Kyle Rittenhouse Is Proof That White Women Birth White Supremacy While Black Mothers Birth Its Victims

Donald Trump’s election in 2016 was a murder-suicide note to America. Since then, we’vewitnessed angry and disoriented white males across the nation boldly trying to fulfill that pact while using Karen tears to blame others for their circumstances and crimes.

In this perilous ecosystem of hate, we saw thousands of snarling white faces and heard the sonic horrors of their medievalesque howls as they erected effigies, a guillotine, and a hanging gallows outside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection.

No please Stacey, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel. 

In other words, if white men don’t cheat, steal, rape, control or kill the loose bodies of nonwhite people, the future of whiteness is in peril. I can hear their clarion call:

“Yee hawl, grab yer gunz, boys. Batten down the hatches. Destroy this whole goddamn earth if yer haffta! Leave nothin’ behind for them coloreds and n*gger lovers.”

Harmful racial stereotypes of White People, how kind of Stacey. I wonder if we can sit down and have a meaningful exchange of ideas. You know, compete in the marketplace of ideas.

The alt-right has bluntly told white America that the restoration of racial superiority, the ruptured white family, its economic faltering, declining birth rates and life expectancy can be ameliorated by cleansing the nation of inferior racialized competitors. White nationalists and vigilantes have been encouraged by the repeated acquittals of cops killing unarmed Black people.

We’ve witnessed corrupt law enforcement and the courts coddle histrionic white males as they continue their power grab by any means necessary whilemarching toward obsolescence. Last week’s acquittal of teenage vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse is the most recent example of a deceitful, petulant narcissist who got caught committing a crime and then appropriated the language of oppression to paint himself as the victim.

Don’t bother trying to make arguments against the things these so-called people say. Yusra K. Ali, BLM Toronto Founder claimed that, in addition to “whiteness not being humxness, in fact white skin is sub-humxn,” that the melanin in black people’s skin converts sunlight directly into knowledge.

“melanin enables black skin to capture light and hold it in its memory mode which reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge.”

Yeah, I’d forgotten about that one. Anyway, imagine even listening to the words that come out of these people’s mouths and trying to make logical, cogent points against them. 

The seething continues.

So many folks are shocked, upset even, over the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial. I watched the verdict with my face frozen in permanent neutrality. Just another day of whiteness in America.

Shaniqua seething on a whole ‘nother level.

The Rittenhouse acquittal says that we are living in an era of peak white male victimization. And when white men are afraid, everybody is in danger. The vigilantes and racists have been further emboldened by the outcome of this case. Welcome to a white supremacist theocracy that is regressing back to its barbaric prehistoric impulses.

Rittenhouse’s display of tearless crying is a symbol of white male grievance and a familiar code of white desperation, defiance, and rage in an historical moment of dangerous tumult. As a Black woman in America, I am so bored by pathetic displays of white men’s angst, bluster, and self-pity. These nitwits can cry a fetid river and baptize, waterboard, or drown themselves in it for all I care. White male tears are a political tactic similar to the one many white women weaponize to muster sympathy and avoid accountability. What I see is saltiness over the intergenerational failure of white supremacy being passed on to their youth as racial resentment and a mandate for racial redemption.

JFC the level of seething that we’re witnessing here goes beyond belief. 

These degenerates cry because they can’t believe that they don’t have a free pass for their criminal behavior like the good ole days of yore. They want an all-powerful protector like Donald Trump, Dylann Roof, Darren Wilson, Derek Chauvin, and the three rednecks wholynched Ahmaud Arbery to bring back the days when mediocre white men had impunity to be racist, to keep Black people out of competition for jobs and resources, and to humiliate us in the process.

And they need man-boys like Rittenhouse to strap up and kill because the future of white supremacy can only be secured by their criminality.

While her black skin was converting sunlight directly into knowledge you were sitting their cheering on Kriminal Kyle Krittenhouse who had the neo-natzee audacity to ventilate jew pedophiles who physically attacked him. Whyte Supreeemacy can only survive off of criminality, says Shaniqua, who belong to the race of people who are 13 yet do 50. 

