It’s been a long time since I wrote about the Russia-Ukraine war. Over a month and a half to be precise, because the war itself has mostly turned into an extremely slow grinding down process, where Russian victory is all but assured. We’re a long way from the humour of the reddit dilation battalion, the Marvel A-Team, or the crackbaby of Kiev.

It has been very interesting to see the military implications of the war, which has shown what infantry would have told everyone since forever. Mainly that artillery is good and you should have a lot of it. And it’d be nice if yourartillery actually works, unlike the M777 howitzer, which is an unreliable piece of trash.

It’s also interesting to see the map of Ukraine at the very start of the war, seen above, versus now, seen below.

Russian forces have totally withdrawn from northern Ukraine, and every area that is distant to the Donbass region. Recently they appear to have taken complete control over the Luhansk region, and the fighting has moved on to the Donetsk region. The reality of the slow grinding victory of Russia has lead to some copes from the WMD Liars.

They are dispiriting scenes for Ukrainians. Russian soldiers posing, showing off after taking Lysychansk. Russia has performed better in recent combat in Eastern Ukraine.

It’s not that Russia is suddenly performing better. It’s that their strategy of massed artillery attacks makes for slow progress. Scenes like the above are simply the predetermined culmination of weeks, if not months of protracted fighting. The Ukrainian soldiers, who I have enormous sympathy for, are being used purely as fodder to weaken Russia, and have no realistic chances of victory.

This may be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s endgame, to secure control of the Donbass, and force Ukraine to accept a ceasefire on those terms.

That was literally the stated goal of the Russian invasion from day 1. They were responding to the ongoing atrocities committed by the Zionist Occupation Government of Ukraine for eight years against Russian seperatists in the Donbass region. But thank you Globo News for this cutting insight.

But whatever gains Russia is making on the ground it is losing on other fronts. The loss of the European marketplace will have long term consequences.

The WMD Liars pretending that Russia not being allowed to sell Europe the materials essential to their economy has been one of their more consistent delusions. I’ve said what needs to be said, but if Russia doesn’t start selling Europe its gas and oil there may well be a revolution in Europe. People can only tolerate Globo Homo Schlomo as long as the lights are on and the apartment is warm.

And then there is the expansion of NATO, the two Nordic countries moving a step closer to joining the alliance is a disaster for Russia, which had aimed to weaken and divide the West.

Finland’s PM.

First of all, nobody cares if Sweden and Finland join NATO. Those countries don’t have nukes, and are about as relevant on the World Stage as Canada. Secondly, the absolute clusterfuck that is Sweden failing at joining NATO has been prime content. 


Mirror UK:

Pro-Russian separatist groups in eastern Ukraine have said they are “preparing a place for the execution” of two Britons who have been sentenced to death.

Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner, who were fighting with the Ukrainian Army, had been defending the city of Mariupol when they were captured by Vladimir Putin ’s forces in April.

They, along with another defendant, Moroccan Brahim Saadoun, were sentenced last month after what Western politicians described as a show trial by the pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Aiden Aslin

Shaun Pinner

I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. That should go without saying, but there are many who might get the wrong idea. In contrast, I get nothing but pleasure out of the deaths and humiliations of these foreign mercenaries, whether they be the redditors or these cunts.

The breakaway state has also defended its right to impose capital punishment.

DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said that the two Britons were sentenced to death for fighting as “mercenaries” when she was asked if capital punishment would harm the territory’s attempt to be recognised internationally.

“We consider that mercenary activity is indeed a terrible crime because people, for a reward, come to another country to kill other people, despite having no personal goals connected to the conflict in question,” she said.

“Yes, it is the highest measure of punishment, but it is in our legislation and it is not linked to the further process of recognition of the Donetsk People’s Republic by other states.”

The appeals by Mr Aslin and Mr Pinner are pending after they were given the death penalty.

From smiling and carefree above, to this.

Life comes at you fast, and these antifa types found out that their playcation in Ukraine was going to be terminated with prejudice. I guess those WMD Liars reports about how Russia was totes for realzies losing the war horrifically were about as real as Epstein’s suicide.

And BTW, just to confirm that the Russian goal of securing the Donbass was never some secret.

