We’re rounding up all the Waukesha content we have into one article which we will mention here.

Since Waukesha really started with the Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict, we have an article on that, or rather the salty BLM/Antifa tears on the verdict here. And we also have a YouTube video below.

Next we have the Waukesha BLM anti-White terrorist attack. We initially made an article on the gloating done by BLM/Antifa/NPC types after this horrific terrorist attack. You can read that article here. We later made a video on this, which you can see here.

When we uncovered more details into the BLM Terrorist, Darrell Brooks, we wrote another article on that, which you can read here. Again, we made a video on this, which you can see here.

After this, we put together an article on the White Victims of the BLM terrorist attack. You can read that article here.

Our article making fun of the DailyManlet’s take on Waukesha.

Our article on Homosexual Republican Outsiders (America First) celebrating the murders of White Children.

A followup article on said anti-social losers doxxing an innocent father.

Our article on the NJP organized protest of Waukesha.

We will be updating this page as more articles come in.


Our article covering Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson telling White People to stop getting so uppity.

Our article showing you how to email said republican.


Our article covering the disgusting (((creatures))) trying to get BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks out on bail.

Our article showing the ongoing coverup by Mainstream Propaganda.


Our article showing Charlie Kirk’s controlled op response to Waukesha.

Our article on some BLMer seething over Rittenhouse, even after Waukesha.


A few more all at once.

Our article on Darrell Brooks getting 71 new charges. Him whining about being mistreated. The lack of any recorded evidence from his previous bail hearing. Cuckservatives impotently calling him a “black supremacist.”

Our article on the ADL whining about NJP’s Waukesha protest, and getting rekt even on twatter.

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  1. […] It was heartening to see the NJP protests of the anti-White BLM terrorist attack in Waukesha. You can read our piece on that here, and find all of our Waukesha coverage here.  […]

  2. […] the days after the murderous Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre, which you can read about here, we predicted a mainstream propaganda followup that would take place in the following […]

  3. Hey Guys? Darrell Brooks is feeling “Demonized” and “dehumanized”.

    His mom has come forward. He was a good boy. The system failed him.

  4. […] You may remember that Waukesha is the scene of the BLM Christmas Massacre. You can read all our coverage of that here.  […]

  5. […] My articles on the BLM Waukesha Christmas Massacre were the first hits this site had, way back when it was the Hyphen Report. And in fact a video showing Darrell Brooks’ anti-White statements remains the featured video on our soon to be holocausted YouTube channel. […]

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