I’ve been critical of protesting as an end in and of itself. The idea that begging the people who actually have power to do what you want as a real political strategy is so absurd that it should never have been entertained by anyone as a serious political strategy. That even more true for Mike Peinovich, a guy who, through both Charlottesville and his history as an anti-war leftist, has been given a firsthand education as to the impotence of protesting as a political action that promises any tangible results.

However, there is one asterisk to all this that I needed to spin off into its own article, because the NJP had one and only one (partially) successful protest. That would be the Tennessee chapter who protested “UC Pride’s Celebrity Drag Brunch,” in Cookeville, Tennessee, in early 2023.

Justice Report (January 23rd, 2023):

Cookeville, TN – As a local brewery hosted what was originally advertised as an “all-ages drag show,” the local supporters of the National Justice Party (NJP) came out in force to protest what they claim was a display of anti-White degeneracy. The show, hosted by Hix Farm Brewery in ruby-red Cookeville, Putnam County, featured drag performers: Queen Presley Onassis, Brooklyn Hunter, and Royal Disaster, hosted by trans-activist Justin Dreamz.

On the day of the event, Hix Farm appeared to cow to public pressure, putting up a sign now declaring the show “18+ event; no minors admitted; no exceptions.” Witnesses said that they thankfully saw no children in the vicinity.

Reflecting on his experience at the successful protest, another demonstrator Anthony Souza, said:

It was a small victory, because they did change it to 18 plus and that was because of us. If people are against this, they need to step up and get involved. We called out the conservatives for not being there. It’s always great with Tennessee NJP. It’s the best of the best—top notch people. We also got along with the other groups who came out there. It was a positive experience and I think everyone should get involved.

Anthony Souza

The Groomers were putting on an event where the point was to get unsupervised access to children, for obvious reasons. The NJP protested this, and the “Upper Cumberland Pride,” groomers had to cope by removing the children from the premises, which defeats the entire point from their perspective.

The Cedar Avenue protest was attended by local supporters of the National Justice Party alongside other groups.

The NJP had a nasty habit of taking full credit for work that they were only a part of. It’s never quantified what percent of the protesters were from the NJP, nor what part of the overall effort was done by the NJP. Although the Justice Report article starts by praising the NJP and only the NJP, reading between the lines it appears that they mostly tagged along.

A few days before, a local Christian leader named Sean called a representative of Hix Farm Brewery believed to be the owner Malcolm Young, posing “as a groomer” to elicit information on the event. The company man admitted to Sean that he would intentionally misrepresent the show as adults-only to deter “people fishing around to make trouble.” Hix Farm is intended “to be a family-friendly place,” which sells some merchandise geared toward kids according to the owner. “If that bothers somebody, that’s their problem,” Young added.

The Sean referenced by Justice Report appears to be the founder of “Protect The Children Now,” an anti-groomer group. I’ve transcribed a post of theirs below, with the video that accompanied the post embedded just below. 

Protect the Children Now – Telegram (January 2nd, 2023):

Posing as a groomer to get the owner of Hix Brewery to admit he is hosting an all ages drag event and is perfectly fine with children being exposed to deviant sexual lifestyles.

The post, which has been viewed almost three thousand times, features the above three minute long call from Sean to the antifa owner of Hix Farm Brewery, Malcolm Young. Sean poses as a Groomer who wants to bring his child to the event. He pretends to be Deebly Goncerned about the hateful oppressors who want to shut down this wonderful event, which causes Malcolm to reveal that he was lying about not bringing children around. It’s a slick bit of journalism by Sean. 

Just below that post is one where they plan their protest.

Justice Report continues.

Leading up to the protest, Hix Farm received numerous outraged messages from locals while concerned citizens petitioned Cookeville to ban drag shows entirely. Hix Farms alleges they received many “threats of violence” from “far-right individuals” although the Justice Report could not verify their assertions.

It is objectively true that the Upper Cumberland Groomers wanted to thrown an event that gave them access to children to molest. Then various groups, among them the NJP, conspired to legitimately “put pressure,” on them to shut the child grooming part of the event down. 

