Jack Dorsey has stepped down as CEO of twitter. You may remember him as this goofball who started off pretending to “be the free speech wing of the free speech party,” and proceeded to become the censorship enforcement wing of Globo Homo Schlomo.

Apparently behind the scenes GOP megadonor (((Paul Singer))) has taken an 11% share of twitter and has been pushing for His Guy to take over. If you don’t know who or what Paul Singer is, he runs Elliot Management, and makes money off of speculation.

Tucker Carlson actually had a fairly good section on him a few years ago. Basically he uses speculation to steal money from the goyim, then gives that money to Cuckservatives to get them to oppress the goyim in different ways. His crowning achievement was making sure Republicans threw the fight on pervert marriage.

Needless to say, Schlomo’s guy happens to be exactly what you’d expect.

I’m honestly not sure this really matters anyway. Everyone interesting has been banned from twitter. Hell, lots of even milquetoast and uninteresting people have been banned from twitter. The website is already controlled opposition, but maybe Schlomo wants some pajeet being the face of oppression instead of himself.

I would think a part of the jew’s motivation would be to attempt to humiliate Whitey by having a major tech corp be run by an obvious non-White. Twitter is basically a joke though, but it’s the thought that counts.


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  1. Hello mister small hat please to be of giving CEO thank you I love you

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