It’s been a long job search, but I’ve finally found work as a roofer. Or rather, a friend of mine connected me with a friend of his, who introduced me to his boss, and I got the job. 

I was talking to this friend of a friend on Easter Sunday, and he told me to call his boss around 11 AM on the following Monday. I did so, and was told that I would get a call back at lunchtime. This call never came, which had me thinking the worst, but then just before 8AM on Tuesday morning I get a call asking me to come in.

Unfortunately, I had a long scheduled mechanic appointment for my truck which couldn’t be rescheduled, and they’ve been figuring out the best day for me to come in and train, which has been tentatively rescheduled for Friday. I wanted to wait until I actually had my first day on the job before writing an article about it, but this is also acceptable. Roofing isn’t an ideal occupation. It’s dangerous, hard work, but it’s infinitely better than what I had before, and I’m looking forward to it.

It’s crazy how hard the job search was, despite us “being in a labour shortage.” Makes me think that this “labour shortage,” is a fake, made up thing which exists so that our borders can be even more overrun with scab labour.

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  1. It’s all about the powers that be having years of cheap labor for the foreseeable future. Congratulations on the roofing job. It’s an honorable and tough trade and hopefully after a while something better will pop up.

  2. I’ve been trying to get a full-time job for a couple years now. I’m mid-career but higher up. There was never any labor shortage unless it was fast food workers. I was literally willing to work for anything too, even steps down from where I should be for a role. I also know how to interview and write a good resume. Hell, I’ve even hired 1000s of people in my career.

    Keeping track, I can tell you every job where I put in an app sometimes had up to 10,000 applications. 10-fucking-thousand. Last time I saw that, I was in charge of hiring during the worst of the financial crisis.

    When anyone talks about a labor shortage, over the past few years, it makes me seeth over their stupidity. It was always fake af.

    1. Yeah, it’s fake. I don’t know a single person who has had two simultaneous job offers, aside from very niche professions.

  3. Onto the hot roof with you, wagie

    1. The daily roofer

  4. Even if the pay isn’t great, it’s a useful craft to learn, and you’ll be working around decent Canadian folk, real Ricky and Julian types. I hear the only really bad part is mixing the tar

  5. Roofers around here are mostly spics, hope you get some whites to work with.

  6. ItAintMuchButItsHonestWork.jfif
    I can see a $200 titanium hammer in your near future Mr. Rake
    I tried it once and completely comprehend the allure
    I just had my house re-rooved and re-wrapped in metal siding (fear of prairie fire will do that you you)
    The rooficians covered the spectrum of heavily tatted trailer park brigade, listening to ClassicRock103.9FM on their dewalt and makita boomboxes, chugging MtDew and spitting sunflower seeds and inhaling Little Debbies and Twinkies with the shelf life of 800 years. Heavy vapers.
    There was no bean brigade representation.
    2 of them fell off the roof. Amazingly, it was like watching a squirrel fall off. Stands up, amazed, shakes off and goes back none the worse for the wear.
    Unfortunately the dopy vibe was strong, but I have made zero effort in screening. That’s where you pay 15% general contractin’ fee to some licensed and insured jackass, to get that buffer of protection.
    Sweet, sweet job offer. Last time that happened to me, it was 2006. What a rush it would be again.

  7. Best of luck! I don’t know how the clean energy incentives run in Canada, but roofing experience could be a step towards installing residential solar arrays…IDK if the pay for that ends up being better.

    From my experience, there can absolutely be pre-requiste reroofing work which goes into installing residential solar arrays…so maybe you even become a “simple” roofer for a solar company…if they differentiate the roles.

    Anyways, happy that you found some gainful employment and…stop being an idiot…post multiple crypto addresses for God’s sake. You’re spilling some money on. YOU ARE.

    T. – Someone who worked for Tesla.

    1. *worth spilling money on

    2. Interesting. “Clean Energy” is largely a scam, but I might as well cash in on it, if they’re going to happen regardless.

  8. I’ve been in the trades for 20 something years, started with hanging and taping drywall. Mostly residential remodels. I work with general contractors and directly for homeowners and business owners as well. Been doing full kitchen and bath remodels for the past seven or eight years. Full tear out, all new plumbing, new electrical, cabinets etc. For the past five years or so I’ve been doing huge showers, like 4’x8’. It’s the new thing out here for the wealthy. I pull minimum $400 a day on my bids and often times more on high end projects. If I’m not making at least two grand a week I won’t bother.

    Cool job, I throughly enjoy it. Self employed and can pick and choose who I do work for. If I get a bad vibe while meeting with a new customer I double my price and if I don’t get it, don’t care. Create my own schedule etc. Being in Las Vegas I do some very cool shit with high budgets and very expensive material. I often work in multi million dollar homes that are simply unreal. It took years of experience to get really good and to network around the city. But once you’re there it’s good stuff. Get out of roofing if possible and get into cabinets/finish carpentry or electric. Much more money and you work inside.

    Good luck on it. There is real money in it. I work with a few general contractors making serious coin. Location is important too though. Customers in my area are more than pleased to have White people doing work and are open to paying more to avoid Mexican contractors.

    1. In the short term, working outside is a positive. In the long term, it’s something to consider.

  9. I don’t know about Canada, but here in Australia they’ve been bullshitting about “muh skills shortage” for the worst part of two decades. Immigration is at full-retard unsustainable levels, so much so there’s a housing shortage and some White Australians are finding themselves living in tents, or even their own cars – I know, as I frequently see some of these unfortunate souls sleeping in their vehicles in shopping centre parking lots in the wee hours of the morning…that is, when they’re not being needlessly harassed by police officers, or being kept awake by the hooting and hollering of feral aboriginals.

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