Apparently there are people in our thing who used to watch Ramzpaul. Something about a Libertarian to Fascist pipeline. Well he’s got a new video out there whining about the NJP.

Before we even get into it, I’d like to remind everyone that our tiny little YouTube account that we only use for embedding videos into our articles has already faced censorship. A video we uploaded that showed anti-White hate speech from BLM Twitter spaces was taken down. I wrote the article on that here.

In contrast, ramzpaul has had his JewTube channel for the past 13 years, and it’s still up.

What determines who gets censored on YouTube is efficacy. If the Schlomos at the (((ADL))) deem you to be effective, you will be censored. If they deem you to be ineffectual, they will allow you on there. Everyone you see on YouTube should be considered through that lens.

Above is the video in question. I blitzed through this at 1.5x speed, and thank god. He starts for the entire first two minutes talking about random stuff like getting older and who is going to be on the show at some indeterminate time in the future.

Finally he begins to ramble about the movie Groundhog day, where Bill Murray’s character gets stuck in the same day over and over until he becomes a buddhist or something. ramzpaul continues to blather on about groups from the 70s until now that are too extreme for the supposedly skittish average everyday peasant.

Like I said in my piece on optics for heterosexual adults, which you can read here, there is a grain of truth to what he’s saying. There are definitely groups that are chock full of anti-social retards who are just looking for a social group. This isn’t unique to pro-White politics. Look at SJW’s, or extreme “muh vaxxx genocide,” retards.

And because these pretend pro-White advocates are anti-social weirdo losers, they are actually a lot less oppressed/censored than normal people like you or I. There is a reason why the (((ACLU))) would defend LARP Nazi retards doing “displays of power,” through jew areas in the 1960’s, yet refused to defend normal White People being sued by jews for “group defamation,” putting up signs claiming that black people do disproportionate amounts of crime.

Hell, Milo got censored from twatter in 2016, not because he was super extreme, but because he was getting too popular, and fucking up The Narrative too often. Him occasionally doing the bit about “I’m a gay jew, why wouldn’t I support a muslim ban,” and other things of that nature cause serious problems, because the only answer is “this hurts White People Milo STFU and get with the program.”

And hell, YouTube had an official policy where if you fact-checked the obviously false CIA bullshit about Bashar Al’Assad gassing babies for no reason that was “spreading conspiracy theory disinformation,” and you got censored.

So of course ramzpaul has a twatter account, and a YouTube account, and even a Patreon in the year 2021. Because ramzpaul is a boring loser, who can only get 13 likes on his 8 hour old tweets, and 1.7 million total views on his 13 year old YouTube channel.

Let me do a quick aside and show you our channel’s stats from just the past 7 days. Keep in mind that our channel only exists so we can embed videos, and we don’t advertise it anywhere.

In one week we get 3.6k views, mostly as a sideproduct of people reading our articles. Extrapolate that to a year and we get 187k views/year. If we had the same 13 year time period as ramzpaul, we’d therefore have 2.4 million views.

So we are accidentally more popular on YouTube despite not caring than this queer.

Getting back to this soycucks video, I’ve conceded that there are some groups out there full of counterproductive anti-social retards. So which group does ramzpaul have in mind for groups that use extreme, offputting, toxic messaging? Oh that would be the alt-right of course.

Ramzpaul goes on about how the alt-right began as a sort of positive “traditional conservativism,” but then devolved into negatively attacking other groups. Then he effeminately whines about how people who were saying “don’t punch right,” so he disavowed.

Okay so this guy is a total faggot, but we already knew that based on him not getting censored at all.

He then goes on to shit on the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. While he claims that they had a right to rally, his ultra low testosterone cuckbrain basically victim blames them for being oppressed by both the police, and the resulting CVille civil suit which he mentions.

But you see it’s your fault for just not being smart enough to magically not get oppressed. I mean look at ramzpaul, he’s been so smart that he still gets to have a patreon, twitter, and youtube account.

I’m getting weird America Fist “muh optics” flashbacks right now.

Alright, I’ve figured out ramzpaul’s bit now. There’s a really telling bit at about 7:40, where he does this insanely cuckservative “oh my god it’s so great, even republicans are saying anti-White.”

When it comes to repeating losing strategies, White People supporting the GOP may well be the single biggest political losing strategy for any group of people for all of time. And this is why this fucking anti-White* faggot never gets censored, because his job is to keep Whitey on the (((Sheldon Adelson’s GOP))) plantation.

*At this point, anyone telling you to support the GOP is anti-White. Period. Over. End of story.

And if you want further proof of this, he calls the (((ADL))) a “far left group.” No really, the ADL. The organization that was founded to get a jew, Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a 13 year old White child and then framed two black people for the crime, off without charges. That group. Far Left.

