Yesterday we covered ramzpaul, a borderline irrelevant loser, and his entirely unprovoked attacks on the NJP Waukesha BLM Massacre protest. You can read all about that here. Well apparently he has another video out, whining at the goyim for getting too uppity over (((Santa Inc.))).

If you’re new to the (((Santa Inc.))) story, you can read our original story here. We later put together another article showing how the entire internet is shitting on the video, and the comments sections are absolutely lit. Finally, we put out another article on one of the unfunny Christmas Specials that Seth “Roast me Alive” Rogen and Sarah “Oven me harder daddy” Silverman put out.

Ramzpaul has disabled comments. Beyond that, I installed the dislike shower extension for Chrome, and he’s not getting a great response here. At least he does mention that the creators are jews.

I simply cannot get over how viscerally repulsive this man is. This man is so ugly that he’s offputting to normal people. I mean WTF is going on with that face?

His teeth are off white. He has weird spots on his face. His left eyebrow has these clumps of weirdly long hair. I can see way the fuck up his nose. 

He looks like exactly what he is, a low testosterone loser. And as bad as he looks, his mannerisms and voice drive me up the fucking wall. This whiny, effeminate weirdo is supposed to be leading the White Race to some magical promised land if only you support his  patreon.

He’s not a very impressive character, but the start of the video, content wise, is fairly unobjectionable. I mean it’s ghey, but not too objectionable. He mostly just recaps what happens, and isn’t whining constantly up until about 5:30. 

It’s at this point that ramzpaul explains that the hilarious and seemingly productive response to The Elves and Their Lies, is actually secretly bad, because the goyim get so uppity that “muh anti-semitism.”

It’s really not any more intellectual than this. In fact, I’ll transcribe what he says below for you to see. 

But now, instead of the people focusing on, well why did you make such a hateful movie in the first place, they focus on the backlash. And the problem is now anti-semitism. 

This is something I could just see. It’s like clockwork how they set this up. And I almost was in the mood to make a video, you know, mocking it, like the comments did.

You were most definitely not “almost in the mood” to make that video. That might have gotten you kicked off of YouTube. You’re a pussy, and the random goyim leaving comments on that movie have more balls than you do, and are also more interesting. 

In the mood to watch The Notebook all by yourself maybe.

But I really think we as a people need to disengage from that because we’re kind of, uh, playing in their frame. Or as Z Man says, we need to quit chasing the stick. Meaning you throw a stick and the dog chases it instinctively.

It’s kind of like they’re throwing the stick at us. They’re doing something to prod us. We react in a certain way. They’re able to take our reaction to further demonize us.

It remains unclear to me how this guy ever had an audience. His entire message appears to be:

“Please don’t attack our enemies. You’re ruining republican electoral chances because the ADL might call them natzees through vague association with you.”

Ramzpaul then goes on this absurd, and very long rant about how NAJALT, specifically his one jew friend. You see, because his one jew friend is a good guy, it’s unspeakable horrible to make jokes like:

“Elves have been kicked out of 109 countries you know.”

Even though he claims he was about to make an entire video doing just that kind of content. 

He then does this sort of bizarre take on Dems R Real Wacists by claiming that the ADL isn’t a real jew advocacy group, it’s just their business model to increase Uppity Goyism so they can fundraise more.

This is so fucking stupid I’m not sure I know where to begin. The ADL is not some sort of business, it’s a serious political activism operation. They make money by doing political activism, and getting results. And one of the (((ADL’s))) biggest results is doing massive censorship of the Naughty Goyim Who Get Too Uppity.

But apparently, according to ramzpaul, actually they want comment sections filled with Uppity Goyism, because then they can get some fundraising, which is their real goal. By “keeping the hatred going,” in his words. 

Cuckservatism really does not need to have any relationship at all to reality, does it? The claim that the ADL wants goyim being uppity on the internet is immediately disproven by them demanding and receiving tons of censorship. But ramzpaul doesn’t hold this belief because of any observation of material reality. He’s just a squeamish, low test faggot who is looking for any possible excuse to not fight.

And I’ve noticed this bizarre thing with cuckservatives, where politics for them is just getting money from people. In terms of actual power, it becomes, at most, getting republicucks elected. The ADL is what an actual political organization looks like, in terms of getting actual tangible policy. So the idea that the ADL doesn’t do bullshit to get money, but rather gets money to do actual politics, is some foreign idea that he can’t even consider.

Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL.

The ADL is an actual political vehicle for jew racial interests, and accomplishes quite a lot despite massive unpopularity from the general public. Soyfag ramzpaul claims that the NJP doing some great, effective pro-White activism in Waukesha is horrible because random White People won’t like it.

Even if we assumed that bizarre premise, what does that matter? Normal people don’t like child trannies either, or mass censorship by trillion dollar multinationals, yet we still have that.