Don’t get me started on the white mothers who raised their sons to kill people. Officer Derek Chauvin’s mom watched the same video as millions of us who saw her son kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes 46 seconds. She watched him kill a man who was pleading for his life and calling for his mama and she still called him “a good man,” “honorable and selfless,” and talked about how proud she was of him at his sentencing. Rittenhouse’s mother defended him even though he was a minor illegally in possession of a gun and out past an emergency curfew. Quite frankly, she should have been brought up on charges. Meanwhile, Black mothers and fathers have had to endure slander, attacks on their parenting, and debates about whether their unarmed children playing in parks or walking home from the store deserved to die.

Lol wut? “Dis muffuga Whyyte Man Momma say her boy dindu nuffin.” The lack of self-awareness from LaQuisha is beyond parody.

Rittenhouse is a young man who was destroyed as a boy by a toxic white supremacist culture that proclaims victimization by the left, the liberal media,#MeToo, feminism, political correctness, immigrants, and uppity Black people.

I say this all the time, the public doesn’t want to be told there is something wrong with the so-called normal white family that is raising white boys like Rittenhouse to internalize racism, coercion, and violence. This is why we have no real insight into the violence we see in the news. It’s not just toxic masculinity or gun culture, which are treated like viruses communicated in schools and workplaces. Behind all this stands the white family with all its unspoken violence. If we’re serious about understanding why young white men can become so violent, we need to take a serious look at how they are being raised. The coercive parenting and socialization of white boys is central to understanding white supremacy and violence. And we need to develop policies around containing that violence.

We need to develop policies around containing the violence that black people do to everyone else? Wow, based Shaniqua. Oh wait, that’s not what she meant. 

I’m getting tired of this seething, but I’m going to print the rest for posterity.

Let me also say that I’m ‘bout tired of hearing Black folks ask unnecessary rhetorical questions: “What if Rittenhouse was Black?” “What if the Capitol rioters were Black?” We’ve been in this racist country for over 400 years. Y’all know the damn answer. They would have been shot to Black Jesus.

In the Rittenhouse trial, what we witnessed yet again is how the legal presumption of innocence, historically reserved for white adults, was extended to a white youth. He received the fullest protection of the law, not because folks viewed him as a scared kid who made a foolish mistake by shooting three people with a weapon of war, but because he is a quasi-adult who represents the future of whiteness. As such,he had to be acquitted. Once you understand what white supremacy requires to sustain itself and secure its future, you’ll be less shocked and upset over its contradictions and evil.

Some of our people keep talking about tuning out the news cycle so they don’t have to be stressed out by these horrible stories. Your silence, closed eyes, or

diverted attention will not keep you safe. Our churches that keeptelling us to pray and offer absolution for our oppressors will not save us. The federal government is feckless. Even though the George Floyd Justice in Police Act died in Congress after months of protests featuring legions of white folks tearing up shit and playing dead in the streets, far too many of us still have a possessive investment that we can win simple justice from a system that has been serial killing us for generations.

BTW, the article legitimately has that absurd paragraph break after “Your silence, closed eyes, or…”. I have no idea why other than that this wahmen is retarded, and so are the editors at Yahoo. 

We cannot live in fear. We can’t waste our time trying to empathize with, understand, pray for, reform, or understand these emboldened descendants of colonizers. What we are witnessing is the culmination and crystallization of decades of frustration that’s been brewing in white America since the Civil Rights Movement.

As we approach these even darker times, I take solace in knowing that gun ownership among Black Americans, especially Black women, is skyrocketing. Black women are now the fastest growing gun-ownership demographic in America. We need to be prepared to defend ourselves, our families, and communities against this rising tide of white nationalist violence.

Above is a breakdown of BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks social media posts. Below is people like the above gloating about 6 murdered White People in the November 21st, 2021 Waukesha, Wisconsin terrorist attack. 

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