As many of you know I am the lead writer for Hyphen-Report, writing under the moniker of The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein. Or rather, I was the lead writer until January 19th. Although many people thought the site was mine, due to 90% of the content on there being written by me, it is actually owned by Hyphen-Pajeet, who goes by Special Agent Dale Cooper on BANG. I never thought this was any sort of problem. After all, we built the site together.

The initial idea for Hyphen-Report stemmed from a thread on BANG started by Pajeet. He put out a feeler for people who wanted to create a site to fill the niche left once Andrew Anglin trooned out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but I’d hate to accidentally doxx anyone, or even threaten the sanctity of TRS’s forum, so I won’t include any screencaps of that initial thread.

After we talked online, Pajeet invited me to DM on telegram. Below is the start of our first telegram conversation.

His initial pitch was quite clear. We’re here to build a site together. His job was to get a small amount of money coming in, and maybe knock out some articles here or there. My job and others will be to write the majority of the articles. All sounds good.

I don’t have any video or audio evidence of the numerous 2+ hour calls I had with him setting up the website, laying out our shared vision, etcetera. But in these early days our communication was a lot less about writing quality and more about just trying to get a site up and running. It’s a difficult and tedious task if you don’t have prior experience.

Here we see the one and only time that I ever received any payment for my work. I had written 8 articles at this point, and was given $175 in payment. I was actually owed $200, which I only realized now, but that was just an honest oversight that he and I made at the time. Frankly, me not getting paid was initially my idea, as strange as that sounds in retrospect.

The message in the above screencap is far longer than what you see here, but I’ll try to summarize. The site launched in mid October. I had written a bunch of articles, JigNat, JayGo, and Pajeet himself had written at least one a piece. Well, the site wasn’t doing particularly well in terms of audience. There were major technical issues, but the obvious problem was simply that we didn’t have many views.

The above screencap was taken a bit after the fact. I distinctly remember that one of my pieces got 2 views. Our internal telegram team had about 10 members. That means that even we weren’t reading our own site.

It’s not a great spot to be in. From November 8th, to November 13th nobody wrote for the site, and I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody read the site either. When I wrote a piece for the Hyphen Report doing the retrospective, I luckily already had screencaps of our audience numbers.

This graph, which I screencapped on the 22nd, really tells it all. The site was averaging about 10 views per day, and was essentially dead. The main problem I identified was actually him paying the writers. As I stated, if he has $125 to pay the writing staff, at $25 per article, that equates to only 5 works per week. That leads to writers potentially being in conflict with each other, if they write too much.

More seriously, since most people in our thing don’t do things for the money, if we are going to work for one of our own we want to give them plenty of surplus value. Pajeet and I had designated me as the lead writer and editor for the site, so I saw everyone’s work that was submitted. The pieces that were submitted tended to be overly long, sometimes even working far better as multiple articles. The medium-quality daily news pieces that are needed for a daily news site can’t be written under those conditions.

And besides, Pajeet had sent me pictures of his newborn baby, and lead me on to believe that we were good friends and partners. I believed that we had an excellent relationship, and didn’t think getting stabbed in the back was even a remote possibility. With that mistaken belief, I told him to stop paying me per article, so that I could crank out multiple articles per day, for free, and fulfill the site’s purpose.


So my proposal is actually just that you stop paying people, or at least me, in the short term. Your two children and wife certainly need the money more than I do, again, in the short term. – Me, an idiot

The above quote was written by a man who learned a very valid life lesson from this experience, and will not be making such stupid mistakes in the future.

I suggested that some salaried work would be the way to go in the future, but that paying me was not any sort of pressing concern. After all, we needed “our” site to be a success before we even thought about making any money. Beyond that, I was never in this for any money, and suggested an almost symbolic payment of $1,000 a month some way down the line, when we had some TRS-adjacent patrons lined up. Trust me when I say that $1000 a month for what I was doing is a small fraction of minimum wage.

I never asked for any money after this point, and trust me, I was never offered. That should have been a red flag, but live and learn.

Anyway, from the sites founding in October through the middle of November we were struggling. Our most successful pieces on the site had garnered just something like 100 views, even with me shilling them on 4chan and elsewhere. Then I went out and screencapped some crazy amount of what I deemed “Seething and Dilating,” on the Rittenhouse Verdict. We got shilled by Borzoi, Sven, McNabb, and other TRS guys, and that was that.

Over 3,000 views on a single article. I can’t look at the site internals now, but I think it was just shy of 5,000 views now.

And then of course the BLM Waukesha Christmas Massacre happened. I spent every waking hour in the next 72 hours making sure I had all the best coverage for many aspects of that crime. My piece on Darrell Brooks, the BLM terrorist, was our first to break 10k views, and was shilled by pretty much everybody at TRS/NJP, and even Western Chauvinist, a telegram account with over 50k subscribers.

