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Our reporters here at Hyphen Report had what was referred to as a “bizarre experience,” with this story. One reporter, Esther Shekelblatt (they/them) claimed to see an “awesome, roughly 14 minute video on YouTube where Joe ‘Tunas are 900 lbs’ Rogan” was “really giving it to CNN Medical Propagandist Sanjay Gupta.” Yet today, when they went to search “Joe Rogan Sanjay Gupta,” or any variation thereof, they did not get the original video. Instead they got “about a billion” react videos, commonly referred to by the goyim as “low energy grifting off someone else’s content.” 

Is anyone else smelling brimstone and gefilte fish?

Our talented gender non-conforming editors here at Hyphen Report had to curate this list, because if they didn’t, in their words it would simply be “random fag you’ve never heard about REACTS to Joe Rogan ritualistically eviscerating innocent brown MD on behalf of anti-vaxxx conspiracy believers.”

What we see instead is an eclectic mix of CNN calling Joe Rogan a “podcaster,” in Babies First Attempt At Appeal To Authority. Then we get Ben Shapiro, because of course. Five Catladies at The View. Jimmy Dore, deemed “tolerable,” by many neo-nazis. A jew named “Doctor Mike,” who unironically uses the term “problematic,” in the year 2021. And finally Tim Pool.

It was a pulitzer prize worthy bit of investigative journalism to finally find something even approaching the original video. Esther Shekelblatt herself has claimed that such censorship “goes to show how utterly creepy JewTube censorship really is.” We have already given ourselves an award for this.

In the above video Joe Rogan can be seen ripping out Sanjay Gupta’s eyeballs with a dirty screwdriver, and then gluing them onto a wall. Then Rogan can be seen making Gupta beg for his life before pulling the trigger anyway. Calls for humanity appear to have gone completely unheeded by Joe “every animal in the sea is a gangsta” Rogan.

The courageous truth tellers at CNN then put out a response, wherein Gupta claimed to have never said that CNN knowingly lied about calling Ivermectin Horse Dewormer. However, our reporters have struggled finding the original video. Shekelblatt in particular expressed the sentiment of “What fucking twilight zone bullshit is this? Instead I have to do yet another REACTS video, this time from the catladies at The Hill.” The boy hungry pedophiles we have as editors had to censor most of Shekelblatt’s rant, for anti-semitism.

This then prompted Joe “have you tried DMT yet” Rogan to fire back, except that video doesn’t exist either. Instead, our stunning and brave suspected child molesters in the editing room were forced to get this video from one “Frizzle McDizzle” who uploaded this to YouTube. We are currently taking a break from a group struggle session to pray to the foreskin eaters at the ADL that this video doesn’t get taken down by the time you goyim read this article.

Rogan can be seen eating Gupta’s liver live on television with some fava beans. Next Rogan throws up a 1488 Nazi Salute before bringing out the decapitated head of Sanjay Gupta, and calmly asking him questions about factual inaccuracies at CNN. ADL calls for censorship appear to have gone unheard.

Later Russell brand gets in on the action, proclaiming his love for Adolf Hitler, and shows the corpse of a small jew child he’s been feeding on in his fridge. Brand later goes on an anti-semitic rant, claiming jews did 911 and being quoted as saying “Pat Little redpilled me”.

Confirmed cuckold Destiny even teamed up with the father of his wife’s children to lay the smackdown on Sanjay Gupta. Witnesses reported Destiny’s wife’s boyfriend squatting over Sanjay Gupta’s face while Destiny helpfully pulled his cheeks apart, and forcing out a chocolate mud baby right onto Sanjay Gupta’s innocent face. Destiny was reported as saying “that’s hot,” and “do me next,” sentiments shared by our resident frizzy haired jewlatto editors.

Later, the Neo-Nazi Tim Pool gets in on the action. Pool appears to be using a classic White Supremacist tactic where they downplay the feelings of the oppressed in an attempt to trivilize systemic White Privilege, despite said White Privilege resulting in the eating of Sanjay Gupta’s liver on Spotify.

One pink haired rational human being was quoted as saying:

“I really want one of these neo-natzees to explain to me where this ends, and I don’t want to hear any “slippery slope fallacy,” bullshit. A brown man who moved from his country as a young boy to pursue his dream of being an MD in America just had his liver eaten on Spotify, and Tim Pool is trying to downplay his very reality based concerns?! I AM LITERALLY SHAKING RIGHT NOW.”

In summary, Joe Rogan cuckolds an honorary jew Sanjay Gupta live on air, then brings him back to his neo-nazi compound to eat his liver. Russell Brand joins in on the fun by pledging allegiance to Hitler and showing YouTube a dead, partially snacked on jew child in his fridge. Tim Pool, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood terrorist organization and also Hamas, 1488 Seig Heils while plucking Gupta’s eyeballs out with a rusty screwdriver, and then gluing them onto a wall.

Arguably worse than that, we here at Hyphen Report have uncovered filthy goy-peasants making claims like:

“Joe Rogan asked some CNN propagandist why his news network lies so much, and the guy cried and shit his pants. Then everyone else had a chuckle at how ridiculous this was, except CNN. It’s just a flat out lie to call Ivermectin a horse dewormer.”

Ivermectin may be a drug invented in the 70’s for people, used by over 3 billion people for both anti-viral and anti-parasitical uses, and earning its inventor, Satoshi Omura, the nobel prize in 2015 for its usage in humans. However, occasionally it is used as a horse dewormer, therefore our fact checkers have deemed that statement: true, and totally not misleading.

Our investigative journalists have even uncovered some clear false equivalences these bigots are making between CNN truth telling and Anti-Vaxxxer lies.

“Saying Ivermectin is a horse dewormer is like saying water is a horse rehydrator.”

“Every day in Africa, billions of people breathe in chemicals often used as engine coolant. Commonly referred to as ‘air’ by the unwashed.”

“Dangerous chemical dihydrogen monoxide found in every stream and river in Mississippi. Ingestion has been linked to death. Found present at nearly 100% of drownings.”

“Neo-Nazis found drinking substance commonly found in toilets.”


In fact, our brave on the streets reporter, Schlomo Noseberg, was exposed to harmful nuclear radiation at one of these conspiracy theorizing 1488-friendly anti-Vaxxx violent insurgencies. Some critics have argued that he was also exposed at the other three he went to. In fact, they claim he has been exposed to harmful nuclear particles every single second of his life, just like all of you reading this, due to background radiation being omnipresent, and claimed that we are intentionally misleading the goyim.

This is absurd, we never outright lied, and if people misinterpret what we say that’s why we need more Holocaust Education in schools in order to have Smart Critical Thinkers.


After being exposed to harmful nuclear radiation at an anti-vaxxx rally, our jew on the streets Schlomo Noseberg has come down with a violent illness. We’ll have more on this story later.

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