Along-anticipated — and contentious — national review of gender-affirming care for youth in England was released last week, resulting in headlines across the U.K. saying that gender medicine is “built on shaky foundations.”

The Cass Review, chaired by pediatrician Hilary Cass, was commissioned by England’s National Health Service (NHS) in 2020. 

Even before the final report was published, the review has led to significant changes for youth gender medicine in England, where the debate over transgender care has become increasingly heatedwith complaints of both long waiting lists and medical treatments being too readily available to youth.

Last month, the Cass Review findings led to a ban on the prescription of puberty-suppressing hormones except for youth enrolled in clinical research.

England is one of the most Zio-controlled countries on the planet. Despite this, they have now banned puberty blockers except in the case of children with precocious puberty – a real medical condition – because the fact that this is outright child abuse became to obvious to ignore. While it’s not true that puberty blockers lead to infertility, unlike flooding kids with massive amounts of sex hormones or outright chopping off their sex organs, puberty blockers come with a host of nasty side effects. 

The Giardian:

Puberty is a crucial time for bone and brain development. Several studies suggest puberty blockers affect bone density and potentially make bones weaker, but again the picture is not wholly clear. Jennifer Osipoff, a paediatric endocrinologist at Stony Brook University in New York, prescribes puberty blockers for gender dysphoria. To mitigate any risk to bone health, she supplements patients with calcium and vitamin D.

The possible impact of puberty suppression on the maturing brain has received little attention from researchers. One study flagged declines in IQ during hormone treatment for precocious puberty, but no one has systematically delved into the potential cognitive effects of halting puberty in adolescence and whether any changes are reversible.

For some researchers, these longer-term outcomes must be properly understood before prescribing the therapy. “No area of medicine can operate ethically in such a vacuum of knowledge,” says Sallie Baxendale, a professor of clinical neuropsychology at University College London. She also has “grave concerns” about adolescents’ capacity to give truly informed consent to medications that “interrupt the construction of the neural architecture that underpins complex decision making”.

Puberty blockers damage childrens bones, brains, and probably a great deal of the rest of their bodies. It should be no surprise that messing with a child’s natural growth tends to lead to side effects. The reason they are uncritically peddled to kids is ostensibly to give them time to decide whether they’re going to become an infertile ersatz member of the opposite sex, or escape that particular brand of hell. In reality, this “treatment” exists so that anus hungry pedophiles and general misanthropes can have just a bit more time to groom their victims. 

Back to the CBC.

While experts in the field say more studies should be done, Canadian doctors who spoke to CBC News disagree with the finding that there isn’t enough evidence puberty blockers can help.

“There actually is a lot of evidence, just not in the form of randomized clinical trials,” said Dr. Jake Donaldson, a family physician in Calgary who treats transgender patients, including prescribing puberty blockers and hormone therapy in some cases.

“That would be kind of like saying for a pregnant woman, since we lacked randomized clinical trials for the care of people in pregnancy, we’re not going to provide care for you.… It’s completely unethical.”

It is not in any way, shape, or form similar to that. Not even the slightest bit, Jake. 

Bias at the CBC is to be expected, but the level of nonsense they stoop to when coping for the child abuse industry still baffles me every time I write about it. Here they can be seen pretending that the science of obstetrics wasn’t built with randomized control trials. Except, it totally was, just like the rest of modern, evidence based medicine. 

When you’re giving children “healthcare” that stops their puberties, you should be able to point to more than “I kind of have a hunch that this helps,” which is all Xir’s anecdotal evidence amounts to. The Troon Industrial Complex doesn’t bother with actual evidence based medicine, because every serious look at everything they do – such as this Cass Review that they’re whining about in this article – comes to the complete opposite conclusion.

Turns out, when you look at things objectively, child abuse is bad for children.

The drugs are associated with lower bone density accumulation while someone is on them, and doctors can advise steps to counteract that, like weight-bearing exercise and using calcium or vitamin D as needed, according to the CPS position statement.