I did lots of work writing about NJP’s protest in Waukesha, demanding hate crime charges. I covered the Republican Senator Ron Johnson demanding we not “politicize” this anti-White terrorist attack, complete with proof of him “politicizing,” vague “terrorism,” done by Palestinians to his jew owners. I’m not going to screencap all of this, but anyone who read Hyphen Report is well aware of all the work that I did.

I don’t have access to the site at all anymore, but I believe I had written 278 pieces. Obviously I can’t cover them all, and many of them were daily news stories that can be forgotten shortly after publishing. Of the remaining, I made it a mission of mine to takedown alt-lite grifter types, and take them down hard.

I was planning on doing takedowns of antifa types next, and was about to start mixing them in to the scheduled early morning stories. I had touched on this a bit in the past, but I was about to get really balls deep in there.

I have never been someone who wanted to produce content for the sake of producing content. I’m not in this for the non-existent money. I am in this for political victories. A goal that I believed was shared by Pajeet was to turn Hyphen Report into an organization that had the back of the National Justice Party, and could help out our goys all over the world doing real politics. I wanted to produce high quality daily news articles so that everybody could get interested in politics, so that they could turn to a real solution in the NJP.

My first order of business was to get people in the habit of checking the site every single day. Because it’s often hard to justify not publishing a breaking news story immediately I needed some sort of content that can be scheduled for early morning. I need to schedule this, because I live on the west coast, and I want people who wake up as early as 5:00 AM EST to have at least one new piece on the site. Many people have the habit of checking the site in the morning as they wake up, so I want to reward them for doing that.

Most of the pieces were of the Andrew Anglin is a Biological Failure type. Non-fiction works that aren’t time critical. However, some were more creative.

Although they were a lot of work, I enjoyed writing these kinds of pieces the most. It gave me an opportunity to do some creative fiction writing for a political cause, which is something I greatly enjoy. I got some extremely good feedback for my Rittenhouse piece, screencapped above. In fact, I feel the need to quote from the end of the piece. If you don’t know the setup, it’s a fake interview of Rittenhouse by Charlie Kirk of TPUSA.

Kirk: *Inaudible – Liberal Media – inaudible – Kenosha Kid – inaudible – spirit of Hitler – inaudible.

*Rittenhouse masterfully basks in the borderline sexual adolation in the crowd. Seconds turn to minutes, and he waits until the crowd has screamed themselves hoarse.

Rittenhouse: Now, is there any prime breeding age cunny in the audience that wants a man who kills jew pedos?

*Prime breeding age cunny in the audience immediately becomes biohazard levels of wet. Many surprisingly attractive conservative girls cream themselves in anticipation, utterly unaware of the filth running down their legs.

*Multiple people slip and get serious injuries from the now exceedingly wet floors. Video cuts out as Kenosha Kid is gang tackled by 40 supermodel quality virgins as they fight viciously amongst themselves for the right to have Kyle’s baby growing inside of them.

I quote this part in particular, because you may notice that this is obviously non-erotic, yet sexual humour. Any normal person sees this and immediately understands that this is a joke, and not pornography. That piece was written the night before Christmas Eve, and was scheduled for release early morning on Christmas Eve. It was extremely popular, and Pajeet himself loved it.

You may ask why I’m even bringing this up. Well, I wrote two more articles in this style of obviously non-erotic sexual humour. Luckily I have the text to both of these pieces, and will be publishing them both the day this piece is published. Pajeet, who had showed himself to be perfectly fine with this kind of thing took my pieces down without telling me. Luckily, I was prescient enough to screencap these messages, since I thought he might delete them. The first two are from January 14th, and are simply innocuous messages from me trying to get on Rand’s show.

The relevant part starts under January 17.

BTW he lives on the west coast. Yet he messaged me at 3:00 in the morning constantly.

Needless to say, I was not at all impressed with this behaviour. Up until now we had what I believed to be a great partnership, and all of a sudden I see the guy who doesn’t pay me a single dime pulling rank. Frankly, I was pissed. I have never written “pornography,” nor did I believe Pajeet had the right to make my works private without telling me.

To be clear, we had agreed before on certain works of mine not being published. One of them was somewhat critical of some minor NJP project. Another was heavily critical of Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent, who is a great friend of ours. I think in total I had something like 4 pieces of mine published that he made private. In all previous examples he gave detailed and very rational reasoning for these decisions, and I completely agreed. I’m so prolific, it really doesn’t matter to me if a piece here or there doesn’t get published. That doesn’t fundamentally change the course of the site.

I had a piece that was written prior that was scheduled for the 19th, but I decided to take a day away from the site and try to rethink things. I wanted to cool my head, make my point of view understood, and get back to him. After all, it was entirely possible he hastily wrote his DM to me, and poorly worded a few things. However, upon logging back into the site, and firing up telegram, I noticed a few things that were a bad vibe to say the least, which you’ll see in the message below.

