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Late last night an unarmed test of the Air Force’s new Mk 21A intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) reentry vehicle quickly ended with an explosion 11 seconds after launch at Vandenberg Space Force base in California. Nobody was injured, but the failure is a setback for the LGM-35A Sentinel ICBM program that is intended to replace the aging LGM-30 Minuteman III.

Considering that holocaust means “burnt offering to god,” this may be the first time I’ve used the word in a way that actually works. The re-entry vehicle was sacrificed to the god of diversity, usually represented by a twerking Wakandian fertility figure.


Northrop Grumman’s LGM-35A Sentinel ICBM was previously known as Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent and is being developed to take the place of Boeing’s LGM-30 Minuteman-III beginning in 2029. The Mk 21A reentry vehicle is the product of a joint development effort between the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center and Lockheed Martin that dates back to 2019.

“It is essential that Lockheed Martin continue our long-standing ICBM partnership with the Air Force to provide them with advanced solutions,” said John Snyder, vice president of Advanced Strategic Programs for Lockheed Martin in a 2019 press release following the contract award. “We will continue to demonstrate, through this TMRR [Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction], cutting-edge engineering to defeat rogue nation threats.” 

I actually wrote about this ICBM project back in my fighter plane PSA series. At the time I assumed that the US Military would be able to actually make it functional by the not ambitious goal date of 2029. This makes for the fourth missile testing fiasco in the past six months.

I’ve said before that the US Military is a joke, plus a functional blue water navy and nukes. This lets them serve the role of literal terrorist nation that can go and murder hundreds of millions of civilians, while letting the rest of the military be used as a cash grab for organized crime. I think they’ll eventually figure this out, and their long range missiles on the subs will be functional for a while. But things appear to be falling apart faster than even I anticipated.

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  1. The Russian S-550 will eat this POS for breakfast. If it ever gets into service. The Russians will deploy the Sarmat/Avanguard system later this year and its light years ahead of the LGM-35.

    The Russians also never deploy a system unless they’ve already got the counter to it. Which is the S-550. So they’re ALREADY multiple steps ahead of ZOG.

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