Part 1: Crashing the Party isn’t Protesting

Our last piece covered the one and only NJP “protest” that was arguably effective. It’s still not clear that the Tennessee NJP chapter actually accomplished anything, as the action and journalism done against the groomers was organized by other players, but there’s no doubt that the collective action of those opposed to the child-grooming party caused the antifas at Hix Farm Brewery to close the doors to the kids they wanted to molest.

As it so happens, just a day before that article was published, yet another “LBTQ+ Pride” organizer, this time near me, was charged with possession and distribution of CSAM. 

CBC (January 8th, 2024):

The former president of a northern British Columbia pride organization has been arrested and charged with committing sex crimes against children under 16, according to the B.C. Prosecution Service.

The charges against Sean Gravells, 39, include touching a person under 16 for sexual purposes, sexual interference of a person under 16, possession of child pornography, and importing or distributing child pornography, BCPS spokesperson Dan McLaughlin told CBC News in an emailed statement on Monday.

The alleged offences all took place in or near Fort St. John, B.C., about 800 kilometres northeast of Vancouver, McLaughlin said. The interference and exploitation charges are for alleged offences on Dec. 29, 2023, while the child pornography charges occurred on Dec. 31, he added.

Gravells served as board president for the North Peace Pride Society (NPPS) since 2018, according to a now-deleted biography on the organization’s website, but the NPPS says it recently removed him from the role.

We don’t know exactly how young the victim of homosexual pervert Sean Gravells was. All we know is that the boy – we can reasonably infer it was a boy – was, at most, fifteen years old, and there’s a very high probability of him being an outright child. This is typical for homosexuals. At best, they want fourteen/fifteen year old boys. At worst, use your imagination.

I headed on over to the North Peace Pride Society’s website, which is where I found the image below.

It wasn’t hard to find. They have an image roll that automatically scrolls at the bottom of the page. In between shots of creepy drag perverts dancing, albeit not for an audience visibly comprised of children, we see shots of their target(ed) demographic.

Look kids, balloons, and also people who want to rape you!

There are almost as many images featuring children as featuring their capitalist sponsors, RBC, BMO, and TD Canada bank, among many others.

Sometimes you get shots of both at the same time.

But mostly it’s just shot after shot of children, hosted on the website of the group that just got exposed as having a pedophile in their leadership for five full years. Although, it’s not like they catch every pedo. 

I don’t know what commentary I can add. The people who just got exposed as harboring a pedophile on their board since 2018 are still proudly showing images of little kids on their site front and center. Alongside them are pictures of middle/high school aged perverts in training/grooming.

On their “events” page we can see what the pedophile-friendly group has been getting up to.

We see drag events, which don’t mention any age restrictions.

Events focused on “LGBTQ+” students, right down to kindergarten. At some of these events they even give out free hot chocolate to children.

Yes that’s right, folks. The people who just got caught harboring a pedophile for a half decade were giving out free candy to kids at their events. 

Who are these people, specifically? We know from the CBC piece that they’ve scrubbed the biography of Sean Gravells, the one who got caught, from their site. They still have a “Meet Our Board,” link on their front page, but when you click on that link, you’re treated to this.

This is a long form way of hammering home what should have been obvious even before the last article. These golems want access to children’s buttholes. They put on these events because they’re groomers. That’s why they’re so focused on kids. If you deny them access to children they aren’t nearly as interested in putting on these events. That’s why they never do drag shows in retirement homes. 

“Protesting” their grooming events often works, because it’s not really protesting, it’s crashing the party. You’re ruining their fun. It doesn’t matter if you hold up signs while you do that, you’re still not doing traditional protesting, you’re event ruining. That’s why it can be sometimes effective.

Part 2: Protesting as a Means to Change Official Policy

Back during my brief, aborted time at University, I witnessed a “protest,” done by some weird LBTQ+ perverts. When I say “weird perverts,” I mean it. These people looked like monsters from a Stephen King novel. They looked like they smelt bad. They looked like they had the precursor to schizophrenia, and maybe a casual drug addiction.

