Yesterday I wrote my explanation of what happened with me getting unceremoniously stabbed in the back with by Hyphen Pajeet. I also published the two pieces that were supposedly “pornographic,” here, and here. I fully expected that as I sat down to write this I would be ranting that he had still not responded to my email demanding that he pull down my old articles from Hyphen Report, and give them to me.

Unexpectedly to me, I received two emails from him just as I started writing this. In the second, he gave me the .xml files that I needed to download all the posts from Hyphen Report, mine or otherwise. After a fairly straightforward process, I had all my old articles on the site. All 284 of them, plus the 5 I had already written here.

I also had 61 articles written by other people for Hyphen Report. In a bit of morbid curiosity I went over to Hyphen Report and counted how many articles they had written since January 18th, when I was backstabbed. 18, as it turns out. That means that, at the time of my backstabbing I had written 284 of 332 articles, or 85%. 

In any case, while I have the utmost respect for the rest of the Hyphen Report staff, their works had to be thrown in the trash. Not because I didn’t like them, but simply because they aren’t mine to host.

Of course, if this is all seeming to be a bit too seamless, you’d be right. Upon looking at my old articles I noticed that something wasn’t right from the start.

WordPress articles have a “featured image,” that you can apply. It’s the top image in the article, and shows up in telegram posts and everywhere else the article link is embedded. I didn’t remember what featured image I had put for the above article, but I was sure it wasn’t that.

Some of the errors were hilarious.

Some of the random images assigned just didn’t work, but many of them did. I took a brief look through much of the site trying to find the funniest examples, and a lot of them are great in ways I can’t properly articulate.

The algorithm was sure that Spencer was a BLM terrorist, and doubled down. Perhaps that’s his next Appolonian novelty take.

In any case I’ll have to fix all of these tomorrow. Additionally I’ll have to fix the utterly wrecked formatting of the articles themselves. Below is a screencap from one of them.

Needless to say it’s an unreadable mess. I think the problem is that these articles were written with a different editor, but in any case I’ll find a way to get it fixed.

I also noticed the Pajeet has taken down all of my old articles. They are no longer to be found on Hyphen Report, as I asked. This was nice. I’m still salty that I essentially built the audience, but at least I get to start fresh with my own site, with all of my articles. And Hyphen Report no longer gets to enjoy the views that my work gave to them. 

I also saw this on Hyphen Report’s telegram channel. Pajeet wishes me good luck with the Daily Rake. He also makes a catty remark, and doesn’t post my piece explaining what happened to me.

To be clear, this site does not exist for “my satirical articles.” It exists for all my articles. Pajeet is well aware that not everything I write is satire, after all I saved his site from irrelevancy with my dead serious reporting on Waukesha. You can see some of that here, here, and here, although I can’t promise by the time you read this that the formatting will be fixed. 

I suppose he felt he needed to say something, and yet didn’t want the Hyphen Report audience to see the actual explanation I have for what happened, which is obviously that I was exploited by him. I’ll remind everyone that I’m willing to go on any public forum with Pajeet at any time, and even let him write directly on this site his explanation for his behaviour. 

I suspect that he will never take me up on that offer, and I don’t much care. Soon this site will be getting the roughly 3-4k views per day that Hyphen Report had climbed to, and then beyond. In the short term I still have a busload of annoying and tedious technical problems to solve, but by Wednesday you’ll see me starting to pick up right where I had left off writing for Hyphen Report, but for the Daily Rake instead. At the end of this coming week I’ll even have an announcement to make with additional writers, since I have been getting asked that quite a bit on telegram.

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  1. Excellent work!

  2. Hyphen-Report became a daily check-in for your new articles. Good luck with your new site.

  3. Gave them a little abuse in the comments because they deserved it…
    Fortunately someone posted your website address in the comments, so now I’m here to give you all of the deserved praise and adulation.
    While I may agree with someone saying that some of your stuff is kinda gross, you can’t tell Steven King that he can’t write something in his book and you won’t get real far without your main writer…

    Might bants them a little bit more but what’s the point really, I don’t think anyone reads that site.

    1. I wouldn’t even have minded if some articles here or there were privated. It’s the power play aspect that annoyed me.

      1. I didn’t realize you were responsible for all the good content until your stuff disapeared…

        I had noticed your byline on some of the gross stuff when I thought “Who is writing about a nasty jew and his tiny cock?”

        Being a facsist is about giving your all for the tribe. I’ve noticed that in my own work, I can kick fucking ass when working for my team, but when I’m aiming for individual “acheivement” or “glory” I don’t have the same motivation.

        The job of a leader is to set the agenda and recognize when people go above and beyond, not pull a bunch of petty bullshit.

        It’s actually one reason they don’t want us to identify collectively, the jews understand how motivating it is to fight for your people and they only want that power for themselves.

        I think it’s especially prominent in germanic peoples. I mean up until the 20th century germany was known for dreamy thinkers asking about why we’re here and what’s it all about… Once we found out that it was all about the german people and intergalactic lebensraum it took the power of the rest of the world to put us down. (not to mention millions of our propagandised kin folk who helped out)

        1. Guess that was just my way of saying “fuck those guys, they’re not even real fascists!”

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