The path for Republicans to win electorally is quite simple, make appeals to White People and go hard against the groomers. Since that goes against what their (((big money donors))) like Sheldon Adelson or Paul Singer desire, rest assured that they will not be doing that. Instead, they’d rather lose on idiotic things like a legitimately extremist anti-abortion platform.

NBC News:

Tuesday’s results were notable for a few reasons. First was the massive turnout. More people voted on the ballot measure than in the Democratic and Republican governor’s races combined. Second was the size of the defeat — voters rejected the measure by nearly 18 percentage points.

And of course, per usual, the coat hanger brigade is absolutely ecstatic.

The unfuckable women for whom abortion is a crucially important issue are celebrating their right to terminate their non-existent pregnancies. But if you hate these people, and hate the WMD Liars dunking on you, maybe you should hate the Republican Party more for failing so spectacularly on this issue.

The ballot made note of the kinds of things that might be carved out as exceptions for abortions. Namely rape, incest, or extreme risk to the mother. They left out non-viable pregnancies, or retards, and considering that GOP fags like John Kasich have passed laws preventing retarded babies from being aborted, while allowing healthy babies to be murdered, people are rightfully skeptical. 

For all the bloviation about “extremism,” the Republican Party has plenty of extremist political beliefs, and their neverending quest to have the most unpopular take on abortion tops the list. I wrote before that less than 0.1% of abortions are done for rape, incest, non-viability, retard, whatever reason. The rest of them are lifestyle and economic decisions. So of course the Republicans are making a big deal out of saddling mothers with retards because they’re just so Christian and Conservative.

Except for when they aren’t of course.

Flatland KC:

Money and messaging flowed in with the goal of influencing Kansas voters, who remain closely divided on the issue. Two organizations formed to campaign on either side raised — and spent — more than $11 million between them since the start of the year – most of it on political ads.

In response to this, Koshervatives cope that the meanie DEMONrats are just outspending them. This is of course complete and utter nonsense.

In total, those who support the abortion amendment gave $6.65 million to at least nine organizations in support of the campaign, and spent more than $7.1 million.

Organizations, advocates and political groups raised more than $7.66 million this year in opposition to the Kansas abortion amendment, with that money spread across at least 21 organizations who filed paperwork with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.

Team Unfuckable Baby Killers outspent Team Retard Enjoyers by five hundred thousand dollars. That works out to a 7% spending increase, which is not exactly being crushed under the weight of international finance capital, now is it?

Yahoo News:

Online fundraising has slowed across much of the Republican Party in recent months, an unusual pullback of small donors that has set off a mad rush among Republican political operatives to understand why — and reverse the sudden decline before it damages the party’s chances this fall.

Small-dollar donations typically increase as an election nears. But just the opposite has happened in recent months across a wide range of Republican entities, including every major party committee and former President Donald Trump’s political operation.

The total amount donated online fell more than 12% across all federal Republican campaigns and committees in the second quarter compared with the first quarter, according to an analysis of federal records from WinRed, the main online Republican donation-processing portal.

Although the Republicans actually do have some funding problems. Their big money donors will never abandon them, since they exist to make sure that you always lose. However, the little people are increasingly wondering why they bother giving these losers their money.

The damage that Orange Potato did to the Republican Party cannot be understated. Once people got a taste of “I’m going to send the Mexicans back to Mexico and drain the swamp,” nobody’s going back to fake Christian Constitutionalist GOP bullshit. It doesn’t matter that Blormph was a conman, what matters is that he exposed the GOP and Koshervatism more generally as being completely fraudulent, and utterly without an audience. The only reason why the GOP can continue to exist is because they have billions in funding, brand name recognition, and are currently seen as the lesser of two evils by an increasingly small audience.

Despite Joe Biden being a historically unpopular president, what with being senile and totally walking back his promises to the peasants on economic issues, the Republicans have totally erased their five point advantage on Democrats in a generic ballot. They are now behind them by 0.1%.

Nobody wants these faggots, and nobody wants this “Christian Nationalism,” gay’op that your seeing everywhere. Belief nationalism might be the dumbest thing ever, but it’s not like they’re against fag marriage, or child trannies, or even groomers in schools for that matter. So it’s fake and gay, just like everything these people do.

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  1. I got’s to say, my goy, I don’t know how much traffic you get, but it’s not enough. Maybe you can go on FTN and give your red pill origin story, Jazz says he wants to do more of that again. He just had James from Hyphen Report, so you need your turn.

    1. yes

    2. You know what? I would love doing something like that.

  2. >what their (((big money donors))) like Sheldon Adelson or Paul Singer desire

    Adelson is dead, and I don’t know what his widow is doing with his money.

  3. “The path for Republicans to win electorally is quite simple, make appeals to White People and go hard against the groomers.”

    The high point of believing in this was optic-war era Chris Cantwell laying out on his podcast how the GOP was going to clean up by going hard against trannie because quite obviously 100% of the non-jewish population have a visceral disgust reaction to the sight of a tranny (even trannies do).
    I can’t blame Cantwell for being tricked at the time, but the intervening years have shown how wrong that idea was.

  4. It’s deliberate, because it ensures no common sense approach is allowed, which leads to gridlock and maintaining the status quo which allows for both parties to constantly talk about it endless while ignoring any actual important issues of immigration, crime, infrastructure or wages. Polling shows that most people disagree with extremes. Most don’t want abortion as a lifestyle or contraception, and most only want carve outs for very rare exceptions of congenital disease, rape, incest and risk to the mother. If this approach was taken, it would recieve unilateral agreement, and would not be at all difficult to argue for and win. Extremes are losers position, and both extremes are taken by both parties to deliberately ensure the converation goes nowhere. Abortion should be a non-issue. The system is evil.

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