In a move denounced by Kyiv and the West as illegal, Russia recognised the independence of the DPR and another breakaway entity, the Luhansk People’s Republic, three days before President Vladimir Putin sent his forces into Ukraine on February 24 on what he calls a “special military operation”.

We’ve also recently been treated to the sight of Trudeau bloviating about why it was okay to break his own sanctions. You don’t need to watch the video, as Trudeau is the master of answering the question that no one asked. I have an article below.

The Post Millenial:

In June, Russian officials cut capacity of the Nordstream 1 pipeline, which delivers gas to Germany, by 40 percent, citing the need for a wind turbine that had been sent to Canada for repairs.

On Saturday, Canadian Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced that the turbines would be sent back to Germany in the near future, circumventing current sanctions placed on Russia. The move angered Ukrainian president Zelensky, who criticized the Canadian government of bowing to Russian demands.

Skim over his whining, I’m only including it for flavour.

“Today was a difficult day,” Zelensky said during his weekly Monday night address. “First the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to summon Canada’s representative to our country due to an absolute unacceptable exception to the sanctions regime against Russia.”

“It’s not just about some Nordstream turbine that Canada shouldn’t have but still decided to hand over,” he continued. “This is about common rules.”

He referred to Russia as “a terrorist state,” and warned that if it “can squeeze out such an exception to sanctions,” it will seek more and more exceptions in the future.

“It is dangerous not only for Ukraine,” Zelensky suggested, “but also for all countries of the Democratic world.”

“The decision on the exception to sanctions will be perceived in Moscow exclusively as a manifestation of weakness.”

I really loathe this little globalist with a passion. It’s the insane entitlement complex combined with his weird mannerisms. The fag stuff doesn’t help either.

But he accidentally says something hilarious that I have to reprint.

Zelensky went on to predict that Russia would attempt to “completely shut down the supply of gas to Europe” as a result of Canada’s decision, urging the government to show “strength” and not return the turbine to Germany.

How dare those dastardly Russians threaten to withhold oil and natural gas!

Wait, aren’t these sanctions supposed to be crippling Russia? Like, the whole point is that you prevent Russia from selling oil and gas. Literally the Globo News video above cheers this on as a good thing. And yet in reality they’re pissing their pants at the thought of Putin… not selling oil and gas to them.

As Deutsche Welle reports, the Nordstream 1 pipeline is currently undergoing scheduled repairs, however many fear that Russia will keep it shut down longer than necessary.

So which is it? Is Vladimir the Badimir being crippled by not being able to sell oil and gas, or is Europe being crippled by meanie Vlad not selling them his precious gas that they need to survive?

Obviously it’s the latter, which is why all of this is happening. Reality interluded, and Trudeau let a company sell the Russians equipment to help them get Nordstream back up and running because Europe is so desperate for Russian oil and gas. 

I can’t get over this. Trudeau and NATO are scrambling to get the Nordstream pipeline back up and running. But they literally said that Russia was going to be crippled by not being allowed to sell Europe oil and gas. But now they’re whining about how meanie Putin is not selling them oil and gas. But they’re literally bragging about denying Russia the EU market for oil and gas in the Globo news video just above. Am I getting through to everyone how idiotic this all is?

With all that in mind, take another look at Trudeau’s press conference. Just know that he takes three minutes to not answer the question, because he can’t just say “yes, we desperately need Putin to sell us the oil and gas that we pretended we didn’t need.” 

In conclusion. Russia has already won this war, with the process of wrapping this up potentially taking some more weeks, or even months. The WMD Liars are bracing the NPCs to accept this, and giving them some copes about how Russia isn’t really winning or something. Economic reality is a thing, so even Trudeau and the rest of NATO need to desperately beg Putin to sell them gas, while also simultaneously LARPing like their sanctions are putting Putin in the cuck shed. Oh and also some fags who went over there to KiLl Me sOmE RuSSiAnS are getting their brains blown out in a private execution, and our propaganda isn’t even talking about it because it shows how utterly impotent NATO is to stop this.

I’ll do another update at the end of August if this is still going on.

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  1. The Russians are DELIBERATELY taking their time, for many reasons, not least of which every day ZOG does something that only hurts themselves. It’s glorious!
    And yes, the Finnish PM Sanna Marin is an absolute babe. But she should be in my bed not LARPing as a “leader”.

  2. The mercs should be proud to die for their country.

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