A while back the US Military heroically destroyed a balloon. First they talked about destroying it, then they didn’t. Then (((David Frum))) types began to bloviate about how intelligent it was to not destroy the balloon, so about six hours later they destroyed it. They’ve since decided that they didn’t look retarded enough, so it’s balloon popping time again.

ABC News:

Another high-altitude object was shot down Sunday afternoon, this one over Lake Huron in Michigan, three U.S. officials confirmed to ABC News, marking the latest in a string of such incidents.

The object was octagonal in structure, unmanned and traveling at about 20,000 feet, the official said. There is no indication of surveillance capabilities, but the administration cannot rule that out.

>High altitude
>20,000 ft

A senior U.S. official said this object, like two others recently shot down, is not at all comparable to a suspected Chinese spy balloon that was first spotted in late January.

Twenty thousand feet means that it’s obviously not a spy balloon. That’s just a run of the mill object. Maybe it’s a regular balloon that went way off course, but the entire point of a spy balloon is that it’s at high altitude. 

Well really, there’s not that much point to a spy balloon anyway. China has plenty of spy satellites that do the exact same task, but better. All of which lends credence to China’s claim that the very first one was just a weather balloon that went off course. This thing – and they don’t even say it’s a balloon this time – was at 20k feet, which totally rules out the spah barroon hypothesis. ZOG is just throwing a temper tantrum and shooting things down in the most embarrassing display of dick waving I have ever seen. 

“There is no sense they are anything but meteorological balloons or some sort of weather balloon, not spy balloons,” the official said. None appeared to have any payload; they are much smaller, and such vessels are known to go off course, according to the official.

It’s been difficult to write about this story, because it’s almost hard to believe that ZOG is this retarded. People keep grasping for straws, thinking this is here to play up support for a war against China or something. It’s tempting to look for competence but you have to remember that America is a second world country now, with plenty of retards of colour in all major military and intelligence bureaucracies. I think it’s much more likely that they saw some balloons veer off course and massively overreacted. Throw finklethink politics in there and any potential for an intelligent outcome was holocausted in the crib.

It’s also possible they were trying to do a gayop, and this was the best scheme they could come up with. In that sense it’s the Jussie Smollett of gayops. The reason it was so dumb is that the same people who came up with Nigerian KKK members came up with Barroongate.


Two AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles were used in the U.S. Air Force takedown of an unidentified object flying in United States airspace on Sunday, with the whereabouts of the first missile unknown.

But the F-16 jet tasked with shooting the object over Lake Huron on Sunday “missed on its first attempt,” according to Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson.

Citing U.S. officials, Tomlinson wrote on Twitter that a second Sidewinder air-to-air missile was required, and it is “not clear where the first missile landed.”

The cost of each Sidewinder missile is listed as “variable” by the Air Force, but a Newsweek estimate based on the defense budget for the 2021 fiscal year suggests that AIM-9x Sidewinders range between $430,818 and $472,000. The AIM-9X is the newest variant of the missile.

Guyz, we missed the balloon.

Remember my fighter plane series? I never quite finished it, but I’m proud of my analysis, and the very last piece is highly relevant. The faggots in the Military Industrial Complex claim that missiles like the AIM-120 have 90+% kill rates. Not just when fired in close, but from ludicrous distances of dozens of nautical miles when fired at maneuvering enemy fighter planes. But that’s the AIM-120, a long range missile with tiny little nubs for lifting surfaces. The AIM-9 Sidewinder is the close range Infrared missile. It goes slower, and has larger lifting surfaces, so it should have an even higher kill rate when fired in close.

For reference, the AIM-120 is above. The AIM-9 is below. 

Then they go and load up some F-16’s with AIM-9’s to shoot down the balloons, which are many times larger than an enemy fighter plane and are effectively stationary, let alone pulling 9G defensive turns. And they get far closer to them than they could reasonably get to a squadron of hostile fighters. 

Of the five missiles they have fired, four have hit the target. So their hit rate against gigantic, stationary balloons from in close is currently 80%.

I don’t want to rehash my work again, because I said what needs to be said. The reason why the Military Industrial Complex cries and shits their pants when people propose any sort of realistic testing of their claims is because they are full of shit. Taken in isolation, I’m not angry about one in five AIM-9’s missing stationary balloons. That missile flies at almost 1km/s. A tiny overcorrection can easily lead to the missile missing the target. I get it. Every now and then they malfunction. Fine.

What I’m mad about is parasites who claim ludicrous kill rates for missiles that have no relationship to reality, and the NPCs online who take this obvious bullshit at face value. I still have to finish my piece on (mostly fake) stealth fighters, but it’s the same garbage with them. Absurd claims of efficacy are used to justify holocausting the taxpayers wallet over and over again in a process that never ends.

But congratulations to the F-22 on its first air to air kills. Congratulations to Raytheon for managing to hit the stationary balloons almost every time. And good on the Democracy Class for lashing out like a toddler having a temper tantrum at random flying objects that can’t even be plausibly referred to as spy balloons.

Great job guys. Very smooth.

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