In late July, Ana Mardoll, a prominent and controversial Twitter personality and trans and disabled writer of young adult fiction, first began stirring the pot when he claimed that the idea that writers should read books was ableist. The take was mocked by –

I’m gonna have to stop you there because my brain finally processed the sentence I just read. Ana Mardoll, who is a woman BTW, said that demanding that writers read books is “ableist”. Not even demanding, the mere suggestion is bigotphobic ableism.

I’m a little confused here, how am I supposed to satirize this? I mean, how are you supposed to write if you can’t read? 

It doesn’t make any sense of course, but it’s crucial information on this troons mental state that makes the further revelations all the more ClownWorldish. This is who we’re dealing with.

The take was mocked by some online, but Mardoll became Twitter’s main character of the day on Monday morning after being exposed for being a long-time employee and nepotism hire at Lockheed Martin, the major defense contracting corporation that generates most of its revenue from supplying weapons to the U.S. military.

Let me transcribe this for you.

I’ve been made aware that someone is trying to dox me @ everyone I know in the process, so I might as well address some things here. I’m sorry to have to do this.

I work at a large corporation which I will not name. I work in software licensing, procuring text editors and code compilers for others.

This is why I know so much about Creative Commons (for those that enjoyed that thread). I do not produce code for anything.

I got this particular job because my family works for the same corporation.

I stay because I’m on an unusual part-time arrangement for medical reasons. It’s hard to find a remote WFH (Work from home) job that will give me medical insurance but let me work 10-20 hours a week.

Well it turns out that the “large corporation,” that she got nepotism hired into is none other than Lockheed Martin.

It’s that company that makes the flying piece of garbage known as the F-35. Something I’ve called down syndrome with wings.

And they’re really big on racial discrimination against White People. I’m sure we can add support for Groomers to that list, as evidenced by the creeps like Mardoll who work for them.

The reveal over Mardoll’s employment history is particularly shocking in how at odds it is with his online reputation: while frequently serving as what some have deemed as a “woke-scold” (who has reportedly weaponized his large online following to attack other authors in the past), Mardoll was a legacy hire at a company that is supplying the means for global warfare. The job reveal was even more egregious to some considering the fact that Mardoll has crowdfunded from his following in the past for his projects. Others were also shocked by Mardoll’s presumed age: while he calls himself a “trans boy” in his Twitter bio, leading many to believe he was far younger, he said in his tweets through this controversy that he had worked at his job for 15 years.

This is twatter in 2022. A place where rich middle aged troons pretend to be impoverished 19 year old troons so that they can pilfer money from the rest of the troon community through crowdfunding while accusing other people in the troon community who read occasionally before writing as “ableist.” Where those with nepotism gigs at the local war crimes factory known as Lockheed Martin lecture normal people, or even just less ridiculous troons, who aren’t responsible for the mass murder of innocents from their uncensored twatter accounts.

She’s 43 as of time of writing…

Wonder what “Ana Mardoll,” looks like? Her picture is above, and her real name is Erin Lynn Hodges. This dox was from 2016, and very public on KiwiFarms, so it’s even more absurd that it’s all coming out now. More likely she pissed off too many fellow spiteful mutants, so they turned on her and suddenly remembered that participating in mass murder is bad.

I’m sure this is a lesson that they will tactically forget when it’s in their interest as groomer pedos to side with the Lockheed Martins of the World again.


I had to include a few comments from the KiwiFarms thread I linked earlier. Since I’d never heard of Ana Mardoll before my original story lacked an important bit of commentary.


You’re not allowed to say anything publicly about someone in the ingroup and you can’t trust most people privately because they’re all Stasi so the grievances will just build up secretly until the signal goes up for the free for all. And at that point any grievance, no matter how absurd or false, basically just becomes part of the evidence against the person which is why that one step out of line becomes social death. Mardoll knows this because she’s done it to how many people?

They always think they’re going to be the one who will be able to keep the plates spinning. Mardoll would have never thought her treason would be having a good job and house. Even better if this came about because she pointed people to that one person criticizing her.