I can’t remember what they were protesting specifically, undoubtedly something stupid, but I do remember the reactions of 90+% of the students walking by, being a combination of bafflement, disgust, and secondhand embarrassment. Suffice to say, the weirdos were not particularly popular, yet I’ll hazard a guess that they got whatever policy they were protesting because that’s what happens when you’re the coddled golems of the (((Democracy Class))). When you’re a favoured golem, you go out and whine about how the people in power need to do what you want, and because it’s also what they want they pretend that this you are a legitimate representation of the people that must be obeyed.

This con is so obvious that even normie conservaboomers have figured it out. I accidentally stumbled upon a few of their memes when writing this piece. 

For as much criticism as I’ll give the NJP protests, and they really were incompetently done, there’s nothing inherently wrong about using protests specifically as a marketing tool for your political party. I’m not saying that getting a bunch of guys to carry signs around, lead by someone on a bullhorn, is necessarily a productive use of party resources, just that it theoretically could be.

However, Mike Peinovich started pretending that the protests were in and of themselves “putting pressure,” on vague political actors to do specific things. This is a premise that is almost too stupid to engage with. If I may quote myself:

[The NJP’s] stated strategy of getting 20 guys to hold up signs for an hour to “put pressure” on some anti-White judge who probably has an Epstein blackmail file at the FBI and an ideological grudge against Whitey is so laughable that for a long time I misunderstood what they were going for as I couldn’t imagine it could be so fucking retarded.

And again:

Eventually, I realized that they were never going to actually run candidates, because they are a fake political party. At that point, their bloviations about how they held up signs and then *thing that was going to happen anyway* happened became irritating. I could just as easily claim total credit for Arthur Kollie getting convicted because I wrote a bunch of articles about him, which “raised awareness” and forced ZOG to lock him up.

Mike Peinovich really put the fear of Yahweh in these politicians, judges, or other figures with actual power. If they didn’t do what he wanted, he was going to get ten guys to hold up signs over lunch one day. 

Weird Online People when you ask them what leverage they have to get what they want

– Borzoi, September 1st, 2023

Thank goodness the NJP doesn’t have any Weird Online People who spend fourteen hours a day shitposting on Telegram. Instead, the NJP has the crack squad fighting for the HuWhyte Race getting ten, maybe twenty guys outside of Mike DeWine’s house so far away that he can’t even hear them – assuming he’s even home – and chanting “DeWine Must Resign,” sporadically for an hour and a half.

From the DeWine protest.

We did it Goyim! We briefly whined at Mike DeWine one time. That means that he needs to… stay in office and continue shilling for big corporations, Israel, calling “racism” a public health crisis while ignoring the actual public health crisis in East Palestine, and even overriding the one good thing that servatives occasionally do, which is push back on child mutilation surgeries.

Jaime, do we have an image of Weird Fake Political Parties Who Enjoy Holding Signs when you ask them what leverage they have to get what they want?

Screenshots can be misleading, so let’s take a closer look at what Mike DeWine has been up to while the National Justice LLC was busy collapsing.

The Giardian (Jan 4th, 2024):

A legislative showdown is brewing in Ohio after Governor Mike DeWine split from his party to veto a bill that would impose substantial new restrictions on the lives of trans children.

The bill, HB 68, prohibits doctors from providing gender-affirming care to trans youths. It also blocks transgender female student athletes from participating in girls’ sports.

On Friday, DeWine said signing HB 68 into law would signal that “the government knows better what is medically best for a child than the two people who love that child the most: the parents”.

DeWine “crossed the aisle,” to force vagina-girls to compete against penis-girls at the University level, and let children get their breasts and penises chopped off. His excuse is some LOLbertarian gibberish which isn’t worth responding to.

The veto by DeWine, a Republican, marked a rare victory for LGBTQ+ advocates, who spent the past year battling a historic rise in anti-trans legislation and rhetoric across the United States.

Republican Governor Mike DeWine, the man who delivers rare victories for people who want to chop the dicks off of boys.

For the record, I had some jerkoff tell me that Mike DeWine had announced that he wouldn’t be running for office again after the NJP protest, as if the two had anything to do with each other. Let’s take a closer look at that.


Yes, Mike DeWine won [re-election for Governor] easily. No one is surprised by that.

It will be his last election.

He can’t run for a third consecutive term. Ohio law won’t allow that. And he will be 80 years old by the time his second term ends.