“Just take vitamin D,” is a cope for the horrible side effects of unnecessary medication pushed on children by groomers.

Imagine for a second that we decided to give totally normal, totally healthy kids chemotherapy. They get horribly side effects like hair loss, muscle loss, constant nausea and vomiting, constant diarrhea, crippling anemia, low blood cell counts, blurry vision, long term organ damage, possible infertility, and pain. The CBC’s defense would be to find some malicious doctor, and quote them saying “well, if you lose all your hair, just wear a hat! Problem solved!”

It is to downplay medical side effects in children. Especially for a procedure that is unnecessary by definition, since there’s no such thing as someone who is actually the wrong gender, as opposed to simply having a mental illness brought upon through excessive grooming.

The World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), in its influential guidelines, notes “the number of studies is still low” on gender-affirming care for young people, but there is a “slowly growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of early medical intervention.”

There’s only so much groomer propaganda I can take, so we’ll stop with the CBC here. As disappointed as I was with Billboard Chris over Israel, his work on the tranny stuff is very good. That includes his bit on puberty blockers.

In short, at least four out of five of the kids who report “gender dysphoria” grow out of it after hitting puberty, which is a big part of why these freaks target children for “social transitions” as early as two years old, and then try to delay their natural puberty as long as possible. Once they get the kids taking puberty blockers, the majority eventually go on cross-sex hormones, which leaves them permanently sterilized, as well as looking like bizarre, unfortunate creatures.

To be clear, the mental illness doesn’t help. 

Anyway, it’s nice to see that the child abuse industry is strongest here in Canada. It makes me feel proud to pay taxes so that Jews can murder children in Palestine.

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  1. IT’s… detestable and very hard to watch… silver lining is that the further the mask slips the closer the goyim get to growing a spine and casting off the shackles. Thank god they have become so dumb though, banning tiktok while rents are going through the roof, USA is visibly rotting yet giving 100 Billion to globalist projects… their backs are up against the wall now. Campus protests spreading like wildfire, golems in full revolt and all they can do to stem the tide is go full tyranny, like cops and the military aren’t already extremely understaffed due to their BLM anti-white shenanigans… ZOG has really reached full megalomania end of empire status. History is moving fast now, I highly doubt their reign of misanthropy will last much longer.

    Even my liberal friends are talking about landlords now… Might have something to do with my hinting but even ones I don’t know well are about the same. The donor class is hated by everyone. The men behind the curtain have very few places left to hide. The jewish century is nearing it’s end.

    1. EDIT: This comment was a bit much.

      1. This comment was pretty fucking high T, Ragnarok tier, and just plain awesome.

    2. You have liberal friends? Why? We shall await the response with baited breath.

  2. This stuff is always the hardest to read about. It feels me with a genuine rage and horror like nothing else, and I can’t openly do anything against it that wouldn’t have me eventually hauled off to prison or fired from my job. Even the people living in the Soviet Union didn’t have to put up with this, and the list of things that’s true for is sadly growing longer and longer.

    The only comfort I have is knowing that the vast, vast, vast majority of people are just as disgusted with adult trannies and horrified over child trannies as I am. If you have an amygdala, there’s no way the sight (and smell) of a gross, balding mutant freak with weird proportions doesn’t make your skin crawl. Even burn victims trigger sympathy instead of the flight-or-flight response. The parental instinct has been with us for hundreds of millions of years, and no amount of pressure can erase the overriding desire for your children to grow up healthy. Normal people will outlast this demonocracy and rebuild.

    1. You are correct. The Soviet shit-heads were not as destructive as the liberal capitalists turned out to be. Between the the two poisons (lib capitalism and Marxist socialism) liberal capitalism turned out to be worse. We can’t ignore the corrosive poison of judaism either, or it will kill us. Looks like the Germans were right about pretty much everything, and history vindicates those heroes.

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