A. Nonymous has a great series I’ve been slowly publishing on this site. I’m certainly taking my sweet time with it, but the cliffnotes are that the Canadian Military is suffering a huge “retention problem,” as many of the traditional supporters of the military, working class White Men, are totally put off by it being a tranny force for Globo Homo, while other groups at best view enrollment purely through mercenary eyes. 

Fox Jews:

The Army fell about 15,000 soldiers — or 25% — short of its recruitment goal this year, officials confirmed Friday, despite a frantic effort to make up the widely expected gap in a year when all the military services struggled in a tight jobs market to find young people willing and fit to enlist.

While the Army was the only service that didn’t meet its target, all of the others had to dig deep into their pools of delayed entry applicants, which will put them behind as they begin the next recruiting year on Saturday.

The worsening problem stirs debate about whether America’s fighting force should be restructured or reduced in size if the services can’t recruit enough, and could also put added pressure on the National Guard and Reserve to help meet mission requirements.

Turns out the US Military faces the same problem, although we already knew that.

It also makes sense that the Navy, Marines, and Air Force would be struggling, but not as much as the Army. While Jeff Groom‘s excellent book, “America Cobra Pilot: A Marine Remembers a Dog and Pony Show,” is a hilarious takedown of the Marine Corps, in the general population they’ve always enjoyed a certain panache that the Army just doesn’t get, whether that reputation is deserved or not. The Air Force is widely seen as the cushy, high paying work, and nobody expects to die a horrible slow death in a ditch after joining the Navy.

The Army has always paid its employees not just with money, but with sacrifice. It might sound odd, that you would be paid with sacrifice, but if you believe in your nation, and you believe that your military serves your people, then it makes perfect sense that many young men would gladly sign up, potentially putting their lives on the line and enjoying that in and of itself. Why they are no longer doing this is accidentally shown by the Fox News piece itself.

Oh boy, I sure am surprised why no one wants to go die for this government.

Sometimes we give “normies,” too little credit. Normal people may not be able to give cogent critique of a poorly written work of fiction, but most non-redditors have a decent sense for when the writer is bullshitting them, and they get appropriately disinvested. Case in point: “muh mystery box,” and the entirety of JJ Abrams filmmaking.

The mystery box bit of non-storytelling is so infamous that it’s even spawned a cottage industry of people taking a dump on it specifically. I didn’t bother watching this 20 minute long video, but he’s not the only one. 

Actually, I have to try my hand at deboonking (((JJ Abrams’))) nonsensical approach to storytelling myself. Let me transcribe the last part of his video.

JJ Abrams: In terms of the content of it, you look at stories you think well “what are stories but mystery boxes?” There’s a fundamental question: in TV the first act is called “the teaser,” it’s literally the teaser, it’s the big question. So you’re drawn into it and then, of course, there’s a question, and then it goes on and on and on.

I mean look at like, Star Wars. They’ve got the droids, they meet the mysterious woman. Who’s that? We don’t know! Mystery box! You know.

Then you meet Luke Skywalker he gets the droid. You see the holographic image. You learn “oh it’s a message. You know she wants to, you know, find Obi Wan Kenobi. He’s her only hope. But who the hell is Obi Wan Kenobi?” Mystery Box!

So then you go and he meets Ben Kenobi, and Ben Kenobi IS Obi Wan Kenobi. So, it keeps it – *he stops and the audience laughs*

First of all, let me just say that I might have to make this it’s own piece. JJ Abrams, in a weird mirror to his filmmaking, talks so goddamn fast that the audience doesn’t have time to actually think about what he’s saying and realize how nonsensical it all is. I usually transcribe at 0.5x, but for him I had to go all the way down to 0.25x, since the guy talks like he just snorted enough cocaine to murder a giraffe.

As for what he’s saying, he started off by putting a box on stage and talking about how fun it is to not know what’s inside the box. Then he reframes any amount of mystery in a story as a mystery box. He concludes by saying that this is all there is to stories, just one mystery box after another. And the more the audience doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, the more of a story is happening.

You might not have noticed this rhetorical sleight of hand because he was talking like he was on meth, but it’s there. Mystery can be fun, but proper plot does not need any ambiguity at all, let alone mystery boxes. Plenty of non-fictional works have plot, such as a football game. You do not need to have a mystery box for the game winning 61 yard field goal attempt in the Super Bowl with a tied 27-27 score and 0:00 on the clock to have suspense or audience engagement. In fact, there is literally no mystery at any point during the game, but plenty of great plot, if you’re into football.