Hey guys, the thing that was going to happen anyway happened after the NJP did a protest. That means that the NJP is responsible, even though the protest was literally to get Mike DeWine to resign. He very much did not do that, and continues doing as much damage as he can on the way out. Even though he can’t legally continue running for office, he’s outlasted the fake political party that demanded his resignation. 

A small part of the problem is the terrible execution of the NJP protests, something others have already noted. To quote from “Eric,” in a previous piece:

The main issue is that NJP does not invest enough money into getting supporters out to the event. You could easily mobilize over 100 people if you said that half of their travel expenses were covered, and you had cheap lodging. Does this ever happen? No. There is a call for LOCAL VOLUNTEERS to come out.

The funding and manpower is there. Why aren’t the protests bigger? There is no opsec issue with the SGs. There’s no reason they cant to national calls.

The NJP should and could just pay people to attend protests. The Sturmabteilung was successful in Germany because they provided food and housing for their men, who were often unemployed. There are thousands of NJP supporters, and the money and infrastructure has always been there to coordinate cheap ways to host local events and protests without people having to spends hundreds of dollars on travel and lodging.

The logistical planning and strategy just doesn’t exist. It does have to do with both incompetence as well as a lack of commitment by local leaders. We always had to just coordinate this stuff between the individual non-leadership supporters.

That the NJP could get over half their party to travel to various barns around the country, but not to their protests, which were ostensibly serious political action, is as amusing as it is damning. However, even if they had gotten one hundred people outside of Mike DeWine’s house, the same exact thing would have happened, nothing. That’s because protesting is literally begging the powerful to do what you want (((Hollywood))) puts this out as being an effective form of activism because it serves their purpose for their enemies to waste their time, and they can selectively pretend that protests/riots that they like give them the justification to do what they want.  

This has been shown even by “leftists,” with the anti-war protests, which remain the largest protests of all time.

The Guardian (2023):

No one can say they weren’t warned. Mass opposition to wars tends to emerge only after they have been waged for some time, yet protests against the Iraq war reached unprecedented heights well before it began. On 15 February 2003, the largest demonstration in British history took place in London, attended by an estimated 1.5 million to 2 million people. It was also part of the largest ever international anti-war protest, with perhaps as many as 30 million people demonstrating across every continent.

The march itself was a carnival of resistance. There were people of every age, race, religion and nationality, from huge numbers of school students to members of the Muslim community and other faith organisations and trade unionists. There were tens of thousands of banners and placards ranging from “make tea not war” to “not in my name”. Part of the reason for the sheer size of the march was that people thought that being there in person, as individuals, really could make a difference and convince the government not to go to war.

This turned out not to be the case.

The Iraq War was so unpopular that Donald Trump, the eventual Republican nominee, got cheers and applause from Republican voters for telling Jeb Bush that his brother lied us into wars. Closing the border, bringing back manufacturing, and “no foreign wars,” were pretty much his only three major policies, and he was accused of being an “authoritarian populist,” because all of these policies were wildly popular. In contrast, Zionist wars have never been popular. That’s why they have to create lies and slanders, accusing those who don’t support Schlomo’s preferred mass murder of being evil meanie unpatriotic people.

Up to thirty million people protested the Iraq War, so it was shortly stopped and it didn’t do shit, because protesting is a fake meme. As the Giardian headline says “we were ignored.” Yes, that’s because the people who actually hold the reins of power don’t need to do what you want. You don’t have any leverage or power to make them do what you want. 

I remember the BLM riots polling very unfavourably, and for obvious reason. Only a true NPC, or venemous anti-White enjoyed the “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests,” that destroyed billions of dollars worth of property in America back in 2020. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find honest polling data from that time.

It was similarly difficult to find contemporary polling on the statue removals in Charlottesville and elsewhere, although I did eventually manage. 

The Giardian(2017):

A majority of Americans think Confederate monuments should be preserved in public spaces, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, a view that is at odds with efforts in many cities to remove them.

The 18-21 August poll found that 54% of adults said Confederate monuments “should remain in all public spaces”, while 27% said they “should be removed from all public spaces”. Another 19% said they “don’t know”.

Politifact (2017):

Here’s the Huffington Post’s summary of recent statue polls:

All the polls show that removing Confederate statues was extremely unpopular, with the exception of one poll which proposed moving them to museums, where they could be put on display.

