Another story I forgot to write about at the time. This is from about two weeks ago.

The Gateway Pundit:

Kyle Rittenhouse joined Tucker Carlson on Monday night to announce the launch of the Media Accountability Project to hold the media accountable for the lies they said and deal with them in court.

I’ll say. His interview with Charlie Kirk, where he promised to “slay every judenrat who lied about the HuWhyte Rice,” was explosive, to say the least. And then it ended with Charlie Kirk lynching Ben Shapiro as he screamed “USS LIBERTY,” over and over. It was pretty based, but we have to keep pushing these people.

Last November after he was found not guilty in the shooting deaths of two Black Lives Matter protesters at the Kenosha riots, Kyle Rittenhouse hinted that he may take action against the many leftwing politicians and operatives who smeared him as a murderer. The list included Joe Biden who called him a white supremacist in a campaign ad.

Of course, it wasn’t just “left-wing,” politicians who slandered Kyle. Plenty of Kosher-Right politicians did as well. And “anti-White,” would be the more appropriate term, which is why they will never use it.

The ad is still posted on Joe Biden’s Twitter page.

Of course, Twitter has not flagged the ad for its obvious lies and slander.

Although I have to hand it to them, that’s a pretty solid point. Pointing out twitters anti-White hypocrisy is always good, which is why these cucks, who still have their twitter accounts, pretend it’s anti-conservative censorship instead. Remember, it doesn’t get more conservative than Benny Shapiro.

On Monday Kyle Rittenhouse explained his new project and defamation lawsuits in the works against Whoopi Goldberg, Cenk Uygur, and other targets.

You can add Lebron James to that collection, for insinuating that Rittenhouse was fake crying. I’ll keep you posted with any new details as they emerge.

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