APU Party – Meet the Chads – Part 1

Two days ago, I wrote about Hot New Cuckservative Fake Pro-White Party, the American Populist Union. At the end of the article I stumbled on to the “APU Chads,” substack, which you can see here.

Alright, first of all, you really shouldn’t be calling yourself a “Chad.” That meme only works when you’re talking about someone else, mocking or supporting. “I’m a huge Chad,” is a bit of a social miscue, but it can’t be that bad, right?

A grand total of two articles written, neither of which have a single like. One of them is a welcome article. The next one, written the same day, is making sure that everyone knows that morale remains high.

They never updated their substack again.

I honestly don’t know what’s the worst part of this. They apparently felt the need to write an article fighting back against the claim they were losing momentum as the second article they ever put out, and even on the same exact day that they’re substack launched.

“Hey guys, stay with the ship. I know it’s been a few hours since we launched and everybody thinks we’re done, but MOMENTUM REMAINS HIGH.” 

But… then they never wrote another article. So I guess that reports they were running out of momentum literally hours after launch proved accurate. Nobody can be bothered doing another “APU Chads,” piece again, not even 5 months later.

In case you wanted to get a nice good look at these Chads, knock yourself out.

People might complain that I focus too much on how people look. They may have a point in general, but these guys are literally calling themselves Chads. These fucking dorks. 

Let’s be nice here and click on their welcome article. We’re taken to a page that is, mercifully, bereft of pictures and their incredibly gay memes. In fact, it’s a pretty short welcome article.

Welcome to American Populist Union Chads. We are CHADS, Populists, Conservatives, and unabashedly America First. We believe in multiracial working-class populism. We at APU strive to advance the issues for the worker, regardless of creed or character.

Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue.

No really, that’s it.

At this point I was half convinced that I was reading excellently done satire. Sadly for everyone involved, I was not.

“Muh Multi-racial working class populism,” is one of the fakest and gayest memes out there. It’s also tired cuckservative rhetoric that they went with half-heartedly around  mid-2019 or so, and then just gave up on even pretending.

But these queers never got the memo, and went full CHAD ahead. It’s a bit like them doing religious right talking points from the mid aughts. Out of place, and weird.

Just the kind of bizarre social faux pas that us CHADS are known for, AMIRITE fellow teens without beards who are drowning in pussy?

Their second article is where the absolute cavalcade of accidental homosexuality begins. Here’s the tagline and subheading.

APU Chads Momentum Remains High: Defeats Jenna Ellis

The APU Chads remain undefeated as they continue to amass victories and will crush anyone who stands in their way.

Who is Jenna Ellis? I have no idea, and it’s probably not because she got “defeated,” by the APU Incels, but rather because you have to be borderline homosexual to know who that is. 

From Left to Right: Jack LordJason StripesRick MendezStan FennsonVance JamesOctavius RipleyJordan McNab and Jacob Zhang

Oh sweet Jesus. APU “Chads,” look like they’d get kicked out of American First. These guys make Nick Fuentes look like John Stamos wearing aphrodisiac cologne. 

Go click on the links under their image. It’ll take you to their twitter profiles, where you’ll be greeted with this.

For all the people above, because they all deleted their accounts. They probably realized how utterly faggoty they all looked, and thought better of it. Well, all except this guy.

This guy had his account suspended before he could come to his senses and delete it on his own terms. Poor fella.

Well that’s not quite it. There’s this one other guy.

Who has a private twatter account, and seems like a gigantic faggot. He links to the “Bullmooseproject” in his twitter bio. I clicked on that, and it’s this.

“Bold and innovative republican party.”

But let’s get back to the “APU Chads,” substack.

APU Chads after giving their speeches at their inaugural summit located in Tampa Bay, Florida

POV: APU Chads charging to complete and total victory!

What in the absolute fuck am I looking at? I’ve heard of websites being built by Pajeets in India, but it’s like these guys outsourced the memes as well. I’m just picturing some Indian vaguely understanding that you’re supposed to have frogs and poor photoshop in a meme and that’s it. 

The Chads of American Populist Union made it crystal clear at their summit: Listing Names. The Chads have ramped up the attacks on those who are insufficiently populist. This includes, but is not limited to Con. Inc, Groypers (White Nationalists), and the Never Vance movement.