Huffpost (2020):

Americans disapprove of flying the Confederate flag, but remain opposed to removing monuments and changing the names of buildings that honor the Confederacy, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds. Views on the issue have remained largely unmoved in recent years, a contrast to shifting opinions recently seen on some issues regarding racism and policing.

Americans say, 51% to 34%, that they disapprove of displaying the Confederate flag in public places.

Just one-third, however, say they favor removing statues and memorials of Confederate leaders, with 49% opposed and the rest unsure. There’s an identical divide on changing the names of streets, schools and public buildings named after Confederate leaders.

Polling on Confederate symbols has proved to be especially sensitive to the way survey questions are framed. In the summer of 2017, support polls placed support for keeping Confederate memorials at anywhere from 62% (when asked as a choice between letting statues “remain as a historical symbol” and removing them “because they are offensive to some people”) to just 26% (when the choice was between keeping monuments on government property or relocating them “to museums or other historic sites where they can be viewed in proper historical context.”)

Actually, even after the mass anti-White campaign it remains unpopular to remove Confederate statues, according to the latest polling that I found.

Pro-Morning Consult(June 2020):

44% of voters say statues of Confederate leaders should remain standing, down from 52% in 2017. 32% now say those statues should be removed, compared with 26% in 2017. 53% of Democrats say the statues should come down; 71% of Republicans say they should remain standing. The demonstrations

Well guys, what an opportunity to protest! A Government in Charlottesville is pushing an unpopular and implicitly anti-White policy. We should really throw a protest called “Unite The Right,” or something. Can someone please organize this –

Oh my god! We did it guys! We threw a protest on behalf of a popular issue. This means that the Government needs to suddenly start doing what we want!

We marched in the streets, which is totally what got us the Civil Rights Act and the end of the Vietnam War, instead of that being policy decided in backrooms in Tel Aviv. Look how many guys we got! There are so many people here. It’s not quite the Iraq anti-war protests, but surely we’ve got enough people for the magic to happen, and the people who have literally no incentive or compulsion to do what we want to keep these statues up!

Even though we have no leverage against these people, the fact that we –

Oh wait, turns out that protesting doesn’t do shit. It doesn’t matter if you have a popular issue. It doesn’t matter how many people you get. Protests aren’t real. If there’s anyone reading this site who thinks otherwise, get that through your head. Protests aren’t real. They don’t do shit.

I understand that there are some people who have fallen for the protest meme, where holding up signs stopped the Vietnam War, or Martin Luther Kang Jr.’s rallies just absolutely forced congress to pass the Fuck Whitey Act. You need to unfall for that meme. Protests have never changed policy. They aren’t real political action, and never have been.

Protests barely even qualify as activism. They’re on the same level as getting people to sign your petition. In both cases you are quite literally begging the people who actually have power to do what you want. Shockingly, in both cases, they never actually accomplish anything, except for when the people who have power already wanted to do that in the first place, in which case they still didn’t actually accomplish anything. 

Originally it said “fire the writers instead.”

Remember the e-petition that The Witcher fans created to fire Lauren Hissrich and bring back Henry Cavill? Do you see how well over a hundred thousand people signed that petition? Shockingly, they didn’t get what they wanted, despite them being legitimately representative of the fans. Hissrich is still in charge of that anti-White pervert disaster, and Cavill is still gone.

Remember Game of Thrones? It basically disappeared from all cultural relevance after the utterly disastrous final season. However, it’s getting a remake soon, because in 2019 “Dylan D,” created a petition on to have the final season remade with competent writers. He got almost two million signatures, so surely HBO needs to listen to the voice of the people, right?

You might feel compelled to point out that this is for entertainment product, and not politics. Okay, let’s take a look at the petition to rescind Tony Blair’s “Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter” title. Shockingly, even after a million signatures, that didn’t go anywhere. 

I brought up the Iraq anti-war protests alongside Charlottesville to point out two things. First, one was ostensibly “left wing,” while the other was “right wing,” yet neither actually accomplished anything despite both representing the popular sentiment. Secondly, Mike Peinovich was at Charlottesville, and spent his Iraq War days as an anti-war leftist. He has been given a front row seat to watch firsthand the complete and utter impotence of protests. He knows that they don’t do shit.