He argues that drag events happen because they go “unchallenged in the street, unchallenged on the TV, unchallenged by this government. But no longer!” Peppered by chants of “You reproduce through abuse!” Kilgrey defiantly declared, “…you cowards hide behind an 18-plus event sign on the day of. You advertised this as a minor-friendly event and that’s what you would have preferred if not for men like us!”

A few months after this, Hix Farm Brewery shut down for good. A Daily Dot piece from April 5th, 2023 which covers the shutdown, clearly shows people unaffiliated with the NJP celebrating the closing of Hix Farm Brewery.

I believe “Strong Families, Strong Nations,” is a Patriot Front slogan. The general outfit also matches with PF, and they have a history of protesting these drag events, some of which I have already written about, not to mention Coeur D’Alene.

The Daily Dot propagandist Claire Goforth does not mention the NJP, although she does quote from NJP member Carson Kilgrey in the piece, and references a “Tennessee Nationalists,” group that seems to be affiliated with the NJP. 

We can’t know for sure whether the NJP’s involvement was the final grain of rice that tipped the scale, and forced Hix Farm Brewery into closing the doors to the children that they wanted to molest. They didn’t do any of the original activism exposing these groomers. That was done by Sean of “Protect The Children Now.” They also didn’t appear to have the largest group of protesters. 

Even still, their action deserves praise, along with everyone else who fought against these groomers. Had no one made a big deal of this, the child molestation would have gone as planned. This is unambiguously true, and this is a clear example of protesting and activism delivering results immediately. 

It’s also not that rare to shut down these Groomer Fiestas. I haven’t covered nearly every case of this, but plenty of groups have caused done this before. Patriot Front, WLM, and The Proud Boys joined forces with randos in the general public to entirely shut down one of these things in Ohio in late 2022. NSC-131 shut one down in Maine in 2022. Hell, even the goofs at Blood Tribe accomplished this in March, 2023 in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Actually, that’s not true. A bunch of normal people voiced their anger at these pedos being given access to children. This forced the groomers to hold their Tranny Story Time bullshit in the middle of a park. The normal people then showed up, and by all accounts vastly outnumbered the groomers. Then Blood Tribe showed up and were basically retarded, but it didn’t matter since people hate pedos more than they hate whatever the hell this is.

I’ve written about at least two more of these events being shut down by angry people. In June, 2022, a “family friendly drag show” being held in Victoria, BC was cancelled. That same month in Bristol, England, an “All Ages Sex Show,” that was even worse than originally believed, was cancelled by some angry people. I’m sure we could find many more examples. 

That’s because, unlike, say, protesting wars for Israel, mass migration, or even multinational conglomerates getting your tax dollars in “bailouts,” these kinds of protests aren’t begging people who have power to do what you want. These protests directly put pressure on the groomers, because these are, sick though it is to say, their idea of a good time. If you can show up and cause them to feel scared, hated, or even just uncool, there’s a good chance that they’ll cancel.

Hell, if you just make it clear that they’re being watched, there’s a good chance that they’ll cancel. They’re pedophiles who want access to children’s buttholes. That’s why these events are thrown.

The above shouldn’t need to be proven, but I’ll do it anyway. Here is an entirely incomplete list of LGBTQIA2S++ perverts who have been arrested for outright pedophilia, caught with CSAM, or guilty of some related offense.

The President of the “Pedophile Associates of America,” got arrested for possession of CSAM, twice. A BLM supporting teacher and self-described “proud member of the LGBTQIA community,” who mocked parents for pushing back against the pervert agenda in school got arrested for trying to rape a (male) minor. A “husband and husband team” of BLM supporters and “human rights activists” got caught repeatedly raping their adopted sons, aged 10 and 7, and pimping them out to their homo-pedo friends. Pete Buttgieg’s “protege” and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Patrick Wojahn, was caught with 40 counts of possession of CSAM, and 16 counts of distributing CSAM. YouTube Kids “star” on Mr. Beast’s show, now a tranny, proudly retweeted CSAM. The first tranny state rep in America was caught with CSAM, meanwhile children were found hidden in a dead trannies apartment. Twitter’s head of censorship, Yoel Roth, wrote a PhD promoting homosexual statutory rape. And of course, there was the Balenciaga Saga.

