Alec Baldwin, anti-gun activist and general cunt, shot a “prop gun,” at the cinematographer on the set of his latest vanity project “rust.”

Halyna Hutchins, the murdered woman.

Definitely explains why he pointed the gun at the cinematographer and pulled the trigger…

I say prop gun, because the WMD Liars keep saying prop gun. Instead they should be saying “gun,” because that’s what it was. Saying “prop gun,” is like saying that a real house that people are shooting a film in is a “prop house.” Or maybe if you’re filming a documentary on Great White sharks and then coked up Alec Baldwin jumps in the water. So you later refer to him being eaten by some “prop sharks.”

Alec Baldwin had a real gun, for no reason, that had at least one real bullet inside of it, for no reason. He then waived this real gun loaded with real bullets around on set, and then squeezed the trigger, for no reason, while pointing this towards the cinematographer, for no reason.


Apparently it isn’t Standard Hollywood Operating Procedure to give the coked up has-beens lethal weapons. I mean that sort of makes sense, because what was the purpose of the gun anyway? I don’t see any film reason why you would just give Alec “coke now pls” Baldwin a lethal firearm. Is it supposed to be part of the scene? Is he supposed to fire it on camera? Was he being pranked?

Well considering that Baldwin is apparently a horrible, awful human being according to everyone who has ever met him, I’ve got a theory. His vanity project, Rust, was shitty. The script probably sucked. I can’t find the trailer online, I believe because we’re too early in production, but it was probably straight up trash starring Alec Baldwin.

Also, in said movie he plays a guy trying to clear his grandsons name. His grandson is accused of… accidentally murdering someone with a gun.

Blue Checkmark of David spotted.

Alec “you’re just a peasant to me” Baldwin was driving the production crew too hard. Maybe they were even laughing at him behind his back and he caught wind of this. They get fed up and went on strike, but he’d already brought in scab labour, in a capitalist power play.

His scab workers can be easily bullied, and don’t have any leverage to stand up for themselves. Instead they allow Alec “I’M THE STAR” Baldwin to bring on a real gun, which then gets loaded with real bullets. Although I don’t know why did they even have real bullets on set in the first place????

Anyway, Baldwin knows damn well that his gun is loaded, and, in a haze of anger and cocaine, points it at the cinematographer who had the audacity, nay, the temerity to demand slightly better working conditions for the others, and pulls the trigger. Only after murdering her does he realize that maybe he just kind of fucked up. Which we can see in the picture below, taken after Baldwin killed this woman.

The mask surprisingly did not stop the spread of Baldwin killing people with guns.

Wait a minute. Why the fuck does Baldwin have a mask in his left hand? Were they filming with masks on? What possible use could you have for a mask, it’s outdoors FFS. Jesus Christ, the sheer reality avoidance of Hollywood types astounds me. They have these masks in their pockets, ready to be pulled out to “fight against Covid19,” and yet they just waive around real guns loaded with real bullets on set and give these to coke addicted narcissists who get agitated when they have to work the occasional 10 hour day.

Just the type you want to give loaded firearms to for no reason.

Unfortunately for me I accidentally read the next two paragraphs of that story, a puff piece on Baldwin’s 2019 memoirs that came out, entitled “Nevertheless.” Yes, he called his biography “Nevertheless.” Here’s an excerpt from that book.

“I got sober when I was just about to turn 27,” the actor said. A support group helped Baldwin find his way towards sobriety. In his book he writes, “God got me sober. That day, God was a black, 65-year-old retired postal worker named Lenny.


Of course it’s conjecture that he intentionally killed the cinematographer, but he had motive to, and he was waving around a real gun that was loaded for absolutely no reason. Then he pointed at her for no reason and pulled the trigger for no reason.

Baldwin cast to type

I mean it’s just a theory. Either Alec Baldwin intentionally killed a bitch, or the people lecturing us about gun control have no problem waiving around loaded handguns and squeezing the triggers while pointing them at people. It’s sort of win-win for us.

Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the gun control safety person from their twitter.

I’m adding the screencap because you never know when twitter will censor.

Yes, this is actually real. Her name is Hannah Reed. And yes, this is the actual person that Alec Baldwin handpicked for gun safety.

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