I’m sorry that I can’t be more charitable here, but it is not credible that Mike Peinovich ever thought that protesting did diddly squat. Despite this, he constantly repeated the absurdity that getting a few guys to hold up signs for a while “put pressure,” on people who laughed them off – to the extent they even paid attention – when he’s seen firsthand that protests which are literally a million times larger in the case of the anti-war movement, and easily thirty times larger, by the lowest estimations, in the case of Charlottesville, have lead to nothing or outright negative outcomes.

It’s actually even more embarrassing than that. The Protest Meme relies on said protest being, ostensibly, a natural and spontaneous eruption of popular sentiment, but the NJP was a political party. They weren’t a collection of Average Joes who could only manage a weekend protest to have their voice be heard. They had the infrastructure to make the politicians they were protesting lose their jobs. Instead, they held up signs.

I’ll talk about this at great length in the article on effective propaganda, but you can’t separate the message from the context. If you have a political party and you’re not running for office, the message that you are sending the world is that you are not popular, and you know it. If you then protest, the context of your protest is that you are a bunch of losers with niche, fringe views, and you’re really mad about what someone who actually has power is doing.

Not only are you not “putting pressure,” on anyone to do diddly squat, you can be pointed to as an example of unpopular losers who are opposed to whatever the people with actual power are doing. You are literally giving the enemy good PR, and the reason the mainstream media stopped covering NJP protests after Waukesha is that the NJP was totally irrelevant, not because they shuddered in fear at random people impotently holding up signs. I’m not trying to be mean to the well meaning people who participated in these protests, but that’s just the truth.

For the record, I wrote in support of the Ethan LiMing protests, so it might seem hypocritical for me to write the above. However, I was complimenting the NJP in the same way you might complement a toddler who makes macaroni art. Sometimes you laugh at a friend’s joke that isn’t funny. Sometimes, you praise a protest that leaves you scratching your head. I just didn’t want to be mean. That’s a sentiment that I don’t feel is warranted after Mike “Aloof” Peinovich chuckled at everyone who had the audacity to refer to him as “Chairman Peinovich,” after he “wasted” so much money, time, and effort.

Anyway, calling yourself a political party and then not running for office isn’t just bad strategy, it makes you look like an impotent joke, and everything you do afterwards gets tainted by that association. If a political party is upset over something, they run candidates to win office and change things. They don’t hold up signs and hope that their enemies do what they want.

That’s why you’ll never see Lindsay Graham taking to the streets with a sign. The only reason why annoying charlatans like AOC occasionally do garbage like this is to distract their base from the reality that they’re shills who need publicity stunts and gimmicks to distance themselves from the “Corporate Democrats,” who they vote in lockstep with. 

I keep trying to not be overly cruel about all this, and attempted to speak positively of the NJP’s action, lead by Warren Balogh, in Nashville, Tennessee. This was after Steven Crowder had broken the news that Audrey Hale deliberately targeted White children in her school shooting, and the NJP handed out fliers to get the message cross. Handing out fliers is potentially an effective marketing strategy for a political party. Unfortunately the NJP surrounded this by, you guessed it, more sign holding and bullhorn work.

Even when doing something as reasonable as handing out fliers, they still manage to fuck it up. On top of that, they seemed think that these two girls were really into the NJP.

Those girls were making fun of you, and I don’t know how you didn’t pick up on this. You were being mocked. At best, you were a bizarre sideshow that they got to watch after the Predators game, to be immediately forgotten. At worst, immediately after taking the photo, they rolled their eyes at each other and stifled their giggles. I’m not saying that they were right to do this, but how is it that I can read the room better all the way from Canada than you could in the moment?


Anyway, that was the NJP’s political strategy. Protests are a fake meme created to get you to waste your time, and Mike Peinovich, as a former anti-war leftist and Charlottesville organizer knew this better than anyone. So of course he decided that his political party’s main line of attack against ZOG would be to sporadically put on a bunch of tiny, poorly organized protests, that are instantly discredited by virtue of being done by a political party that knows it’s so unpopular that it can’t win elections. Despite this serving as free PR for ZOG, the NJP was so irrelevant that their sign holding events went uncovered anyway.  

In the next installment we finally touch upon the truly horrific propaganda created by the NJP. Really, this is a continuation of the 2021’s series on Propaganda that I should have kept writing, but couldn’t without calling out the NJP. 

