This story was one of two “pornographic,” stories that were the pretend reason why I was kicked out of Hyphen Report. I have changed only the name to Daily Rake, and part of the intro. I had to change the intro, because it’s the part I didn’t have, and had to recreate it from memory.

We here at The Daily Rake have written numerous articles making fun of and demeaning what we refer to as the Lampshadocaust.

And yet we were recently given the diary of an Israeli Superfan, Esther Noseblatt. Esther passed away recently, but wrote in her will:

I love DailyRake. I love that they are raising awareness of the heeb problem. However, I believe that they go too far. I came into the full bloom of womanhood at Auschwitz, and will always remember the short time I had with my true love. I hope my journey can reconcile the seemingly insurmountable chasm between we and the goyim.

What follows is the unedited diary of Esther Noseblatt.

I was just 16, with legs for days and a nose to match. My entire world revolved around him. Hans. As I heard my disgusting Harvey Weinstein looking brother getting his tiny jew cock hooked up to a masturbation machine or maybe being gassed or something my hand was knuckle deep in my gash. OH MY GAWD! I cried out, my disgusting rat jew face contorting with pleasure. I was screaming at the thought of Hans shoving his Aryan cock inside my modestly tight vagina, while the other really cute prison guard, Eric, also simultaneously bent me over. It didn’t really need to make sense or be physically possible, my aroused heeb pussy started eagerly leaking extra mucus at the thought. Extra vaginal mucus indeed!

It was at that moment that Hans came in. My cries had startled him, and his Aryan instinct to protect women, or whatever a female jew is had kicked in. He was so tall, like at least seven and a half or maybe even eight feet tall. Fairly muscular. He announced that he was part werewolf, definitely my sexual fantasy. He was himself aroused by my shimmering naked body, and he pulled his pants off. His cock was probably 18 inches long, maybe a full two feet, and as wide as a school bus. We started having hot sex. It was so hot. Hans looked deeply into my eyes as he made love to me, falling in love with me even though my facial features remind most goyim of a rat. I’ll never forget what the love of my life said to me as his school bus sized cock penetrated deeply into my moist folds.

“Go my wonderful jewess. Go with god. Go in the full bloom of life. The Soviets come, but they come not for you. Let me give thine jewess her freedom.”

And with that Hans started cumming deeply inside of me. It took a while, because his balls were the size of ponies. His sack dragged on the floor. It just showed how fertile he was, and I felt it, spurt after hot spurt. He came in me as he carried my crumpled jew body out of the dormitories and into the street. He came in me as he carried me to the barbed wire fence, which was 100 feet high. Hans didn’t say anything to me, he didn’t need to, I knew the kind of love we shared, and it was proven as he threw me into the air, my pussy making a loud moist “schloooooop,” sound he pulled himself out, my body propelled to the top of the fence.

It was at this moment where his cum started leaking out of me, propelling me further up the fence. It’s very similar to how a balloon propels itself forwards. Just think of that. Anyway, so I’m at the top of the fence, and then suddenly I’m at the other side. Hans and I exchange one longing look, before I run off to the wilderness to find some friendly neighbour hood wolves who can help me raise Hans’s baby.

I never saw Hans again, nor do I know what became of him, but he lives on through Hans 2, the Hansening, my lovely son, Hans Noseblatt. I fight for Hans. I fight for my baby. I fight because never again. I fight for humanity.

A truly moving tale of perseverence and desire. We must all fight to never forget the tragedy of jews getting put on rollercoasters that went directly into ovens, and being murdered with a mildly toxic slow release insecticide. We must weep for the love that was shared and lost. Truly, Hans Riesiger-Schwanz and Esther Noseblatt are the real life Romeo and Juliet.

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  1. Might not be pornographic but it was gross

  2. Jew bois wank off furiously to this sort of thing.

  3. Should be put on lady liberty instead of that kike poem

  4. There was actually so much pornography and comics themed around Nazis/Aryans dominating/torturing/cucking jews in Israel that they had to ban it, because according to them it caused a lack of productivity in the jewish boys. it was called holocaust porn or something.

    1. Positively hilarious.

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