Jonathan Greenblatt’s ADL is not a far-left group. It’s a far-jew group. It’s a jew nationalist organization that promotes mass migration into Whiteys countries as a racial attack on White People because they deem it serves the racial interests of jews.

But hey goyim, you should get really excited about giving money to Schlomo owned republican candidates to fight against the far-left ADL.

Ramzpaul continues on, and I have to say, this guy has this weird combination of being incredibly cucky, and yet still also very offputting. As one example, this guy puts on a suit, and yet doesn’t trim his eyebrows at all, so he’s got these weirdly long eyebrow hairs sticking out of his left eyebrow.

Beyond that, he has this incredibly offputting soyvoice. Reminds me a lot of Juden Peterstein in that regards, and he whines constantly throughout his monologue. It’s very effeminate and weak and gross.

But he finally gets to shitting on the NJP protest, which we covered here, in Waukesha, protesting for hate crime charges to be laid against Darrell Brooks, and anti-White hate speech more broadly. Why does the low testosterone soyboy not like the protest? Oh because “muh media call you a nazi.”

Good, let the media call you a natzee. Then tell the media to go fuck themselves. If you’re serious, talk about how they lied us into Iraq and bring the families of the deceased on stage with you. Call them the Epstein Killed Himself Liars.¬†Even bloviating orange faggot Gorland Blormph called them fake news, and the enemy of the people.

The cuckoldservative message of “just have absolutely 100% on point optics constantly at all times for every waking moment of your entire life,” is the biggest batch of faggot shit and I am so fucking done with the entire premise. The aesthetics of being a weak little bitch like this queer are so offputting and bad to the average person… that he is allowed to have a YouTube channel in the year 2021.

He then whines that the “far left ADL,” might attack you.

This faggotry is starting to take a toll on me. The ADL was literally founded by jews at B’Nai Brith who think it’s good and great for jews to rape and murder 13 year old Goyim Children and then frame other goyim for the crime. But no, the real problem might be that maybe they’ll attack you for something.

“When you fight your enemies, they win.” ramzpaul, guy who still has patreon in 2021.

He then starts shilling for GOP member Ron DeSantis. But the problem is, if NJP goes out and protests against the anti-White terrorist attack, Ron DeSantis might not get elected.

I’m running out of words here. Don’t be a faggot like this guy.

Then the soycuck goes on some Anglin-esque “everybody who does something is a fed probably,” narrative, that needs to be transcribed for you.

So they’re really playing into the left’s narrative. So much so that if those, I don’t know why these guys, how they travelled to Wisconsin, but if they weren’t paid by the ADL, they should have been paid by the ADL, because they were doing their bidding.

I’m sure the ADL was like this is a godsend, we love this, now we can try to nip this in the bud. Because we have all these regular people who are concerned about this situation. I know, let’s get some group that 99% of Americans would consider toxic.

You know, this is a weird position trying to do racial quotas, especially on jews. And let’s put them in their and associate them with this. See, this doesn’t help anything, this really hurts things.

Yes, that’s definitely what happened. The (((media))), which also includes “right wing” fox news you fucking faggot, obviously wanted to cover this up. We’ve documented this here, . So what the (((ADL))) did was they created a group called the NJP with their sleeper agent Koike Enoch, and held a well received rally to keep the story in the news cycle for longer.

They talked like normal people, and even had an instagram channel play video of their protest which got over 1 million likes.

They did all this with the clever ploy that they’d be able to use the massively popular (((ADL))) to then call them natzees, so now everyone associates being opposed to the Waukesha anti-White BLM massacre with natzees. And if that happens, then, horror of horrors, Ron DeSantis’ political career might not go according to plan.

Also even the retard Andrew Torba attacks the ADL and calls them “jewish supremacists”.

Even Tucker Carlson, when they attacked him, started talking about the ADL supporting the replacement of White Americans. He shows their double standard towards the jew ethnostate.

But I guess the real strategy is to magically do some song and dance to not allow them to call you a natzee, in between voting republican of course.

He then insinuates that Koike Enoch was “mysteriously,” removed from the Charlottesville suit. It’s not a mystery, bud. Enoch started subpoening antifa organizations, and filed over 30 motions. They dismissed him from the case because he made himself a problem, because he’s an actual fighter, not a faggot on the internet.

He then claims that any sort of political party gets infiltrated. He even smirks when he says this.

Okay… so is (((Sheldon Adelson’s GOP))) infiltrated you low test faggot?

He then goes on to actually do the (((ADL’s))) dirty work for them, by pretending that you giving the NJP any possible information about you is inherently bad. Of course, to support his patreon page you need to give him your credit card info and address, but that’s totally fine.

The faggot doubles down, claiming that such things “have always been a negative, and pushed us as a people back.” Back towards what, not getting so many republicans elected?

He later goes on to admit that, while the NJP is not illegal, it’s de facto illegal “based on the current regime.” This is actually a point that gets raised a lot by these hyper-cuckolds, and they’ve never thought this shit through.

