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In my last piece I showed how Canadian conservatives – National Postalists as we call them on HNIC – are enamoured with capitalism and America to their own detriment. They are completely submissive despite constantly sticking their chests out, and a great case in point is Poilievre’s recent (fake) claim to be going after Big Pharma for the opiod epidemic.

For the backstory on this little grifter, go here. Or here for his campaign announcement speech.

In short, he’s everything you think he is. Essentially Ron DeShabbos for Canada, but with even less charm.

I’ll start out by giving Poilievre some credit. On March 14th he posted a statement detailing his intentions to “make Big Pharma Pay for Causing Opiod Epidemic”, to the tune of $44 Billion. 

Pierre’s Uncensored Twatter Account:

“The opioid crisis has its origins in the invention of Oxycontin by Purdue Pharma [ran by the (((Sacklers))) – Cooper] in 1995. Oxycontin was aggressively promoted and overprescribed, leading to a massive increase in opioid dependency. Opioid prescriptions were handed out for anything and everything, with no sense of the risks…the opioid epidemic has ravaged our communities, destroyed lives, and devastated families”.

This is a great idea. It demonstrates the wherewithal to pursue justice for ordinary Canadians, and it takes away ground from the left, who purport to fight big capital. It is also a realistic policy given that similar deals have reached in the US. In fact, BC has almost finalized its own settlement for $150 million in total damages. Poilievre wrote on the 14th that his government, if elected, would join this lawsuit. He made the point that the Feds under Trudeau have not yet done so.

As a quick aside, I would highly recommend Trey Garrison’s and Richard McClure’s “Opioid for the Masses”, available at Antelope Hill. This book does a wonderful job at humanizing the tragedy befalling White victims of addiction.

Now let’s see how Boomer-cons reacted to this announcement. We start with the Western Standard commentary:

From the National Post:

Admittedly, the Post had a better mix of comments. Here are a couple encouraging examples.

…but back to Twitter and it’s more of the same.

The need for everything to relate back to Covid is something I am ill-equipped to psychoanalyze. I guess they are single-issue voters in the truest sense. Opiates have killed thousands of Canadians; this is a national problem. Again, conservatives are too stupid to take their own side, even when their main guy is leading the way.

One of my most viewed pieces ever was “Dr. Shekelstein goes to anti-vax rally.” I nearly died of cringe, and was glad no one saw me there.

In short, these people are weirdos who have found an ultimately safe issue that they can pretend to be revolutionaries on, while ultimately not truly rebelling. Covid-19 provided them a way to unleash some of their pent up frustrations with the Democracy Class in a safe, ineffective way, and they like that. 

It’s no fun being completely oppressed. They’d like to be 2% oppressed, instead. In some ways it’s almost antifa-like.

Something I cannot award Poilievre points for, however, is his conduct during the recent Biden visit. Here is a clip of their initial meeting.


Poilievre introduces himself to Biden as the ‘leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition’. Biden, after momentary confusion asks, ‘Loyal Opposition?’ to which Poilievre responds, ‘We believe that opposition is an act of loyalty in our system.’

Biden laughs while grabbing Poilievre’s arm and remarks, ‘We do too, unfortunately’ before moving on to meet the next person.”

What the transcript misses is Pierre’s stammering after his initial comments before Biden cuts him off. I’m not a expert in human interactions, but Valerie in the NP comments section is here to help me.

Not exactly what I was thinking, Val. Pierre’s poindexter attitude along with Biden’s grip on his arm made Poilievre look like a punk. I don’t think we can compare him to Odysseus simply for being capable of shaking hands.

It’s a fifteen second long video, and it’s amazing. I get serious Sam Hyde vs Idubbbz vibes from this interaction, especially with the way he pastes that smile that doesn’t meet his eyes on his face and looks forward at nothing after Biden quickly brushes him aside. If I didn’t hate this fraud so much it would be painful. As it is, it’s a damn work of art.

What an absolute goof.

Pierre also made a point of telling Biden they “share Irish heritage”. As a reminder, Poilievre is ¼ Irish (his birth mother was ½) and was raised by French-Canadians. However, these moments of ingratiation are almost not worth mentioning next to this reaction during Biden’s speech to parliament.

Biden wraps up his speech in Ottawa to a huge standing ovation. After Biden says, both of us have cabinets that are both 50 percent women for the first time in history. He is addressing Canadian Conservative PM’s who weren’t applauding and said, even if you don’t agree, guys, I’d stand up.
by u/ProgressiveDemocrats in ProgressiveDemocrats

National Post:

Later, while addressing the House of Commons, Biden noted that both he and Trudeau appointed cabinets that were half women, making them the first in their respective countries to do so.

Many in the chamber broke out in applause.

Biden noticed that Poilievre and the Opposition Conservatives were not quick to rise, and quipped: ‘Even you don’t agree, guys, I’d stand up,’ which Poilievre and others then did.

Asked afterwards about that interaction, Poilievre said only: ‘We support gender equality for all Canadians.’”

So, there you go: Biden can push Pierre around like a dog. What’s next, Americans coming here and telling us to “fetch”? I asked Don Cherry for his take on Poilievre’s subservient behaviour and he had this to say:

To summarize: the constantly online e-right is incapable of recognizing a good policy when it is overdosing on the street in front of them. Uncensored consubversative “leaders” are big pussies despite their blustering, especially when Yankee Doodle comes a-calling. We have the good sense to avoid acting in this manner. We can be anti-capitalist and anti-immigration, and indeed, support White Americans without kowtowing to ZOG. The “right-wing” is dead; now nationalism can arise.

I’ve actually been calling myself a populist for a while now, in part because I really don’t want to have anything to do with these types. Going after the Sacklers, if real, would be just about the only good thing that Poilievre would do, and the e-right doesn’t care. And Polievre himself is a slimy little weasel trying to create a cult of no personality.

Still, it’s funny that Poilievre’s calculated opiate bloviation got shut down. That’s because normal people want real populism, and the e-right are faggot weirdos in an echo chamber. As a result, you’re gonna have to start with “you know, there are too many migrants in this country,” if you want anyone to care about your opiate bluster. That’s actually a pretty encouraging sign. 

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