Nastasha Streiling says even though she’d like a relationship, she’s happy being single.

The 28-year-old, who lives in Victoria, says she’s “not going to be with someone unless it enhances things.”

She’s part of a growing number of single people in Canada and around the world.

“There seems to be evidence that around the world people are staying single longer and sometimes staying single permanently,” said Geoff MacDonald, a psychologist at the University of Toronto whose lab studies the well-being of single people.

In Canada, there’s been a drop in the number of people living together as couples from 1981 to 2021, according to Statistics Canada.

Researchers say this drop in the number of couples is due to societal shifts. Data shows there are fewer people getting married, and some divorced people are choosing to remain single.

No, the loneliness epidemic is not due to “societal shifts.” It is due to societal re-engineering. CBC includes this graph of the number of people living together as couples.

According to them, the way to interpret this statistic is that people, especially women, are choosing to focus on their careers instead of relationships.

She also says some people are choosing to delay romantic relationships to focus on their careers.

No one who is sane chooses to be single for longer than a few months. It is totally unnatural for adults, and tracks with the decline in platonic relationships that we’ve seen over a similar timeframe.

The above graph is from Statista, and just like the CBC, they’ve reframed people having less friends, as people choosing to have fewer friends. Once again, this is totally absurd. Biology has not changed in the past thirty years, only society. I’m pretty sure that no one wants to be friendless, yet 12% of the population admitted to being so in 2021, a four times increase since 1990. The real number is probably even higher. 

Tracking with all this is the increase in antidepressant usage. In the fifteen year period from 1999 to 2014, the US saw an increase of 64% in anti-depressants usage. Antidepressant use continued to rise in the following years, then the trend accelerated with Covid. You’d think that it would fall after Covid, but the rate of antidepressant use has only continued rising at this accelerated pace.

In other words, there is no reason for a logical, rational actor to conclude that people’s lives don’t just suck when their single and friendless. I would hazard a guess, dollars to donuts, that people who are in healthy, loving relationships are a lot less depressed, on average, than people who aren’t. I’m not the Government Propaganda Agency with billions of taxpayer dollars every year, and it only took me two minutes to find a metastudy that appears to prove the obvious, which is that relationship status and happiness are linked.

The CBC “refutes” this by bringin in an “expert” who claims that the math ain’t mathin.

MacDonald said the people with the highest life satisfaction are those who are happy to be single but are also open to being in a relationship. He described them as “emotionally stable” people who like to connect with others. 

By the way, this study was probably done with self-reporting, and is therefore worthless. With a flawed methodology, you can prove anything. 

“Our data suggests that it’s not so much that getting into a relationship makes people happy. There’s probably better evidence that happy people are more likely to get into relationships.” 

Hey Goy, are you sad because you’re single? Well according to the CBC, there’s a great new way to find yourself a partner.

Just be happy. 

Happiness is not independent of life situation, and people don’t get into relationships out of obligation. People get into relationships because their partners make them happier.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t a family member after all. You’re not stuck with them, and you probably had to put in at least some effort to find them. To think that you could have just done nothing, and been just as happy, according to the State Propaganda Agency. 

There are plenty of industries that, implicitly or explicitly, purport to help people get not just laid, but find love. As they say “sex sells.” Which is weird, because apparently what people want is to be forever alone. 


I feel stupid even engaging with the premise that people who claim to be choosing to remain single are actually choosing to remain single. They’re not. That’s a cope, and one the CBC is entirely disinterested in challenging, because they want people to be lonely, sad and depressed.

That’s why they keep running articles trying to destroy the “stigma” of being single, just like they try to destroy the “stigma” around everything negative, like being a pedophile, mentally ill, or taking and selling drugs. 

Don’t think I’m just referring to zionist propaganda more broadly. I remember writing a story about the CBC promoting a porn whore with a colostomy bag. 

And a search for “CBC stigma” gives a long list of results, not for anything particularly positive. 

They continue.

Despite research that suggests a person’s relationship doesn’t determine how happy they are, Girme points out that society has reinforced the values of romantic relationships and marriage.  

Yuthika Girme is a pseudo-intellectual cunt, and society “reinforces” the blindingly obvious. 

For example, certain reality shows, romantic comedies and Christmas movies focus on the end goal of a single person finding a partner. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen dating shows where a person walks away from it being like, ‘Yeah, I gave it a go, I’m still single and I’m OK with that,’ ” said Girme. “It’s always looked at with pity if people aren’t able to find a match.” 

