You know, there are actually important things happening in the world right now. The Charlottesville Trial, which we have barely done any coverage on, but which received great coverage at National-Justice. The Anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin by a BLM activist who talked about “knocking TF outta white ppl.” The media coverup of this event, which we have yet to write about.

So many important things, and yet I feel the urge to dunk on AmNats once again. And if you don’t know what an AmNat is, well, that’s kind of the point. Just think “homosexual Republican Party Outsider.”

It started with Waukesha, and these Cucknats, who still have twitters BTW, who were celebrating the murders of White Children by BLM activist Darrell Brooks. Then I wrote a retrospective on the homosexual “AmNat” movement. I thought I was done. Oh sure, maybe I’d dunk on these queers a few times here and there, but what more is there to say really?

Then one of them did something so unbelievably evil I had to write about it, but that’s a one off thing right? I mean at this point I’m as done with AmNats as they are with relevancy, what with being completely censored. After all, it’s not like they do anything relevant politically. Why waste our readers time even dunking on them?

And then I found, through the TRS forums, a verified goldmine. A treasure trove of homosexuality. KiwiFarms, a website I had never visited, has a thread up on Nicholas J. Fuentes, the Race-mixed Mexican Visionary Catholic Homosexual Child Leader of the White Race.

And the dunking is just too glorious to pass up. I’ll have another piece later where I print out some of the best poasts, but for now I want to chronicle what happened to Nicky Fuentes’ twitter account. I remember he had a lot of followers. How’s that working out for him?

Awwwww. Gee bud, that really sucks. How’s that make Optics King feel?

Not too good huh?

I remember the TRS goys, Striker and Enoch in particular, who would make account after account after account. Each new account would be smaller than the last. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I do remember Enoch’s first account having something like 40k followers, and routinely getting massively engagement with some viral tweets, putting cuckservatives to shame. After the first banning the audience got smaller and smaller with each account, and the bannings got faster and faster.

This all ended by about late 2010, early 2020, when they just gave up completely. This is also the time when Fuentes got astroturfed harder. Fuentes would routinely make fun of “Wignats,” (heterosexuals), because of “their bad optics,” was “why they were getting banned”. And he made fun of the oppressed, I’m sorry the StUPid WigNAtS, who kept trying to make accounts to do actual politics, which he was too cool to do. Fuentes thought it was pathetic for these Bad Optics Heterosexuals to keep coming crawling back to twitter after getting banned.

So it was nice to see that after getting banned, Fuentes took it like a man.

Just kidding. He proceeded to make a bunch of insanely cringey accounts like “punished incel” @ raper6000, where he would praise himself in third person.

And trust me, that is Fuentes. And you wouldn’t believe this, but the above account got banned as well. No really, and this is going to sound super weird, but he’s gone from having a few hundred thousand followers to less and less each time.

He’s even stooped to the point of pretending some John Doyle faggot is working in an alliance with him. I looked up John Doyle, he’s a faggot. I mean not literally but just look at this.

Trust me, it’s as bad as you think. And yet, somehow better than Fuentes. Doyle, being an intelligent grifter, unlike Fuentes, is smart enough and disciplined enough to regularly make content pushing Cuckservatism. While he’s basically unwatchable to men with any amount of testosterone over the age of 20, so is Fuentes.

I learned from Kiwifarms that Doyle also got banned from twitter during the election fraud grift. Did Doyle make new accounts? No, Doyle just moved on and enjoys his monetized YouTube channel where he can grift successfully with full ad revenue. In fact, Doyle as recently as last week signed with Glen Beck, to be a Set For Life Grifter, unlike Nicky Fuentes.

If you think it’s weird that a guy who writes under the name “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein,” is cheering on a Cuckservative Grifter who’s job it is to pen in White People until our race goes extinct, just take a look at Fuentes’ fucking cunt face. You know it causes him pain to see a better, more successful grifter replace him as Designated Young White Man Coraller. And it’s fucking sweet to see those tears come down his face.

Above is what Fuentes uses his, I don’t know 9th, twitter account for. Praising himself in third person, and talking about random shit. I didn’t even include the random fast food pics, because that would be too tedious.

But when he’s not doing gay politics, he’s whining about being censored.

What Fuentes’ Serious Guy Politics has amounted to is glomming himself onto teenagers yelling at Charlie Kirk and Dan Crenshaw and then not primarying them or anything, and coralling a bunch of anonymous cult-like twitter followers to follow his 13th twitter account, inevitably with some stupid name.

Only to see that account get oven’d in quicker and quicker time intervals.

And what has Charlie “pee is stored in the balls” Kirk being using his non-censored twitter account for?

Does Nick “Saviour of the White Race” Fuentes have any similar tweets? Well, his new account is @branflakes5000.

And no, no he does not.

Okay but at least he’s got an audience of super duper serious guys right?

“I WANT MY TWITTER BACK I WANT IT BACK I WANT IT BACK I WANT IT BACK” – Serious Guy Who You’re a Low IQ Wignat For Not Supporting.

So weird how Fuentes could just be censored and then he’d be gone like that in a heartbeat. It’s almost like the reason he wasn’t censored back with TRS guys, anti-war activist types, or anyone else, is because he’s a cringey LOLcow. It’s almost like that, because it is that.

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  1. >homosexual Republican Party Outsider

    fuck you i want my sides back, lost hard

    1. IKR? I’m trying to focus on real politics, but the death of Alt-Republicanism is too much of a LOLcow to ignore.

  2. “I hate white people” – actual tweet by Nick “big cheese” Fuentes.

    1. You just don’t understand that serious guys tweet out “I hate white people,” from their “Punished Cheeser 9000” twitter accounts to their dwindling collection of ever browning audience. Stop being such a cringe wignat who likes pussy.

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