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For all of our coverage of the BLM anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha Wisconsin, please go here.

Pro-White advocates have been doing some great real world activism on the Waukesha BLM terrorist attack. I’ve half a mind to try to help out with the posters myself. 

I don’t believe the above two are affiliated with the NJP, but it’s still nice to see.

And now the NJP is in Waukesha, Wisconsin today, November 27th, 2021. They are leading a protest against the politicized cover up and response to the anti-White terrorist BLM Christmas Massacre. 

The signs include “Stop BLM terror,” “Where is the outrage,” “Hate Crime Charges,” “,” “Double Standard,” and many others. 

I especially appreciate the “hate crime charges,” signs. The double standard for hate crime charges is a glaring rhetorical weakness of Globo Homo Schlomo. There’s no rhetoric that can explain a clear and obvious anti-White terrorist attack not getting federal hate crime charges, and pushing for this allows the event to stay in the public mind for many weeks or even months after said event is over. 

We will keep you updated with any new information throughout the day.

UPDATE: For technical reasons we can’t upload every snippet from the protest, and everything beyond a minute or so is right out. We will try to get as much as possible, and will embed YouTube/BitChute/Odysee videos later as they become available. We would also recommend you check out Media 2 Rise, which you can find here.

Below is Tony Hovater, NJP member, speaking to the purpose behind the protest.

UPDATE: We asked someone to upload a video of NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich speaking at this event, and we have it now.

UPDATE: More speeches from NJP members.

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  1. We Demand Justice for Waukesha
    Complete Justice meaning a complete investigation matched with federal prosecution and hate crime charges.

    Sign/share the petition:


    1. I approved this comment because I’m leaning towards not censoring over too much censorship. But I need to make clear that we don’t endorse this petition, and would prefer people stick to the NJP.

      Good for wristaction to be concerned about this of course.

      1. I appreciate that. Obviously I didn’t put any name on it. Seems like its more important to get stuff out there. My feeling is anyone can hand this out to anyone. The purpose is on the paper.

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  4. […] Above is one of the TRS guys, Mike Peinovich, at a recent rally in Waukesha protesting the lack of anti-White hate crime or terrorist charges for the BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks. We covered that story here. […]

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