We’re not even close to being done yet. A convicted pedophile in Nanaimo, Canada decided he was a tranny and spent his days watching little girls undress in the change rooms. Another tranny, this time in Seattle, also spent his days watching little girls undressing in the communal pool. A homosexual Chicago all-grades school teacher handed out dildos and butt plugs to the kids, before bringing in a drag queen. The “Mermaids,” LGBTQ+ “charity,” which made its name pushing child trannies, also pushed for a “science-informed understanding about people with an attraction to children.” The “World Professional Association For Transgender Health,” cited a website that hosts “child sexual abuse fantasies that involved halting children’s development for pedophilic interests,” as well as “castration fetishes,” as a valid source for justifying child tranny surgeries. Some tranny created “educational” pornography for children. Monkeypox, transmitted through sex, ended up infecting ten children. AIDS “rights” pioneer arrested for statutory rape of boy. Efforts to “destigmatize” pedophilia, were pushed by “academics,” from, among other places, Johns-Hopkins University.

Yes, that’s the same Johns Hopkins University that featured (((Dr. Darren Klugman))) baying for the blood of Palestinians. As always, support for Israel and child trannies are a package deal. 

Back to the pedos, a nearly fifty year old antifa was charged with kidnapping and raping a thirteen year old girl. The Vancouver based “Red-Brown Decolonial Socialist,” antifa group had to disband as they found too many pedophiles in their rank. A high school teacher in Hawaii who claimed accusations of “grooming” from normal people was projection was caught raping a thirteen year old boy and distributing CSAM. The inventor of the term “gender,” was an open pedophile. Lesbians put on a “Sexy Summer Camp For Kids,” where they sexualized toddlers. Facebook’s “Head of Global Community Development,” was caught trying to rape a 13 year old boy in a sting operation. A Pennsylvanian city councilman and former worker in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division who pushed for “anti-discrimination protections,” was caught with fifteen counts of CSAM, and 32 images of “child erotica.” 

As for “Drag Story Time,” specifically, the Head of Wisconsin’s “Cream City Foundation,” which organized multiple Drag Story Times, arrested for, among other things, watching CSAM at work. The “drag queen” doing Drag Story Hour named Panda Dulce sang “all the kids who look up to me can suck my dick,” in San Francisco. Yet another drag pervert who “danced” for and “counseled” children was arrested for twenty five counts of CSAM. A Eugene Oregon “Child Drag Show,” was found to be run by someone already charged with possession of CSAM.

Those are just the articles that I’ve written. In about two minutes of searching I found a 2019 Drag Story Hour performer who was convicted of raping an eight year old boy in 2006. Later that year a second drag pervert who had performed at the same show was outed as being convicted in 2004 with four sex crimes against children aged 4, 5, 6, and 8, jailed, and was still labeled a “high risk sex offender.” 

Yes, these people are disgusting perverts who want access to children’s buttholes. The reason they put on “Drag Story Hour,” is for their amusement. You can shut these things down by making them feel like shit. It is true that the (((Democracy Class))) wants their golems to enjoy themselves, preferably traumatizing a few kids along the way, but these aren’t official state events. These are just perverts who want access to children. 

For the record, shutting these things down, or even unsuccessfully trying to, is undoubtedly one of the most productive bits of activism that a political party can do. I’ve spoken at length of the necessity of a fledgling political party to have victories to point to, so as to legitimize themselves. Shutting these groomer events down provides you with at least some of that. 

From the Kelowna protest.

It also provides you with a tremendous amount of great marketing, far superior to the lame garbage that the NJP would put out. Antifa may be the coddled golems of the Democracy Class, but good optics they sure aren’t. 

Having these things lining up across from your guys is the best signal to people that you represent them. 