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  1. “They looked like they smelt bad”
    I’m pretty sure most (if not all) of us have at one point sworn they could see stink lines emanating from a person.
    I know I have.

  2. It’s long been established that the only way protests work is when they are pushing for things the system actually approve of. So when you have those protests and they are being bankrolled by the good folks at Goldman Sachs, you got yourself a revolution on the march.

    Otherwise, of course, it never does anything. Look at us in Quebec, we had the largest anti-G7 anti-globalization protests back in 2001. Those same guys now would be marching for LGBTQ rights, sponsored by Google and Disney. Did the students revolt work? Again, the largest, worldwide news. Nope, forget about it. Didn’t do shit, they got a new government elected who promised they’d do something, but of course they didn’t do that thing.

    I was a bit annoyed by the student protests back then, until the medias started saying those were too white. Then I realized, wait a second, you’re right. My people are protesting, so I side with them always, doesn’t matter if they are leftists. It was the largest white people protest with Occupy Wall Street… who also got branded for being too white. So instantly when media brand something like that, full support. Our cause.

    It never does anything however, this much is true. Only leftists believe in this stuff, this is why you won’t find any of us at the Free Palestine protests. That’s because they still hold on to Democracy. They still want to chant “This is what democracy looks like” again and again. They think they can vote their way into getting what the people actually want. While really, the only way that works is to build lobbies and pay off politicians to do what you want, that is what democracy looks like.

    1. I’ve been giving it some thought, and I think Tim’s argument is a little imprecise. Protesting can work, but only if it is able to spark a full-blown insurrection (although at what point does a protest become a revolt? This is the semantic point I’m stuck on). As I see it, such an insurrection can only happen if the following three conditions are met:

      1) Discontent with the existing system is sufficiently high,
      2) Enough people have sufficiently little (or nothing) to lose by getting off their asses and expressing that discontent,
      3) The system’s ability to project its power is sufficiently compromised.

      Despite how bad things have been getting, they are still nowhere near bad enough to meet these criteria. While discontent has been steadily on the rise, people for the most part are still too comfortable, and still have far too much to lose. For now, Tim is right – protesting won’t do shit, and it won’t do shit for the foreseeable future. The argument could even be made that White people have been sufficiently buck broken that such an uprising may never happen, but that pill is far too black for me to swallow.

      And as for power projection, while western militaries have been on a downward spiral for many years, domestic police forces are still more than capable of flexing their muscle when the system deems it necessary – unless I’m mistaken, San Francisco police successfully did a sweep of homeless people ahead of a recent China/US summit hosted in that city.

  3. If you Really want to learn how to butt-fuck ZOG, simply study insurgency tactics in Afghanistan and Iraq. No-holds barred insurgency works. Targeting collaborators, destroying critical infrastructure, and relentlessly attacking occupying troops really does work. The price of freedom is grueling and requires much blood. Your hate must outweigh your fear. If you are willing to be jailed and tortured, or killed, you stand a fighting chance. I am not saying you should do these things, but rather observing the facts. The only thing your enemies understand is violence, unfortunately. The people who make the decisions to wage war overseas and persecute white people in their homelands, feel they can do so because they believe they are relatively safe and their are no consequences for their actions. Third world immigration and an increasingly desperate and enraged, persecuted white population will change this. There is no avoiding the tragic results of of decades of anti-white policies forced on us by white shit-bag traitors in business and government and terrorist jews. We can however, rise to the occasion and find very real answers to the challenges we face.

    1. Ireland the troubles anyone?

      What happened to the ira as soon as they got lulled into political solutions? The British basically won and all that insurgency work the ira did prior went up in smoke.

      The universal language all living things understand is force, will to power, unfortunately.

      1. Nature is red in tooth and claw. She wants you to be an effective killer. She loves warriors. Merchants, Shylocks and bureaucrats only have power if warriors allow it. Effective use of violence is the final arbiter on this monkey infested planet. There is no higher truth.

  4. Stop calling Moike a “former anti-war leftist”.
    Do you believe everything he says?

    1. How’s he been handling the fallout from this? I haven’t listened to anything from TRS since striker left

    2. I believed him when he said he worked for an “adult dating site” and when revenue was low, he and company would use dead accounts to message free users to sign up for paid features, to an other wise dead site.

