A few days ago, we wrote about the December 4th Patriot Front March in Washington, DC. You can read about that here.

Apparently the very first twitter account to start tweeting out facts about the march belonged to this lovely lady seen below.

So who is this person? Well, she’s nobody. And I don’t mean that she’s just a random person, I mean this person does not exist. The picture you see here was created by an AI, and is fake.

A great twitter thread on this can be found here. Jarvis appears to be some random guy in Denver, if you’re curious.

The Sheryl Lewellin account had only one tweet, about its supposed dog. Google shows no results for Sheryl Lewellin. And a Sheryl Lewellin facebook page is similarly suspect.

Whomever runs this account was the first account to tweet about the event. They tweeted out a picture that could only be taken by someone who was right there next to the march. In their tweets they tag a bunch of journalists, many of whom specialize in “fact-checking.”

Eventually lots of people caught on, and it was discovered that the face was generated by an AI, and does not belong to a real person.

I can’t know exactly when, but I believe the next day the account renames itself Patriot Front – Reclaim America, and starts tweeting out some PF material.

The account has since been suspended.

You love to see this sort of higher level thinking. I got confirmation from a former IE member that they did something similar for one of their actions, before the group was disbanded. An excellent, and fairly easy way of fucking with these pretend journalists that doesn’t cost any money, and only needs to be set up a few months in advance for realism.

Compare this to the absolute fiesta of incompetence around Charlottesville, where our goys didn’t even have cameras streaming to get our side of things out. It’s nice to see what happens when you don’t have narcissistic and lazy leadership.

I mean either Spencer or Trump works for what I’m talking about.

We detailed some of the kosher-response before in the first article I wrote, but the bizarre copes have just kept coming. First, we have cuckservatives just falling over themselves in an orgy of self-owning.

Apparently anybody who isn’t fat can’t be a conservative. That’s a nice self own, although in this case it’s true. These men aren’t conservatives. They didn’t get into politics to join the social club for geriatric weirdos really excited about jew nationalism and obedience to billionaires.

Next up we have InfoWars calling them feds and citing… check’s notes, the SPLC.

They also claim that Patriot Front is for open borders, cause why not throw that one in there?

There’s been other coping and seething from cuckservatives online, but this next part is particularly hilarious. First we have two cuckservative tweets pretending that Patriot Front are feds because they had shields and masks.

Only to then get “called out,” by some antifa type for secretly running cover for fascists.

So there’s currently a retard fight happening on twitter with cuckservatives desperate to not take any credit for this march, and kosher-leftists pretending that Dinesh D’Souza is intentionally running cover for fascism.

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  1. They are so stupid, only a matter of time before the conservatives get devoured by a more serious movement as they are flanked on the right by fascists on social issues and the left on economic issues. There is no need for this movement to exist and it’s time for it to die.

    1. The need is to make sure that Whitey always loses on racial issues, and non-perverts always lose on social issues. The movement will eventually be killed, not die, because there’s tons of money poured into it to keep it on life support.

      Never attribute to stupidity what could otherwise be attributed to malice.

  2. So you’re saying Sheryl Lewellen will not be able to open bobs. Closing ticket :'(

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