Let me click on that twitter account. 

And it’s “naming names,” FFS. The term isn’t “listing names,” you absolute goofy queers. 

Let’s take a look at the “listing names,” victims. Con. Inc, Groypers (White Nationalists), and the Never Vance movement.

Boy that’s… an eclectic mix of targets you’ve got there. Multi-billion dollar Cuckservative Fake Politics Juggernaut gets thrown in with AIDS ridden dying incel movement, plus some internet drama that I’ve never heard of. 

It took me 5 full Felting articles on Nicky “Saving my virginity for Catboi Cock” Fuentes to reach the point where I had learned enough to simply be baffled anyone ever thought he wasn’t a LOLcow. I’ve hit that moment with the APU Chads, and we’re only halfway through their short article.

Jacob Zhang (Total Chad), Head of Diversity and Non-White Community Outreach, exclaimed in a passionate speech, “Do you see where the energy is? It is not on the side of the Tea Party talking points, it’s on the side of America First. It is not on the side of globalism, It is on the side of populism!”

Are these APU Chads paying by the pixel nowadays? I can’t even focus on how cringe doing the “muh globalism,” bit in 2021 is because I’m too distracted by the blown up 32×32 image of “Total Chad,” Jacob Zhang that looks like it got shit out by the vaseline monster. Site Logo images are higher resolution.

Also, “Head of Diversity and Non-White Community Outreach.” 

Alright let’s get back to their piece.

One of our newest contributors and JD Vance campaign staffer, Vance James, defeats Jenna Ellis in a stunning fashion. We asked Vance to comment on the situation:

“I am very proud of all the APU Chads who helped us in this struggle to help advance working-class populism. This victory shows that many want to see the right-wing continue to embrace a more populist message. I proclaim this victory in the name of the Chads. APUs are the best” – Vance James.

Trust me when I tell you, I’m not leaving out context. The article is quoted in full and is now finished. These gay retards just namedrop Jenna Ellis down on us as if we’re all supposed to know who that is.

Jenna Ellis

Well I did the work for you, and apparently she was big with former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani doing the “Stop the Steal,” grift. Fash the Nation exposed that pretty well, although I can’t remember the exact episode dates.

Frankly, even Con Inc exposed them. Here for instance is the RNC chairman BTFO’ing the grifter team.


A November email reported by the Washington Post showed Justin Riemer, chief counsel for the RNC, discouraging a staffer from posting about ballot fraud claims made by Trump’s team. He called the legal endeavor led by Rudy Giuliani and Ellis “a joke” that was misleading millions of people.

“I led the RNC legal team in over 55 lawsuits on behalf of the President’s reelection, winning a majority of them, including the only successful post-election lawsuit. Any suggestion that I did not support President Trump or do everything in my power to support the RNC’s efforts to reelect President Trump is false,” Riemer said in a statement reported by the outlet. “I will say publicly now what I then said privately: I take issue with individuals who brought lawsuits that did not serve President Trump well and did not give him the best chance in court.”

“The only thing that’s a joke is the idea that Joe Biden got 81 million votes,” she said in response to the report.

Imagine a group of people who were such nakedly dishonest grifters, that they make the Republican Establishment look like angelic and tireless fighters for the common man. Well, with Guiliani and Ellis working for Blormph, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Nevertheless, Ellis has her own site, where she regularly puts out “The Jenna Ellis Show.” Somehow, some way, she survived getting “defeated,” by APU ChadIncel 15 year olds, who, reading between the lines, said mean things on twatter accounts that they have since deleted.

God I wonder how she managed to do that? Maybe she just like, accidentally ignored them.

In any case, this looks like some 14 year old high school queers became big fans of John Doyle, started calling themselves APU Chads, and then got absolutely bullycided at school when everyone else found out about this.

I try not to laugh at children doing embarrassing things, but sometimes it truly is funny.

EDIT: Being new to substack, and being taken aback at the faggotry on display, I was actually incorrect in saying they only had two articles ever written. There was a third, “Morale Remains High: APU Chads Annihilate B911 Izzy and Fake APUs,” and then they never updated ever again.

Looks like we’ve got round 2 coming soon…

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