Shaniqua Suddenly Shits in Shady Supermarket Stealfest

It’s actually pretty amazing how perfect this video is, from the child crying, to the attempted theft, to the brown crescendo.

Click on it, you fucking pussy. Watch an overweight black momma shit in public. Don’t turn your head away, be a fucking man.

For those to cowardly to do so, the video starts off with some small child crying in the background as Shanique channels her justifiable rage at 400 years of slavery into angrily going around and throwing shit at people and intentionally causing a mess. 

Shaniqua throws random shit.

The child does not cry less hard as Shaniqua continues her rampage. The language Shaniqua is attempting to speak is French, but I mean honestly, it’s not important.

At about 1:00, Shaniqua pulls her pants down. The camera zooms in at about 1:20.

Oh my fucking god she actually did it. I’m as stunned as the people in the video. At 1:40 she finished shitting. 

Even the child is too traumatized to cry, and trust me little fella, I get it. Like, that child was belting out their lungs earlier, and an eerie silence descends across the room.

The video ends with Shaniqua bravely strutting back into the grocer. I have no idea what happens next, but I think if we attempt to make sense of these actions in terms of normal human behaviour we may find ourselves grasping at straws.

It is more likely that Shaniqua saw herself as establishing dominance. Now that dominance was established, Shaniqua’s mind believed she owned the place. Like a dog peeing on a street, this supermarket belongs to Shaniqua now.

Honestly, a nigger shit on a floor and I’m trying my best to provide commentary.


Reader “ShitHeadRetard,” notified us that’s she’s speaking Spanish, and calling them “racista,” which translates to “fuck you daddy White Man,” in English. So she wasn’t just chimping due to some random event, her shit was a racially motivated hate crime.

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  1. She’s attempting to speak spanish, and she called them “racista” which is racist in spanish. But she has a haitian attempting to speak spanish robotic accent.

    1. Good comment. Updating them now.

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