This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but…

You may be wondering what this incredibly satisfying video is from. 

The Ancestory:

The incident occurred on July 7, 2020, and according to the complaint, two Columbus Police officers tased and detained ATF special agent James Burk as he attempted to do official duties.

The videos, which I edited together, were making their rounds on telegram a few days ago. Unfortunately the story is old, and the fed didn’t get his ass beat just the other day. 

Even still, it’s a satisfying watch.

According to Burk, the incident happened as he was completing a routine duty. Burk allegedly searched for a prohibited shotgun while wearing “casual professional” attire, according to the lawsuit.

The article makes brief mention of a lawsuit, but provides no further details. Other articles claim that he “filed a grievance,” with the police. I’m not sure if that’s a specific thing or just their term for a lawsuit, but we know that this whiny little bitch is suing the Columbus Police Department. We also know that he’s a petty criminal loser.


A federal agent is charged with stealing wine from a Kroger store after employees grew suspicious and alerted authorities.

Police say ATF agent James Burk took expensive wine to the self-checkout lane and charged himself a small percent of the cost.

Burk was charged by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for stealing more than $200 in wine from the Landen Kroger.

According to deputies, they caught Burk going to the self-checkout in August and paying $19 for four bottles of wine that had a total price tag of $222.

The report says Burk bought bottles of Stag’s Leap Wine priced at $62.99 and $33.99, but the code he entered charged him only $4.99.

According to the report, Kroger employees had grown suspicious of Burk and began watching him. They said he did the same thing multiple times.

We went to Burk’s house for comment but no one came to the door. We also contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. A spokeswoman said  the agency is aware of the charge and that it is handling the matter internally but would not comment further.

Well apparently them “handling this internally,” does not include firing his ass, because the wine thief bugcreature is still there arrogantly refusing to show his identity to the Columbus PD. And yes, it is the same James Burk.

I know I said I wasn’t going to cover it, but about that lawsuit…

Tactical Life:

Burk could be classified as looking disheveled, even before the altercation with police. So when the resident called 911, 20-year veteran officers Joseph Fihe and Kevin Winchell responded.

“When Fihe arrived at the scene, Agent Burk stood outside the home’s front door and waved the officer over to where he was standing,” the lawsuit said, reported The Columbus Dispatch. “Even though Agent Burk had both hands raised and had represented that he is a federal agent, officer Fihe immediately drew his weapon and pointed it … while simultaneously screaming at (Burk) to get on the ground.”

Burk acted oddly when police approached. Footage shows him offer a litany of excuses why he couldn’t comply with their demands to stand down. So Columbus officers tased the agent. But the suit alleges those officers acted improperly.

“Agent Burk acted lawfully and posed no immediate threat to officers Fihe and Winchell or anyone else,” the lawsuit said. “Agent Burk did not resist the officers, attempt to flee from their custody or display any physical aggressiveness towards them.” 

Yeah, about that…

I’ve started the video from the part just before they taze this fag. It’s hilarious.

Officer: And we’re gonna put your hands behind your back.

James Burk: WAIT A SECOND!

Officer: Do not resist.


Officer: Stop!

Burk: Wait a second I’ve got a medical condition. 

*Cops are visibly struggling with the bugcreature*

Burk: Hold on hold on I’m hyperventilating.

Okay let’s skip ahead a few minutes to when he’s aggressively refusing to get into the police car.

Officer: Get in the car.

Burk: No! I was trying to give you my CrEDs *voice crack*

You need to watch that. The way he says “cREdS” is just…

Anyway we’re then treated to him refusing to get in the police car while demanding an ambulance.

Burk: I have a medical condition.

Burk: Okay LET ME BREATHE I have a medical condition.

Officer: We’re gonna get air to you get your legs in.

Burk: No. No.

Officer: Get your legs in we’re closing this door.

Burk: Sirrrrr.


Burk: I need air. Sir please call an ambulance. I’m asking for an ambulance.

Officer: We’ve got a medic coming GET IN THE CAR.

Burk: Sir, I don’t need a medic. The tazer didn’t –

Officer: You just said call an ambulance.

This entire video is just pure gold. You need to watch it, the whole thing, because I can’t transcribe the whole thing. But if you don’t, there’s one last part of the video that you just absolutely need to see. I’ve started the video from the right part.

Officer: If you are a real police officer you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Burk: I wAs TRiNg tO gIVe YoU mY CReDS!

It’s perfection. It’s pure perfection the way he says that. I can’t do it, you need to click that video. At least watch that part.

But really, the whole thing is just perfection. The insane arrogance, the multiple voice cracks on “creds,” the whiny temper tantrum throughout, it’s just too much. I’m getting serious “my dad owns a dealership,” vibe from the wine thief fed fag, and it’s glorious.

It doesn’t necessarily mean anything politically, it’s just funny.

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  1. Striker called the guy a “crybully” and that feels like the perfect word to describe these types.

  2. Doesn’t he know that he’s not black? I mean the level of entitlement and idiocy you’d think he was black or an FBI agent, not some lowly atf pleb.

    I found myself hoping the police pulled out their billy clubs and went to town on him like Rodney king.

    But they didn’t so that lawsuit isn’t going anywhere.
    Now if he was black it’d be a different matter.

  3. Typical lying lawyer bullshit: anyone who watches the video can see the cop didn’t draw his weapon until the ATF guy arrogantly refused to comply with instructions — he’s a magician too: he turns from an arrogant bastard into a whimpering fag with a ‘health condition’ right before your eyes.

  4. Lesson for White people: if ANY Federal agent comes is knocking on your door you need to call your local police and tell them a deranged individual is harassing you while potentially impersonating a police officer. If you see so much as a holster, then say you believe they’re armed.

  5. Oldie but a goldie, exposes the entitlement of feds and their feeelings that they are above others in how they’re treated.

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