      Don’t remember the episode, but that was said. Mike’s got an unmentioned sleaze.

  5. I have to respectfully disagree with the absolute statement that protesting doesn’t do anything at all. It has a purpose, and metrics of success worth considering, just not the ones directly taught to we lowly state and Hollywood educated citizens.

    Protests are to politics as a torque lever is to lockpicking. Protests can apply pressure in strategic ways that allow other mechanisms to become viable, but by themselves can’t open anything. Protests are showcases of strength, and when that strength is displayed it can create leverage for negotiations with certain powers if that strength is deemed to be nerve-wracking. You create the “problem” of the angry mob, then offer the “solution” of a resolution of demands in the form of meaningful political actions. The Canadian Trucker Protest for instance was incredibly effective for what it was, but the people lacked the precise plans to capitalize on such incredible torque. The NJP protests neither came with particular plans to alleviate the pressure they introduced nor to apply any real torque. There was no value proposition to their enemies about just about any of it.

    However, all that aside, protests do accomplish something arguably more important: Networking, and satisfaction. Protests are fun and engaging, a chance to stand with others of like-minds against reviled forces in the world. It’s addictive, even when it’s low-tier, especially to those who feel isolated in their beliefs. Enhance that with aggrandizing video and teamwork in the forms of chants and quasi-marching, and the value to the internal audience is clear and galvanizing. Clearly the NJP capitalized a lot on this aspect of protests. Protests generate and legitimize faith in the followers that “things happen IRL” in a way that is aspirational and imagination-tickling.

    Charlottesville is still, to this day, the stuff of nightmares for lefties. They have pulverized it to the ground for over half a decade and exposed all its many failures, and still they hate that opposition to them happened in so visual and united a way. If enough people come to believe their oppressors are not all-powerful and not all-accepted, they will stop tolerating them. And that’s what tickles the follower into getting starry-eyed about protests. It kindles faith, and draws people who otherwise would not lift a finger to standing up for something, somehow. Again, that faith needs something more substantial than what protests alone can provide to be of full use, but it’s a spark that few other activities can generate.

    That’s worth something. It’s not worth legislation and collapsing an evil system or directly causing the lock to pop open, but it can play a major part when used in concert with other tools. I look forward to your next article on their outreach and what you believe is effective and ineffective.

    1. Good comment. It’ll be referenced in the next piece.

      1. So, um, when are you running for office?

  6. “When you’re a favoured golem, you go out and whine about how the people in power need to do what you want, and because it’s also what they want they pretend that this you are a legitimate representation of the people that must be obeyed.”

    Exactly. Alex Cockburn or someone writing for his newsletter CounterPunch made this point decades ago about the myth of “nonviolence works.” Every “nonviolent” triumph occurred only when it promoted the Powers that Be. Gandhi “won” because the British were exhausted after WWII and just cut India loose. The Civil Rights Movement “won” because the US needed to counter Soviet propaganda during the Cold War. The Anti-War movement “won” because one segment of the Elite turned against the Vietnam war and needed to find a way out. All these were, as you say, “favored golems” to provide exit strategies for the Powers that Be.

  7. Nonviolent protest can work, if—for example—your gang are picketing a ship full of expensive and indispensable cargo that will spoil or otherwise become superfluous by a certain time if not promptly unloaded, and the dockworkers’ union won’t cross your picket line. If you’ve got power’s nuts in a vice, they’ll negotiate—but not before.

    For example, the most important intervention against the East Palestine atrocity would have been ignoring Gov. Mike DeWine completely and found a way to block Norfolk-Southern’s trains, to interfere with their shipments—and given the fact that the famously nondiverse Railway Brotherhoods (the railworkers’ unions) were just shafted last year by the (((bipartisans))) in the District of Criminals (D.C.), such a strategy could have taken off.

    NJP squandered so many golden opportunities—not just Waukesha, as you brilliantly proved, Tim. ‘Unserious’ doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the reality when trying to describe the NJP’s abject failure.

    1. Yeah, but then Biden made it illegal for them to protest, or strike. And it’s probably some serious federal crime to interfere with the railroads or something. And since they are White they would be prosecuted. I’m sure if some horde of muds crossed the border and started destroying our rail lines it would be tolerated by the pedophiles in charge.

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