Here’s a story in two parts.


TORONTO, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday defended invoking emergency powers to end anti-government protests that paralyzed the capital earlier this year, citing the threat of violence and lack of a credible plan by police.

“It wasn’t that they just wanted to be heard. They wanted to be obeyed,” Trudeau told the independent public commission looking into the government’s use of the powers.

“I am absolutely, absolutely serene and confident that I made the right choice in agreeing with the invocation.”

It was a rare appearance by a sitting prime minister at a public inquiry meant to shed light on the process that handed authorities extraordinary powers and determine whether decisions were made transparently with clear accountability.

I hear ya Justin, and I couldn’t agree more. These goddamn peasants. You know, the unimportant and unwashed masses. The wretched filth who are only required to keep the lights on, and should never be seen nor heard from aside from that. If those untermensch decide to get uppity they must be crushed quickly and viciously by the iron dildo of the Democracy Class.

And for them to whine so much about something as important to public safety as Covid-19 policy? It’s disgusting. It’s disgraceful. It’s absolutely sickening. It’s an impulse so perverted and gross that it’s bound to get representation as a new form of sexuality in the Current Year.


OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that everyone in China should be allowed to protest and express themselves, and that Canadians were closely watching the protests against the country’s zero-COVID policy.

Simmering discontent with stringent COVID prevention policies three years into the pandemic ignited into protests in Chinese cities, in the biggest wave of civil disobedience since Chinese President Xi Jinping took power a decade ago.

But you just said the opposite.

Yeah it’s not particularly subtle the blatant double standard, but Trudeau and his handlers have never bothered with subtlety. Who needs that when you have mass censorship instead.

Trudeau (On Canadian Protests): I think we have a robust functioning democracy and uh protests, public protests are an important part of making sure we’re getting messages out there. Canadians are getting messages out there and highlighting how they feel on various issues.

But using protests to… demand uh changes to public policy uhm is something that I think is… is worrisome.

Trudeau won 32% of the vote in the last election. 62.3% of elegible Canadians voted, meaning that a touch less than 20% of eligible Canadians actually voted for him. But he’d argue that one fifth of eligible voters voting for him means that he can do anything he wants to anyone else. This is what it means to have a “robust democracy.”

But you know, as long as you aren’t demanding change to public policy, then you can protest just fine. As long as you’re not going to be actually doing political action, and whining impotently, then you go right ahead. Or you’re doing something the kosher-left wants, in which case you can be as forceful and violent as you would like, and Trudeau will never condemn you. In fact he’ll go ahead and support you.


But you know, Chyna bad. Even though Covid-19 is the most serious thing ever and we must undertake arbitrary “solutions” to the problem, but also Chynaaa is baaaaad for their solutions to Covid which are probably a lot more serious and science based than the bullshit that our Democracy Class came up with.

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  1. “Find a girl who looks at you like Trudeau’s mommy looks at Castro.”

    During their disappearance in cuba at the time of this eunuch drone’s conception.

    Too lazy to upload that pic – but it is all telling.

    Who’s worse, the faggoty trudeau who is the definition of mommy boy or the undead pervert white trash family running the United shit of america?

    Neither one of them run anything of course – pure reality show media figureheads – at least blormph had some reality show experience.

  2. Trudeau – can’t say I blame him. I mean multiple parking infractions in downtown Ottawa; holy sh*t, call out the army! And I don’t see any similar parking problems in downtown Peking, so yeah, back off you democracy-hating Chinee b*st*rds!

    1. Yeah heck off Commies.

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