In direct democracy, where we all voted online on each issue, and could propose issues, there might be some validity to what this fag is whining about, because there the will of the people is directly represented. Rep democracy is fake democracy, and you need an actual political vehicle in order to get a single policy, as we saw with Gorland Blormph doing literally nothing for White People, despite us electing him.

The idea that (((Sheldon Adelson’s GOP))) is this vehicle, is simply too absurd to even entertain. So the question we would need to ask of the Waukesha, Wisconsin NJP protest is, did this help the NJP, which will be our vehicle, should it be successful.

The answer is undoubtedly yes. That ram never asks that question is all you need to know.

Or we could vote harder for the anti-White GOP against the “far-left ADL.” Maybe that’ll show ’em.

What he goes on next, is some of the wimpiest, most faggoty shit I have ever seen, and I am not exaggerating when I say this. He starts off with the above, pretending that him turning the other cheek doesn’t mean that he’s weak, and puts up with this bullshit. 

Yes it does, that’s literally what it means.

Oh but it’s okay because ramzpaul has a plan for dealing with these anti-White/anti-Christian attacks from jews. What’s his plan?

We need to educate, especially our children, hey, this is what they’re doing. This little group, and they don’t represent everyone in that group. But we understand that they’re in darkness, and they need the light, and this is why they act in a certain way.

And we don’t need to respond with our own darkness back to them. We need to respond with the light, and the joy of the Christmas message.

So even though they can be very hateful, and they’re doing something to provoke us, we need to respond with love.

This is actually so embarrassingly pathetic that we’ve crossed the “it’s all so tiresome,” response and gone right to hilarity. Imagine taking any of the shit this faggot says seriously. Especially when the very next sentence he says is:

And I know that sounds, ooooh so cucky, but I think there’s some truth in it.

Imagine owning yourself by immediately qualifying your own statement that you just made with “I know I sound like a bitch, but there’s SOME truth to what I just said.”

That’s okay ram, I’d prefer it if you made statements that were ENTIRELY true, and not pathetic, but I guess this is just what it takes to stay on YouTube. Barely truthful hyper faggoty arguments. 

Screencap does not do justice.

The video ends with this loser claiming that he wouldn’t be mean to jews, so us Christians should expect the same. It’s some bizarre anti-Political statement, that is at best some platitudinal restatement of the Golden Rule. Why doesn’t this queer go to the ADL and demand they treat White People the way they want to be treated? Oh right, because he just wants Patreon shekels.

But somehow worse than the statement itself, he opens up his mouth and shows all 114 of his yellowy teeth, as he holds his fake, frozen smile at the end of the video for multiple seconds.

I think I’m done with ramzpaul. I certainly hope so.

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  1. Yikes, who IS this faggot.. Barney Frank‘s shabbos??
    It’s like Mr Rogers had butt jizz baby with Max Horkheimer and Steve Forbes

  2. This is either 5D chess anti-Christian black propaganda, or Ramz is fucking with people. That shit-eating grin at the end of the video is malicous. He says his response is ‘out of love’ and yet Ramz 8 years ago would never have been this limp-wristed, so it’s not said out of ‘love’, it’s said out of fear. He’s afraid of losing income. I don’t even have a problem with people that make money on the side from the pipeline politic, as long as they stay in their lane, but their lane isn’t as proiftable or as popular as it once was. This builds resentment. People like Ramz hate the average nationalist. He hates nationalist advocates. His lame critiques of TRS and NJP aren’t bourn out of some deeper strategy. It’s personal to him. He has personal beef with everyone involved, and spends his waning years attacking people who mocked him for his conservative priors years ago. In response, he doubles down and pretends it’s some clever strategy. There was nothing ‘dark’ about the reaction to Santa Inc. It was in fact very wholesome and communal. White people from all walks of life banded together in a creative group activity in opposition to an oppressive system that is attacking them. Their collective response was bourn out of love for their own people, and a righteous indignation at the assault on their existence. It was White Solidarity, they very thing Ramz claims to support, but utterly undermined and all because he’s still seething over the post-2017 bantz.

  3. If you don’t do an article mocking NWG within the next month I’m going to stop shilling this site.

    Love u tho bb

    1. I’m having the same problem I had with Fuentes, but on steroids. I found NWG completely unwatchable, so I’m way behind on the specific things I’m supposed to be talking about.

      I guess I could knock out an intro article fairly easily.

      1. I left a comment with a bunch of details on one of your early article (I think it was Fuentes pt.5)

        1. Saw it. I’ll have an intro article on this guy up soon.

          1. you’re the man now dog

  4. NJP allows mexicans………….

  5. […] focused on cuckservative grifters, like Fuentes, ramzpaul, and kohne. I don’t think I’ve been wrong to do that, but there’s something […]

  6. I know you posted this over a month ago, but I’m catching up with everything on your site. I just learned about you from TRS. Anyway Paul Ramsey is a GENETIC jew. His mother is a schizophrenic. You know – the jew genetic disease. He is also best pals with Melissa Gates. Ask him about it sometime.

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