At least five attacks on power stations in Washington and Oregon in November have been reported to federal authorities, according to multiple reports.

The reports of the Northwest substation attacks come less than a week after a similar attack occurred at two substations in North Carolina that left tens of thousands of residents without power over the weekend.

Furthermore, PSE confirmed that two attacks occurred at their facilities in late November but did not comment on the locations of the substations or if there was any damage. The CCPUD also confirmed that two substations in the Woodland area received “vandalism” in mid-November.

I don’t know if this has any relation to the rifle attack on the North Carolina power station. They don’t say if there was any serious damage in this attack, which leads me to believe that there was nothing serious. No one appears to have lost power, whereas with the North Carolina attack there was a clear and well executed plan to temporarily destroy the power for an entire county, and it took them five days to get it back up.

After the first article I received an excellent comment from Tido that I am partially reproducing.

It doesn’t make any sense at all for pro-white people to attack the power grid, not having electricity would suck ass, and the Jews in high places would be just fine. This is literally self harming our people, communities and nation if some dingus thought they were being badass revolutionary hero’s they are dead wrong. Congress, the banks, all the powers that be or whatever wouldn’t care if some poor southerners go without power, congress will have generators.

What’s next? Skull mask retards burning down white peoples houses? Maybe shooting themselves in the foot in a retarded blind rage? I’ve known a lot of people like this and they want civil war so bad, and they are depressed and do not value their own lives and are angry that other people value their lives enough to not want to throw it away in a gay war, which would accomplish nothing.

They are mad at pedophiles shows happening at one location in a town, so they attack everyone’s electricity? I hope the feds get them we don’t need retards like that in the movement.

Honestly if there wasn’t the entirely unconfirmed reports that the North Carolina power grid attacks were someone’s way of protesting against tranny groomer hour, I would have thought this was some spiteful mutant in antifa deliberately causing pain and suffering for people. Doing things that inconvenience and potentially even cause death for random people is not something one should ever so much as consider, even if said thing is legal, which attacking a power substation clearly is not. If people are left scratching their heads and wondering why something happened, then there’s no possible way you could benefit from doing it in the first place.

Groomschild on Poast:

well for your point on “why not just kill the people you dont like”, you can google where power substation are but you cant google the daily routines of the people who make your life miserable.
It is harder to shoot a person and get away with it than some piece of immobile metal in the middle of nowhere 

I also received this reply from a longtime follower and often fellow guest on Randbot’s show. I responded with the same points that I mentioned above, and White Templar chimed in with this below.

Assassination is a low time preference thing. Tracking a target. Figuring out the best place to strike. Making sure you have the skills to execute and then executing your plan. And perhaps most importantly having a good exit strategy so you can do it again to someone else. That being said, there is significant risk and many guys on our side of the fence either have families that need to be taken care of or they themselves don’t have the means.

Of course I am not suggesting assassinating anyone. My point was that this power grid attack struck me as some sort of Read SIEGE LARPing, Boomerwaffen militia types, or spiteful mutant antifas just causing problems for everybody. It’s not popular, and it’s not productive, so I really have to push back on this notion that some people had that this was an epic or even good thing to do. Everyone in that county in North Carolina is now pissed off because of the inconvenience, and also the expense of having everything in your fridge spoil due to your vain attempts at keeping your house somewhat warm in the middle of winter.

And again, no one can explain to me what exactly this accomplishes. So while I could maybe understand someone being so fed up with our ZOG society and lashing out, maybe go and join the NJP instead. 

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  1. The tranny groomer hour thing most likely has nothing to do with it – there’s probably one going on every day in what was once an OK nation (never great).

    Take a scientific approach.

    Real science and real detective work might list the tranny thing as one possibility – one possibility amongst about 20. You gotta consider every possibility you can come up with in your mind – stage 1. 90% of all “terrorism” has a jew a few layers behind it – not saying it is true in this case necessarily.

    So discussing the motives and calling them twits is taking a premise/ hypothesis and stating it as fact with zero evidence. Sorta like the stock market scam (invest in windmills then write the laws) called Lordal Globing, except now called “climate change” – you know, all weather can be Lordal Globing weather – you just gotta believe in the gourd , I mean Globe as your personal savior, or something…

  2. Shutting/shooting down the power should be considered an important reveal: most of us live in ticky-tak housing, one grid failure away from turning entire communities into favelas.

    Whoever did this is playing with a nuclear-tier option. I hope they’re not insane.

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