Woman was harrassed by the multi-billion dollar New Hampshire government, and she lost in court because she doesn’t have the funds or legal representation to fight on her behalf. You’d sort of think that they could go after black people screaming racial insults at White People, but since their goal is to oppress White People that’s not in their interest.

As a result of Graper’s behavior, the child does not want to play in the park anymore, the complaint says.

Graper must stay at least 250 feet away from the child and the child’s family and received a $500 fine. If she violates the restraining order, she could face a heftier fine of up to $2,500 and potential jail time, according to the New Hampshire DOJ release.

You’d think that a $500 fine wouldn’t really be grounds for a national news story. And you’d be right.

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