At this point, that can be my only conclusion.

Above is the new Christmas Special these two self-hating jews put out, which has the ultimate, and very effective goal of getting the goyim to do a real lampshadocaust this time. Reports are that Rogen and Silverman had enough of the “vile kikels in Hollywood,” their terms, not ours, and have set out on a course to destroy every heeb in the entire planet.

I think.

In this particular installment of “how to get jews sent into ovens speedrun – 100%,” Rogen and Silverjew are cooking a Christmas ham. Oh but wait a minute goyim, these jews aren’t going to be eating hams. Oh that’s so uproariously silly. Jews eating ham, I mean at this point I’ve seen everything.

The laugh factory just keeps on rolling with Sarah Silverkike. She AND her nose make a big point of walking through the Christmas traditions. Traditions that she, as a beady eyed Christ-Killer, couldn’t possibly know about.

God do these heebs ever miss? It’s just a laughapalooza with these ovenworthy specimens of globalism.

Then the rat faced kikel named Sethy goes on an absolutely Heeeeelarryous diatribe about how he prepared the piglet to be as delicious as possible. Have we mentioned that jews don’t eat pigs and should also be turned into lampshades? Absolute laugh machine.

According to Rogen and the curly haired globalists who wrote this section, step 1 of this process involves selecting the most adorable piglet possible. Adorable pigs taste the best, according to a race of people who don’t eat pigs but feed on the flesh of goy children.

In step 2, we find out that you need to spend an entire year with the adorable piglet, taking it on a variety of wacky hijinks and getting into a lot of sticky situations with your lovable friend. The jokes in this whirlwind section of comedy include poorly photoshopping a pig on a leash. Poorly photoshopping a pig at a Renaissance Fair. And finally, poorly photoshopping a pig doing podcasting.

Oh man, I had to rewatch that section multiple times because I literally fell off my chair laughing.

Then Rogen skips ahead to step 4, roasting the pig. But wait, Silverheeb, who is truly the voice of the people, points out what we’re all thinking. This beady eyed future bar of soap forgot to include step 3. What could step 3 possibly be?

Seth Rogen, just a few months away from being hooked up to a masturbation machine and turned into an IKEA do it yourself furniture set, responds that he doesn’t want to talk about it. At this point, a hush falls on the peanut brained goyim crowd. Then, it clicks, he murdered Darrell the pig just like we’re going to murder him in a shower room.


Sarah SilverElf then tells the goyim audience that, if they’re looking for more absolutely wacky content like this, they’re in luck. They proceed to show us a minitrailer for the show that had a like:dislike ratio of literally 3k-100k.

And do you know how much it cost us to watch this comedy gold? Nothing. It was absolutely free.

And they say that jews are a race of beady eyed greedy goblins who connive ways to screw the goyim out of their hard earned shekels. Another myth disproven right in front of our eyes.

And they’ve even got another video I haven’t gotten to yet…

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