Frankly I wouldn’t have been thrilled to learn that I was his employee anyway. My salary was currently zero, but even the $1000 a month that we thought would be vaguely appropriate was never talked about in an employee/employer respect, but rather a partnership. Nevertheless, while a concession, I felt we were doing too much good work with the Hyphen to throw that all away, and was willing to meet him more than halfway.

Below is the same message, it was more than one screen in length, so I had to make two screencaps.

The very last I’ve heard from this cunt.

If you’re wondering what happened between 12:09 PM and 12:22, he completely removed me from the Hyphen Report internal telegram groups. He removed my admin ability from the Hyphen-Report channel, where I wrote 95+% of the posts. He completely removed my access to the Hyphen Report site. And then he blocked me on telegram.

I hate to throw the other writers under the bus, but I was in DM’s with them while this was happening. Some of them DM’d me in fact when they saw I was removed from the internal groups, and Pajeet didn’t bother explaining to any of them why the Lead Writer, the guy responsible for almost 90% of the articles, was suddenly and unceremoniously removed from the site. The closest he got was vaguely whining that I had “placed an ultimatum.”

A very conservative estimate of the time I had spent building Hyphen Report would be 500 hours. Possibly closer to 1,000. I wasn’t paid, and my thanks was to have the door slammed shut in my face when I messaged him demanding I be treated with a modicum of respect, or at least given the salary that we agreed I should be given. Even though said salary was talked about clearly in the context of me being a partner for the site, not an employee.

And it’s a good thing that I screencapped those messages when I did. He deleted our entire conversation history. I, not being a naturally sneaky person, stupidly didn’t copy and paste our entire DM history. It’s not in my nature to do these things, but apparently with some people you have to protect yourself.

Luckily for me, I basically never use telegram on my phone. After thinking that our early conversation history was garbaged, I realized that if I turned on airplane mode, and then opened telegram, the app might not update our conversation history and delete it all. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened, and I have up until November 25th remaining on my phone. Kudos for anyone who figured that out at the top of the article.

Pajeet’s very last message to me was:

I’ll get all the articles to you somehow and help you in any way to port it to a new site. For now I’m going back on block.

Well of course we know that he actually just deleted his entire conversation history with me on telegram, possibly hoping that I hadn’t screencapped him saying that. In any case, I sent him this email on January 22nd.

I have yet to hear a response. Needless to say, I am not impressed with this behaviour. I consider it a violation of my copyright for him to keep my work on his site, and I know for a fact that he checks that email regularly. I am not the litigious type, but then again, there’s a first time for everything. Transferring posts in wordpress is not particularly hard or involved, he simply doesn’t want to do this, despite promising that he would. I never thought I’d have to expose a character like this, but since Pajeet’s goal for getting funding is getting NJP supporters to give donations, it’s important that you know where your money is going. Whether or not I get my works given to me as promised, one way or another, is less important than you getting grifted out of your money by this unsavoury character.

As mentioned earlier, I will be publishing both “pornographic,” pieces that he pretends started this. I and others believe this was always in his plan, that he wanted to use me to build his site, which was very much not “our site,” as he had lead me to believe. When I got somewhat uppity about him demanding complete editorial control and insulting me, he used that as a pretext to completely remove me from the site that I had built.

After publishing those pieces, I will be publishing a final piece on this sordid saga where I hopefully get some email response, and get my works given to me, and taken of Hyphen Report. There is no excusing this behaviour, but I am perfectly willing to go on any public debate forum with Pajeet, and am even willing to let him publish his own response right here on this site. I highly doubt he will take me up on either offer, and frankly doubt that he will even respond to my emails.

Let this be a lesson to all the rest of you.

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  1. So sad that you can’t even trust another White Nationalist. Keep writing and I will keep reading borther HH o/

  2. Shame things worked out the way they did. From a selfish standpoint, it’s a little annoying to check on 2 sites now rather than 1 for daily updates. Hope it’s for the best for all involved though. Godspeed.

  3. This is highly disappointing yet very indicative of the Ethno-nationalist right, constant in-fighting over non-issues. In this case, at least to me, it is quite obvious that Paajet’s actions are unjustified and outright vile in a myriad of ways. While I do understand why he considered it pornographic material, he should have simply informed you about it and not skulk behind the shadows and subvert your right to contribute as a writer and founder. Whether or not this was a power move to absorb the site into his total control is irrelevant at this point since the site doesn’t produce enough income to warrant such practice, thus making his moral judgment the only basis for his actions, which is ironic since he’s the one with questionable morality. From what I’ve seen from those messages, you’re a genuinely virtuous person and his behavior is more indicative of him than you. As a reader and future writer (Ethno-nationalist book), I can say that your pieces are both hilarious and entertaining, keep writing and I’ll definitely read them and refer friends to them as well.

  4. Two things have ruined WN movements, based off my experiences over the past 15 years as a WN:

    1) money, and money squabbles
    2) power, and power squabbles

    I’ll be reading this site for articles now, here’s to hoping for a better future for all of us.

  5. Missing images fixed.

  6. You can see why the Alt-Right self-destructed.

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