The troon power politics are truly a thing to behold. All of them hate each other, but are kept in line purely by essentially being the gayer KGB. They navigate this absurdly toxic community of lies and backstabbing for years, until they are driven out when six year old doxxes get arbitrarily brought up in a troon power play.

I’ve seen this exact thing play out so many times before. That link is a story from 2014, where some male feminist “Mr. Clymer,” got mutant-mobbed by the rest of the twatter brigade.

Slate Star Codex:

A couple of months ago this blog got into a fight about false rape statistics. There has recently been some amount of – let’s call it “aftermath” – to that incident which I found interesting.

Some context: Mr. Clymer is a man who is (was?) active in the feminist movement. He wrote a popular article saying that false rape accusations were rarer than comet strikes, which the feminist movement dutifully liked and reblogged thirty thousand times. I wrote a blog post pointing out that his statistics were what we in the business sometimes technically refer to as “off by four orders of magnitude”. I may have been slightly cross about this.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Clymer was in the news again. More accurately, he was trending on Twitter, where a very popular #StopClymer hashtag apparently indicated he had done something that needed to be stopped. The best description of the whole incident seems to be the one here.

As far as I can tell, Clymer said on Twitter that Jesus would have been pro-feminist and that religion needs to try harder to be pro-choice and pro-feminist. Someone interpreted this as “using a women-centered hashtag to promote religious beliefs” and decided to see what else she could find on him. You may read the page and decide for yourself, but as far as I can tell, what she found was:

– He’s around the 75th percentile for Internet jerkitude and some of the people he was jerks to were women
– He banned people from his Facebook page, reasons unclear, and some of them were women
– He said he was in the feminist movement “80 percent for the cause” but that he also felt good when things he wrote became popular

This was sufficient to paint a big target on his head. We then proceeded to the ritual of Dredge Up Everything He Has Ever Written And Interpret It As Further Evidence He Is Terrible. For example, he once complimented a fan of his and added “just to be clear, I’m not hitting on you” at the bottom:

The response was reasonable and completely proportionate:


Then it was found that he mentioned that because he was a survivor of rape, he tried to be extra careful because he knew rape survivors were more likely to become rapists themselves. Surely no one could have a problem with…

This all happened almost a decade ago. These people being so ridiculous really did make the internet fun years ago. Sadly, international finance capital censored us all so we can’t enjoy roasting them online anymore, at least not to them directly. But I still find them fascinating from a sociological perspective.

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  1. It’s funny that these people popularized the word “toxic” yet they create some of the most toxic spaces on the Internet.
    Yet you look at a place like Poast and you will find one of the coziest most wholesome places on the Internet because we “toxic people“ mercilessly bully any bad actors off of the platform.

  2. Oh and another thing, it is clear to me that having lots of time on your hands is a crucial ingredient to any sort of activism. jews have lots of free time to travel and schmooze and do their thing because they are loaded with cash. Troons on Twitter have lots of time to do their thing because they have sinecures in corporate America.

    Andrew Carnegie made a big point about this in his autobiography when he talked about the radical activism of the Scottish middle class. Basically they had built up a large middle class of weavers and people working in textiles who worked from home and had all the free time in the world to hold public meetings and rallies and become political actors.

    I think that is the important lesson for our movement, because people with full-time jobs and kids are not able to be very active politically. We need to create the ability for people in our movement to spend time on political activism. What I mean you just look at Mike Enoch, he has a lot of time because his job is podcasting and he doesn’t have any children so he can be an effective political actor (having a lot of talent also helps).
    We need as many people like him as possible, and then we can be very effective, because we do not need as many resources to push truth and normalcy as they do to push degeneracy and filth.

    1. I could not agree with this more.

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  4. Is there any better example of a hyper-capitalist degenerate company than LM? Doubt it.

    I used to hate the F-35 because of how bad it actually is. Now, of course, I realise that’s better for us. And “down syndrome with wings”? Epic!

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