I’ve actually never watched any Michael Knowles content before. That’s not quite true, I remember a roughly thirty second long clip where he was talking about “microaggressions,” and called them “subjectively offensive things,” or something of that nature. It was pretty typical Shapiro tier “let me own these college leftists,” type stuff.

I decided to look him up and, sure enough, he has an uncensored YouTube channel. In the above video we can see his kosher critique of the AIDS-ridden Buzz Lightyear movie. My critique can be found here. His starts off with the following.

Do you know part of the reason why we can’t game out Putin, or we can’t game out Xi Jinping, or we can’t act like responsible serious people on the World stage? Because we can’t even figure out what a woman is.

Yes, very good Michael. All these White Leftists are keeping us from winning the war against Bad Man Putin and Xi Jinping on behalf of George Soros.

That ten second intro was the entirety of my viewing experience with that Michael Knowles video. I’m not subjecting myself to all ten minutes of this bullshit. I’m sure it doesn’t get any better.

If you’re wondering why I’m even bringing him up, it’s because someone on BANG posted the following tweet by this fag.

Let’s go and do something that koshervatives hate called “looking at material reality.” We can start by looking up average student loan debt in the United States.

Education Loan Finance:

If you have a high student loan balance, you’re not alone. The Federal Reserve reported that Americans currently owe $1.7 trillion in student loans, an increase of nearly 102% over the past 10 years.

  • Average Student Loan Balance: $38,792

Let’s call it 40k to make the numbers easier. And now let’s assume that the lawnmower labourer in the background is pulling down minimum wage. If we assume he works 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, that gives us 2k hours of work. At $10/hr, he makes $20k per year, half of his student loan debt. All he needs to do is work for two years and presto, debt free!

Unfortunately this rigorous analysis avoided cost of living expenditures. So what is the cost of living in the United States?

Just a measly 2k per month, for the average American. That works out to a mere 120% of our landscapers monthly salary.

Oh, well I guess it’s impossible to live off of minimum wage in the United States. But that assumes that they have to pay rent, and many people can live with family, enjoying a reduced quality of life in the process. If they don’t have to pay rent, then they only need to cough up $765 per month, or $9,180 per year. This gives them a whopping $10,820 per year which they can generously donate to international finance capital. Therefore, all they need is four straight years of subsistence living without paying rent, and their student loans are gone. Slightly less than that, in fact.

But we can’t be forgetting those interest rates, goy. Let’s assume our future lawnmower is lucky enough to get a loan with 5% interest rates. We can use our friendly loan repayment calculator to see how long this will take us once interest is factored in, assuming that they have $901 to pay per month after cost of living is factored out, which assumes they don’t have to pay rent.

There you go, just over four years, with a total of $43,321.88 paid. No problem!

According to Michael Knowles, it’s totally okay for massive amounts of young people to have four years of their youth totally destroyed by the pseudo-education industry only to be in exactly the same spot they began in, and have to live with their parents for more than four years as they give every spare dollar that their McJob gives them to the banks which give them these loans without any risk. These are conservative values.


Born in Bedford Hills, New York, and graduated form Fox Lane High school. Knowles began training as an actor with the Stella Adler Studio of Acting,[2] as part of its Advanced Teen Conservatory. He graduated with a B.A. in history and Italian from Yale University, where he produced the first English rendering of Niccolò Machiavelli‘s play Andria in 2012. Knowles is of Italian descent.[3] He was raised in the Catholic faith by his family, but fell away during his adolescence; at Yale he experienced a reconversion to the Church, spurred at first by ontological arguments.[4]

Before graduating from Yale University, Knowles participated in two Web series, Never Do Business with Friends and Survive. Upon graduation, Knowles trained with Wynn Handman at his acting studio in New York City and appeared in various Web series, films, and television shows.[5]

After moving to Los Angeles, he acted in the television pilot in of I’m Back and in the television movies Life Coach and Blend In. He also starred as Alejandro in the comedy feature film Hóllyweird.[6]

Knowles also is the voice actor in the fictional podcast and audiobook “Another Kingdom”, directed and produced by colleague Andrew Klavan.[7]

In 2016, Knowles was invited to join The Daily Wire, beginning as regular guest and cultural correspondent for The Andrew Klavan Show podcast.[8] He had worked with Andrew Klavan‘s son, Spencer Klavan, on theater productions while they were undergraduates at Yale.[9][10]

It really was a rough and tumble upbringing for Michael Knowles. He had to grit it out at the exclusive “Stella Adler Studio of Acting,” which according to Wikipedia, “boasts the lowest program acceptance rates in the professional acting world.” Tuition is almost $20k per year, but no expense was paid for champion of the working man Michael Knowles.

After surviving acting school Michael hit the mean streets of New Haven, Conneticut while he attended Yale. According to their own website, full time study per term works out to $23,450, and there are two terms per year. That works out to roughly $187,600 for his four year program. Luckily Michael had scraped together the funds for this from his side-gig as a McDonalds employee.

He then got a job in the ever lucrative Con Inc, where he courageously speaks lies to the peasants. How did he get this job? Well he just knew all the right people. You know, just like you do. The difference is that we’re all too lazy to get cushy sinecures like Mr. Knowles.

Even the dipshits still on twatter were dogpiling this fag. The above graph was the very first reply. I don’t know if that’s automatically sorted by likes, or if it’s just first in time, and I don’t really care.

What’s important is that Michael Knowles is an actor who came from an extremely privileged family. He has an extraordinarily cushy job with Con Inc trying to sell the goyim koshervative bullshit. And his response to people angry about crushing student loan debt is that they should just go work harder.

If you’re homeless, just buy a house.

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