The lawyer representing congregants in a long-running dispute over perennial  anti-Israel and antisemitic protests outside their Ann Arbor synagogue on Saturday mornings has accused the federal judge presiding over the case of herself being antisemitic.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined this spring to hear the case, which pits the protesters’ First Amendment right of free expression against the worshippers’ First Amendment right to freely exercise their religion. Lower courts had dismissed the lawsuit the congregants filed in 2019, and U.S. District Court Judge Victoria Roberts ordered them to pay $159,000 in legal fees.

Let’s take a closer look at Aryan Supremacist Judge Victoria Roberts.

She may be Black, but she’s an Honorary Film-Studying-American in my book.

“Considering all of her rulings, taken together in their entirety, the appearance of antisemitism is undeniable,” the lawyer, Marc Susselman, wrote in a brief filed Thursday appealing the order.

She’s… she’s an anti-semitic judge?

Well no, not really. Instead these Schlomos tried to lawfare the goyim in courts, and they are now being forced to pay the legal costs of opposing counsel.

Susselman noted that one of the plaintiffs is an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, and that some of the protesters also picketed outside a Holocaust museum on Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2014 with signs saying “Free Ernst Zundel,” the author of a book titled “The Hitler We Knew and Loved,” who was jailed in Germany for Holocaust denial and inciting racial hatred. (Zundel died in 2017.)

And may god bless his soul. The World needs more German painters.

The protests began in 2003 outside an Ann Arbor building that houses services for both the Conservative Beth Israel Congregation and the Pardes Hannah Congregation, which is affiliated with the Jewish Renewal movement. Neither congregation was involved in the lawsuit; Jewish groups including Agudath Israel of America, the Rabbinical Council of America and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce filed briefs supporting the plaintiffs.

This propaganda piece from Forward doesn’t make this explicit, so allow me. This was a frivolous lawsuit, also known as lawfare. These goyim were exercising their first amendment right to legally protected protests. They did so in front of a building that houses two jew organizations that didn’t file any lawsuit, because there’s no real lawsuit to file. Instead, Agudath Israel of America, the Rabbinical Council of America, and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce sued these goyim instead, and their claim was that the goyim protesting Israel forbid them from practicing their religion.

Well that was the reaction of the judge, who forced them to pay the legal fees of the goyim they dragged through the courts for two years. They never had a real case and are a textbook example of lawfare. But that won’t stop them from whining about the Uppity Goy judge who just doesn’t get that Gods Chosen People are entitled to using lawfare to oppress the goyim.

In his latest court filing, Susselman questioned how the judge arrived at the amount of the legal fee —$158,721 — and how the protesters’ signs with slogans including   “Resist Jewish Power,” “Jewish Power Corrupts,” and “No More Holocaust Movies” could be protected as addressing “issues of public concern.” 

Marc Susselman

I love how brazen these Schlomos are. You see goy, you just don’t have the right to hold up signs that say “No More Wars for Israel.” Wars for Israel are just not a pressing public concern, goy.

“This is not an issue that may be minimized, rationalized, or swept under the  carpet,” Susselman wrote. 

The specter of the appearance of racial, ethnic or religious bias in the rulings of any judge, regardless of the judge’s own race, ethnicity or religion, must be forthrightly addressed, investigated and, if sustained, sanctioned,” he added. (Judge Roberts is Black.) “When such bias seeps into the judiciary, it becomes a cancer which undermines the administration of  justice in this country.”

Once again I repeat myself, the arrogance of these Schlomos knows no bounds. The arrogance to even make the argument that you’re being horribly oppressed when you literally run something called “The Lawfare Project,” is almost beyond belief. To follow that up by demanding the judge be investigated and sanctioned for this imaginary bias towards Der Juden is too ridiculous to even argue against.

Think I was kidding when I said they run “The Lawfare Project”? Think again.

Wire News:

The Lawfare Project has been retained as co-counsel with Marc Susselman, a Michigan attorney, in a lawsuit filed against a group of protesters and the City of Ann Arbor. The plaintiffs are Beth Israel Congregation member Marvin Gerber and Ann Arbor resident Dr. Miriam Brysk, a Holocaust survivor.   Every Saturday for the last 16 years, a group of anti-Jewish protesters have stood outside of the synagogue of Beth Israel Congregation, harassing congregants and placing in front of the synagogue hateful signs that say things like “Jewish Power Corrupts,” “Zionism is Racism,” and “RESIST Jewish Power.” 

This is not a parody, they literally refer to themselves as “The Lawfare Project.” Then they whine like crazy when they’re forced to pay legal costs to the goyim they were explicitly using lawfare against.

It’s can be difficult to satirize these people.

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