Shamus Young:

I’ll sound smarter if I give this phenomenon a name, so I’ll call it the “Lindeloffian Method.” (((Damon Lindelof))) is the often-talented-but-even-more-often-infuriating auteur who gave us Lost and Prometheus, among other things. He’s not the only writer who practices the Lindeloffian Method, but he is the most noteworthy, so I’ve named it after him.

The Lindeloffian method is this: have something happen that makes no sense, hint at a promised explanation later, and then never deliver. Simple, but effective, because it gives the audience something that’s initially indistinguishable from actual suspense. When they start to get antsy, you replace the old mystery with another, bigger mystery, and carry on as before.

It’s essentially the Ponzi scheme of fiction writing. In a Ponzi scheme, the grifter gets people to invest in some plausible-sounding company, and makes payments to the first group of investors with the money from the second group, then the second with the third, and so on. Once you run out of suckers the scheme collapses, of course, but by then a smart operator will have already skipped town with what’s left of everyone’s money.

It helps if the stakes go up with each successive cycle, which is why so many Lindeloffian stories end up in the realm of half-baked metaphysical noodling, abstracted miles past the point of comprehensibility. In fact, I suspect that the popularity of Lindeloffian narratives contributed at least in part to the character of Mass Effect 3’s ending.

Damon Lindelof

Damon Lindelof works with JJ Abrams a lot, and yes, they’re both Nose-Americans. The above critique works just as well for Abrams, but the point of this long winded detour was to argue that despite most viewers not understanding why this writing style sucks, they’ve gotten well sick of it. And despite most people not being able to perfectly sum up their critiques of this government and Corporate-State Complex more broadly, everyone knows that the US Military is a joke that fights for jewish trannies of colour.

I’m not even a fan of marching, but any display of masculinity and discipline is infinitely more than you’ll get with the literal trannies in the US Military.

This is not the first publication to note the serious problems the military is having with recruitment, with this academic paper from last year noting much the same. Russia has a clearly masculine armed forces. Ukraine has Azov, and their military isn’t obnoxiously full of trannies like this. Whatever we think of these governments, the blueprint to successful recruitment lies in at least pretending to not be a Gay Nigger Emporium.

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that according to estimates, just 23% of young people can meet the military’s fitness, educational and moral requirements — with many disqualified for reasons ranging from medical issues to criminal records and tattoos.

But they did…

The first commenter sums it up correctly, as does the second.


Well…good grief, who wants to join an organization that is more concerned with proper pronouns than battle tactics. I look back on my Army days with great fondness. Learning what duty, honor and commitment means, helped me become a better man, husband, father and friend. Now days, joining the military, is more like going to a re-education camp.


What did they expect. The miliary is going more and more woke. Ignoring the fact that the majority of military recruits come from the Southern and Midwestern middle class, people who have no use for woke policies.

Ultimately the decline of the US Military can only be a good thing for us.

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  1. The US Military has been fighting for Jewish financial totalitarianism, troons having access to children, and the racial browning of the planet since the day those boats landed on Normandy Beach, if not before then. Just because the men who served couldn’t see that finish line doesn’t mean their Military wasn’t on that track. One of the best windfalls that could befall Whites, and really all decent heterosexual people of all races (except for the one batch of parasites) is the collapse and disintegration of the US Military.

  2. The opening picture – oh my. They look like the housekeeping staff at a fancy Ramada-like hotel; only with swords instead of mops. I almost want to see a war, just to see how these ladies fare in combat.

  3. Every single one of those black women was an affirmative action admittee to West Point — guaranteed.

    For some decades now the rear echelons have been a jobs program for the unfit, both physically and intellectually — hence the large fraction on non-whites — front line, combat ready troops have been mostly insulated from this, as you could see from those deployed to Afghanistan recently to help with the evacuation.

  4. […] Turns out US Military Has Recruiting Problem as Well […]

  5. If you believe your military serves your people ,
    the Instructions on the outside of a Pop-Tart might be for you.

  6. Don’t forget the crackdown Biden ordered on “extremism” in the ranks. And it’s so bad that I’ve heard that just telling a recruiter you want to fight and kick ass is enough to be labeled as such. Though to play Devil’s Advocate we are also in peacetime too, if we get involved in another Iraq we may see a change but who knows.

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