If we’re at the point where you simply cannot legally enact any meaningful political change, then you should encourage your followers to do targetted assassinations of politicians, activists, billionaires, police chiefs, judges, and other groups that are oppressing you. Instead what they say you should do is inevitably… send them money through donations/superchats.

He claims that there’s a false dichotomy between doing nothing, and supporting the NJP, but then doesn’t proceed to explain what his plan actually is, aside from generic platitudes. Look, politics is not a fucking abstract concept. You get specific results or you don’t. NJP got a million likes on an instagram video, and might turn that into electoral success. You’re a queer spending his 13th year on YouTube telling people to vote for Ron DeSantis.

But really, ramzpaul is quickly entering that zone for me where he’s such a fucking faggot that, if you even think about logically addressing the faggotry he speaks, you become kind of a fag yourself. That’s the thing with bad faith arguments, they’re bad faith, and you’re dumb for attacking them instead of the arguer.

But I’ve still got at least one more piece on this fag coming soon, because it ties into the soon to come Andrew Anglin stuff I’ve been working on.

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  1. I’ve watched ramzpaul for a while, and he is the midway between libertarian and natsoc. His total viewership is low because he’s deleted a lot of videos from his youtube account over the years. He has decent optics (whatever that means) for normies who had a middle class boomer for a dad, or now grandpa. I do agree with the rest of the article you published. You might not like TDS or TRS as a whole, but you can’t argue that they’ve knocked out a homerun with their protests.

  2. Ramz is doing what alot of alt-lite conservitards do where he gives credit to milquetoast fence sitting conservative puppets for the narrative that nationalist groups put out. He praises DeSantis for calling the Waukesha massacre an anti-White terror attack and for using the term ‘anti-white’. He then says “all of a sudden on cue, this small group called the National Justice Party – were up there in Wisconsin protesting and they were using the phrase anti-White” implying that NJP are some ADL-approved fed-run group intruding on a successful BASED conservative narrative, and therefore ruining it because they’re ‘Nazis’. This is a lie. It’s a bold lie. It ignores the blunt narrative work NJP, NJ and TRS were doing the very MOMENT this attack occured. It was National Justice that broke the story on Brook’s background, and called for hate crime charges against him. TRS and National Justice were the DRIVING FORCE behind this narrative. It was TRS that called for people to state this was an ‘Anti-White Terror Attack’. DeSantis and the other conservitard punditry were silent in the aftermath of Waukesha. The Qtard network were calling this a ‘false flag’ designed to cause ‘racial divisions’. It took them over a week to respond to this anti-White massacre, by which time, TRS and National Justice had forced through their narrative, which influenced the conservative body politic, which forced the punditry and political puppets to to change their narrative. If not for National Justice and TRS, this terror attack would have been memory-holed, much like many others. It was NJP’s narrative which forced people like DeSantis to use this rhetoric. DeSantis and others shouldn’t be praised for this. It’s the bare minimum to tell the truth. Never ever praise these people or reward them for doing the bare minimum. In fact, we should always be pestering them and mocking them. Those that can take an inch must demand a mile. Whatever they say or do should never be enough, because it isn’t and never can be. It’s disgusting for Ramz to pretend that NJP came out of nowhere, when it was the NJP which forced this narrative in the first place. The system was forced to respond to the protest. The system is reacting to NJP and its narrative which the system is now forced to tacitly adopt or lose legitimacy.

    TheQuartering, an even more milquetoast Youtube character than RamzPaul, attempted a similar re-writing of history regarding the Santa Inc debacle. He claimed that the majority of commentors on the Santa Inc trailer video were only complaining about a ‘bad feminist movie’ and also stated that the anti-zionism (which he condemns) was only a ‘few comments’. Yet again, we have an example of successful nationalist narrative being co-opted by these snarky fuckers who take credit for the success of nationalist activism, praising themselves and their inert conservative politic, and then condemning the nationalists who achieved the victory against the system in the first place. They pretend nationalists either had no input, or hijacked their activism. The opposite is true, and that is made clear by the systems reaction to NJP in Waukesha, and the systems reaction to 25-30k people making very clear anti-zionist supremacist commentary on a movie trailer that attacked White people. Absolutely none of those comments complained of ‘feminism’ or other midsirecting politics. Those comments, which attained upwards of 5k upvotes, were complaining about ‘elf supremacism’, ‘anti-Whiteness’, and ‘holofrosts’ while praising ‘Rudolph Antler’.

    All of this continually shows how effective Nationalist activism is, and how much Conservitards hate it because it forces them to capitulate to it and attempt to manage it. These people would like nothing more than to return to an inert politic, and despite our censorship and oppression, we are still a very effective driving force within the body politic that makes their grift more difficult by the day. Good. Fuck them. We’re right, and they’re wrong.

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