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The Biden junta, officially the Biden-Harris junta[2] (also referred to by some as the Biden regime[3]) seized power on November 4, 2020 in a nationwide rigged election by the Democratic Party,[4] disenfranchising the will of the voters and the American people.[5]

If you don’t know what Conservapedia, it’s retarded middle aged GOP activists’ response to Wikipedia being run by hooked nosed beady eyed liberals with dual citizenship to Israel.

Since Wikipedia is such a joke that even one co-founder, Larry Sanger, has written multiple times about Wikipedia essentially being dead for any politically sensitive topic, it really shouldn’t be too hard to make a competitor that is far more robust, accurate, and honest. But this is conservatives we’re dealing with, so rest assured they didn’t do that, and went for something retarded instead.

The junta began receiving federal taxpayer money on November 24 after the head of the General Services Administration received death threats against her, her family, staff, and pets.[6][7]

Not the pets! My goodness, what will this Biden Junta stop at?

So I decided to, on a whim, actually click that footnote. It takes you to an article from a site called 100percentfedup. The specific article is here.

If you click on that link you’ll get the article that you’re seeing a screencap from above. I looked for the evidence that someone threatened Ms. Murphy’s pets. It’s not there in the article, other than her personally claiming it.

They even include the letter she sent to Joe Biden. Only they don’t include it as a PDF, or even an image that you can read. They just expect you to squint and read every line of this idiots letter to Joe Biden. 

Look, I know this isn’t germaine to the honesty and accuracy of Conservapedia, I’m just trying to show how incompetent and idiotic these people are even on apolitical issues.

And no, at no point does she ever provide evidence that her pets were being threatened by the Libs. You’d sort of think you’d spend the time to include that shit when you’re writing a letter to POTUS, but I guess she thought that Joe Biden should trust her on this one and resign in shame.

Okay, but there was another footnote, so I clicked on that one. It brought me to… oh sweet jesus. A website called The Black Sphere.”

And what do the proud patriots at The Black Sphere have to say about the pet threatenings? Well you can read the article listed here, and the answer is… absolutely nothing. Look for yourself.

All the world knows that Democrats cheated in the election. Massively cheated. And it looks like Trump laid a trap for Joe Biden.

Trump’s overwhelmingly huge voter turnout created problems for Dominion Voting Systems, so much so they had to shift the algorithm. As we’ve learned now, the change occurred in multiple supposed battleground states–Trump won all these states easily, so battleground “smattleground”–at precisely the same time. Coordinate much?

And no, ctrl+f “pet,” returns no results, so I’m not sure why it was included. Well conservatives are retards, so maybe I’m just thinking about this too hard.

It’s like spending time trying to figure out why BLMers think their skin converts sunlight into knowledge. If you’re thinking about it at all, you’ve already thought about it longer than they have.

Continued from Conservapedia:

The junta’s first actions were borrowed right out of the Nazi playbook;[9] like the Reichstag fire, a false flag attack on the U.S. Capitol building was staged[10] as a pretext to curb human rights and free speech.[11]

Junta leader Joseph R. Biden appointed Maoist Anita Dunn as Presidential Advisor.[12] Dunn had been fired by the Obama White House in June 2009 after publicly expressing admiration for Maoist genocide.[13][14]

I have been trapped here at this part of the article for 30 minutes now. I begin to write things, and then I stop. Sometimes I try satire, sometimes I effortpost. Sometimes I break down one thing, but then I stop.

If POL is what weaponized autism looks like Conservatism is what weaponized retardation looks like. Conservapedia doesn’t even have a fucking site logo. 

How is it possible to not have a site logo, and write this much?

This has broken me. I just can’t anymore. Maybe I should farm this for clicks, but it’s too retarded to be a LOLcow. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll come back to this.

For now the stupidity has traumatized me and I need to lay down for a while.

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