If the NJP’s “activism strategy,” had been to monopolize the work against the Tranny Story Time freaks that everyone hates, I would be a lot less negative towards them. Instead, the Tennessee state chapter had to take it upon themselves to tag along to an already organized protest against these things, which they did one time. It’s also not clear that they needed to join the fight against the Hix Farm Brewery groomers, since the actual people who organized that seemed to have a pretty good handle on things, but I guess it was nice that they were a part of that thing that other people started.

I’m not trying to be bitchy, or condescending. It’s just that there’s no way of putting “after 3.5 years, probably more than a million dollars, and a hundred thousand volunteer man-hours, the only real political victory you ever had was being a tag along to a normie-organized protest against a child grooming event that was partially successful,” in a way that comes across as charitable. Accurately describing the NJP makes me feel like a mean girl in high school, but I keep trying to put a positive spin on things, and I keep coming up short.

The NJP decided for some unknown reason to have a political strategy that focused almost exclusively on protesting. Then they decided to never protest the one thing – child grooming events run by perverts – that would have made them popular and given them a bunch of immediate political wins. They continued ignoring these even after a random state chapter did this for them once, successfully. 

Every piece I’ve written on the NJP has left me feeling angry, or extremely disappointed. This one just makes me feel completely mystified. 

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  1. Shutting down groomer events not only gives your party easy wins to point at, it can also be used as a springboard for a foray into local politics – “vote for me as mayor, and I’ll keep these perverts out of our city.”

  2. Demonstrations, specifically those that are filmed well and distributed widely, are the biggest draw for new IRL-ready activists according to the leaders of many of these organizations. And anti-groomer demos are an easy slam-dunk because it’s a popular topic and directly satisfying for your participants. Demos are supposed to be fun, and they are when done right.

    Another example of demonstration that moves the needle for comparison is NSC131. Their demonstrations are actually designed NOT to engage with local attention but instead to aggressively pressure just their subject and display that pressure online. Their methods carry a certain level of risk while reducing others, but they too show some effects of moving the needle a bit, enough to have earned them lawsuits on what little there is even possible to prosecute on.

    What matters more than what your enemies end up doing is what your people and your potential recruits view as “success”. NJP undoubtedly displayed many elements considered success, despite often their own contribution not having earned the right to claim them and the protest not necessarily affecting direct policy of their subjects. But it is undeniable that their formula drew in hundreds of participants and thousands of followers, which had they capitalized on better might have helped them surpass the fake-it part of making-it. The main successes of protests are not usually in what your enemies do in response, but the recruitment, notoriety, and internal engagement you get out of it. External effects are cherries on top at meager levels like this, but later after the small successes can become the main goal.

    I look forward to the analysis on stickering and what our venerable leaf writer believes is effective IRL activism activities and messaging.

  3. Excellent research on the list of famous pedos. No sane society would tolerate these “people”.

    1. Trust me, it’s not even close to exhaustive. It’s just that there’s only so many times you can write about yet another boy hungry pedophile.

    2. We don’t live in a sane society. We live in Jew World.

  4. “Hey, theres a gay nigger right there! Yelled one of them.”

    The fact that blood tribe is more successful than NJP should tell you everything you need to know

    1. Bitterly funny and true

  5. ALL child rapers must be executed. No exceptions. Sans merci.

  6. Great stuff. I’ve been really enjoying these post-mortems. Ultimately, even our ‘allies’ in the anti-grooming endevour have no use for NSDAP enthusiasts. Those people make everyone look bad and taint the righteous anti-grooming position. The same for ‘Blood Tribe’ and every other faschionistas on the circuit.

  7. >after 3.5 years, probably more than a million dollars, and a hundred thousand volunteer man-hours, the only real political victory you ever had was being a tag along to a normie-organized protest against a child grooming event that was partially successful

    The NJP: The Ralph Wiggum of Political Parties

  8. Warren Balogh is on Tim Murdoch’s show today. He’s a lot more gentlemanly, considerate, and intelligent that that failed musician ManChild ever has been.

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