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Former U.S. president Donald Trump pleaded not guilty Tuesday to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records arising from a hush money payment to a porn actor during his 2016 campaign, according to two law enforcement officials familiar with the matter.

The plea came during a history-making arraignment in a lower Manhattan courtroom, with Trump becoming the first former president in U.S. history to face criminal prosecution.

For the backstory on President Potato’s porn hush payment charges, go here. In short, he paid some gross porn whore money to shut up, and she didn’t. Then he tried rallying the Goyim to go get arrested by vaguely protesting on his behalf, which fell flat. Then he didn’t get arrested, then he did.

Allegedly it’s something about campaign finance, but it doesn’t matter anyway. Our official position is that we are monitoring the situation, and if they put him in the electric chair we will definitely monitor that as well.

In addition to his complete and utter betrayal of the Goyim with no wall, letting black crack dealers out of prison, DACA, and the rest, he should be executed for his terrible taste in women. That is one rough porn whore.

But of course, that could be forgiven if he had given us literally one single thing.

One single thing might have been nice. 

Guess that was too much to ask for from the Kang of Israel.

The arraignment, though procedural in nature, amounts to a remarkable reckoning for Trump after years of investigations into his personal, business and political dealings. The case is unfolding against the backdrop not only of his third campaign for the White House but also against other investigations in Washington and Atlanta that might yet produce even more charges.

Oh, and Jan 6th. How could I forget about that one?

A silent and stone-faced Trump, his lips pursed in apparent anger, entered the courtroom shortly before 2:30 p.m. He left court about an hour later, also without commenting.

It’s a good thing that Trump is so contemptible that he overcomes my reflex to side with anyone the WMD Liar faggots are attacking as a matter of principle. In addition to the disgusting and evil politics, it’s like these propagandists all tried to be novelists and failed into being news propagandists instead. But they still shove their little unasked for characterizations in there every now and then as outlets for their boundless creativity.

It represents the new split-screen reality for Trump as he submits to the dour demands of the American criminal justice system while projecting an aura of defiance and victimhood at celebratory campaign events.

And entire squad of morons wrote this piece. 

Before the arraignment, he narrated his feelings in real time, describing the experience as “SURREAL” as he travelled from Trump Tower to lower Manhattan to face a judge.

You know what else was surreal? The experience of voting for the guy who promised to Make America Great Again, and then having him betray us 10,000 times while promoting literal trannies. 

Wearing his signature dark suit and red tie, Trump turned and waved to crowds outside the building before heading inside to be fingerprinted and processed. He arrived at court in an eight-car motorcade from Trump Tower, communicating in real time his anger at the process.

“Heading to Lower Manhattan, the Courthouse,” the voluble ex-president posted on his Truth Social platform. “Seems so SURREAL — WOW, they are going to ARREST ME. Can’t believe this is happening in America. MAGA!”

“Sure, you peasants all got arrested, but now it’s happening to ME!”

Seems like you got the wrong end of the stick, eh buddy? Don’t worry, The Daily Rake is monitoring the situation. We’ve got you, Donny, where by “got” we mean “are watching and chuckling.”

Don’t you worry, Donald, the situation is being monitored right now, in real time. Every single aspect of this situation is being monitored. Nothing will be un-monitored by our ever-watching eyes. 

Well, to be honest, I’m only half paying attention to any of this. But I’ll do my best to somewhat monitor the situation whenever I feel that it’s easy content to output. It’s really not that important to document, because no one really cares about Orange Faggot getting thrown in jail after thousands of real patriots were arrested and put away for peacefully protesting in the nations capitol.

Wake me up if they execute him. I want to have my popcorn ready to watch Randbot’s livestream of the whole thing.

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