I have to stop here. I promised to write daily articles Monday-Friday, and a big part of the reason why I haven’t is that stuff like this gets me so riled up that I feel the need to write ten thousand words stating the obvious. In this case, what’s got me so worked up is the CBC pretending that being in a romantic relationship is no better than being single, and that society is bad for making anyone feel otherwise. That is a harmful, malicious, and downright evil message to be promoting.

They are doing so because your ideal life according to their owners is to be a mindless, atomized, deracinated consoomer who dies alone, surrounded only by the people overseeing your assisted suicide. 

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  1. Fortunately, the Canadian “government” has already provided the tools to solve these persistent issues with the CBC, and the government in general: They simply need to kill themselves.

    It’s not a sure thing, but it’s worth a try.

  2. Paper Towns is a movie about not getting your dream girl, ending up single, and just being ok with that. As someone who grew up with 80’s movies where the guy always gets the girl, this stood out as bizarre propaganda to me.

  3. I think I’ve just had shitty friends growing up but I see friends as dudes who want to spend your resources just like women do, in a one sided sort of way, rather it be time, money, or talent, and then whenever you are sick, or need help moving, or forgot your wallet or something they get all upset and bent out of shape that they have to spend McDonald’s money on you, after you bankrolled the fun forever. For every good friend there are 100 bad ones, so truly I’m happy not having any friends. To me a friend is just a gold digging woman in a man’s ugly unattractive body.

    It’s truly sad about people never getting a girlfriend though. For whatever combination of factors, it’s much more difficult to meet people than it used to be, and very difficult to try to form connections back and forth with them. I had a lot of girlfriends in high school and stuff, but sometime around 2015 or so things got so divided that there was a chilling effect and you didn’t really want to be open or be yourself around anyone anymore because it might cost you any chance at a future career via cancellation.

    I’m 28, I own a 500k house free and clear (thanks grandma, love you and miss you) own my truck, I am a chemical engineer, and I am very good looking, even slowly building some muscle so I’m not so skinny, I may be at my peak attractiveness to some woman now or here pretty soon, but I never talk to any woman in a flirtatious way because I don’t want some psychotic bitch to try to ruin the nice life I’ve carefully put together in this hell on earth clownworld, just because she didn’t think I was smooth enough of something.

    I’m not a MGTOW, I love women and I think they are beautiful, and I wish I had one, so long as she was faithful to me and didn’t try to destroy me.

    But I’ve slept with a lot of women, I’ve dated a lot of women, I was a wild teenager and wild in my early 20s too, and I’ve seen the hell that can come out of women, and how psycho they can be, and once you have something it’s not so easy to risk it all for a chance at pussy.

    1. I have a feeling you’ll turn out allright.
      At 28, you are still auto-poisoned with your own testosterone. This will (hopefully) dwindle down around 45. By that time, if your cards are laid out right, you’ll never have to work due to passive income you might have built along the way.
      A man truly needs so little to be squared away. Most of what I thought I needed in mid-20s were just “wants”.
      Lift in moderation, health is super important, eat right, and to round off the unsolicited advice from an interwebs weirdo, have one resource, one skill and one vv3ap0n nobody ever suspects you of having mastered.
      This too shall pass. Nature will heal, and the good man CANNOT be kept down by some shifty moichant.

    2. well said

  4. Just one more rancid aspect of social engineering in jew world.

    Women choose to focus on their careers..? .. surely the economic hell of usury/central banks/taxes has nothing to do with loneliness…

    I’m getting way up there in years and I remember what life was like and people were like long ago, we might as well be living on another planet now.

    They did “integration” sending the poorest blacks to the richest white kid schools to dumb down education way back in the early 70s, just after “women’s lib” which is women’s slavery (just like the “patriot act” means the opposite, everything is opposite now here in greater orwellia). With “women’s lib” came an immediate halving of salaries, and I couldn’t believe the day care bullshit – nothing but farm animals raised by the state – brainwashed into conformity – I am the last of the MOhicans … I am the one and only, living out of time…(trower pattison).

  5. Apparently, china is considering bringing in up to 100 million African migrants to black them erm I mean to correct their gender imbalance/low birth rates. Lmao of course they would. That’s so according to the agenda that I start to suspect that china was always playing ball with the nwo.

    Apparently they already have up to 500,000 of them.

  6. I enjoy being alone all the time, but that’s the ’tism talking. I know I’m not normal.

    1. It’s not like he was able to do much anyways in his position.

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