Earlier today I wrote about the boycott of Target. I thought it would hurt Target somewhat, and that would be that.

Unlike Bud Light, Target is in an industry that is only moderately competitive, so expectations were low.

That’s still my opinion, but someone sent me the following screencaps in the telegram chat.

Is this real? Furthermore, is this important? To answer the first question I did a little sleuthing, and eventually stumbled upon a 4chan thread where people detailed, pictures included, themselves grabbing thousands of dollars worth of Target merchandise before “realizing” that they forgot their wallet and walking out.

Since the pictures are difficult to make out, I have taken the liberty of saving them separately, as well as rotating them by 90*.

Other users posted pictures of themselves at the checkout line, just before “forgetting” their wallets.

I’ve debunked 4Chan claims before, so take this with a grain of salt. However, there have also been some great things that come from 4Chan, even its current iteration, and this could be one of them.

>Asking the people around you for a spare $2500.

There were some shills in both that thread and the one on twitter, countersignaling this type of activism/trolling. A variety of tactics were used. One of them was calling people doing this kind of activism “liberal redditors.” 

That was a bit out there. Then some antifa pretended to be a manager at a Target. Some people fell for the bait and got dragged into a long twatter thread. Sad. Many such cases. 

A much more common, and theoretically more reasonable countersignal, was to whine that the employees are being punished for this. Some of this was in bad faith, but some was merely misguided. 

Ultimately it shows the lack of confidence in their beliefs that servatives have. If you aren’t willing to mildly inconvenience some Target employees who are being paid anyway, then quit politics. Arguably if you’re on twitter you’ve already quit politics, but you should stop even pretending if you’re going to be this much of a wimp about it.

User “Suaerp,” calls this “Democrat tactics.” “Antifa tactics,” would be more appropriate. “Actual political action,” would be even better. Considering the sunglasses, there’s a chance “Suaerp” is an AI bot, but he could simply be a moron or a shill. The real people have much better takes. 

The (p)redditors are having a meltdown. 

This isn’t entirely due to the trolling/activism of course. The above lesbian is just whining that the AIDS merchandise is being removed from sale.

A similar complaint from Kooky_Dig5411 whines about pulling merchandise from the shelves. But some of them are complaining about the activism directly. 

We had someone come into our store tonight, grab roughly $1k of Pride merch, and eventually abandon it, and then walk by one of our style team members and tell her she’d never fit in little girls clothes. 

She’s not LGBQT+, and was no where[sic] near the Pride display. They’ll be gone before they step foot in our door again.

A picture of the alleged suspect has been circulating online.

At worst, this type of activism is funny, but harmless. At best, this type of activism is funny and productive. If Target still operated in Canada I’d happily do this myself. 

I still don’t know how important this is, and couldn’t hope to quantify the effect this would have on the megacorp’s bottom line. I’m just sad that I can’t go into a Target, shove a bunch of Groomer merch in a shopping cart, push it to the back of the store, hit on some cute girl working there on my way out, and leave.

Even if this particular action isn’t the most meaningful thing in the entire world, it’s good that there are people doing this, with some confirmation from the seething redditors. It also feels like a new corner is being turned with the so-called right, where the obnoxious tactics that were once the purview of the butthole-left are being embraced by people who are actual dissidents. 

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  1. I think people have been emboldened by the fallout surrounding Bud Lite, which is a good thing. It places the jewish financial overlord class in a precarious position. Do they prop up businesses with more fake and gay money, putting more stress on an already teetering bank sector, or do they grant the goyim a fleeting victory in the culture war?

    Interesting times are ahead of us.

  2. We might see more companies(beer brands possibly) also do the same thing as bud light, simply putting myself in the position of jewry(and playing the part of a jew), coors must have a tranny, ‘x’ brand must have a tranny all the brands under our control must have trannies too so the goyim have nothing to run to, they give up and buy the tranny brand and are thus depoliticized/deradicalized with hopelessness. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is that they have to pretend to shareholders this is a good idea even when its obvious (from a cold hard cash,capitalist POV) it isn’t, but those shareholders for the most part do not understand that it is not about making money, the money is fake, its about pushing the jewish agenda onto the goy cattle while pretending your motive is to seek money.

    It maybe too late to do that, jewry should have coordinated more and made sure that other beer brands also have their own trannies before the effect of a single brand doing it was apparent, so any ‘boycott’ would be about “well bud light is tranny beer but so is all the other beer, so what you gonna do, not drink ? ”

    It is funny imagining the more clueless capitalist shareholders being furious and confused about the situation, as they wrongly think they are there to make money.

    1. My thoughts exactly. The reason why all product is “woke,” is because it is so unpopular, that if some corporation broke ranks they would make money hand over fist. However, alcoholic beverages are, again, an actually competitive market where getting them all on the same page is like herding cats. It might not have been possible in this area.

    2. >jewry should have coordinated more

      Speaking of ‘coordination’, videos taken in Target stores show huge amounts of the merchandise is available — including even greeting cards as you saw in the video posted with the previous article about Target — of course there’s no way that represents an organic retail phenomenon, meaning Target’s marketing people determined there was enough consumer demand for that kind of crap to justify buying it, maybe even contracting with manufacturers to make it (who’s making it?), and then producing an ad campaign to push it.

      So what the fuck is going on?

      Most people know the Stonetoss ‘Burgers?’ comic/meme:


      It’s similar with advertising generally — everyone can see ads are saturated with Blacks, often in totally contrived scenarios, e.g. accomplished, polished black professionals, which are actually rare in real life — it’s even worse in the UK, where Blacks make up a far smaller fraction of the population, but nearly every TV ad has a gratuitous black person in it.

      Personally I think the Blacks in ads thing is being internationally ‘coordinated’ behind the scenes too — there is no demand for Blacks in adverts — everyone can see how weird and artificial it is.

      1. >the Blacks in ads thing is being internationally ‘coordinated’

        It’s in Germany too:

        “Werbung oder politische Propaganda?”

        The headline asks: Advertising or political propaganda? — the article is about an on-line portal of carmaker BMW that features a lot of Blacks.

        Here is a comment:

        “Nein. Das seit einiger Zeit überall (Filme, Werbung) plötzlich massenhaft Dunkelhäutige zu sehen sind, folgt einer Agenda, die exakt das vorsieht bzw. vorschreibt. Ich glaube, es kommt von der UN. Auf diese Weise sollen die Weißen an den Anblick Nichtweißer gewöhnt werden.”

        For some time it has been visible everywhere, including movies, ads. Lots of Blacks. It’s coming from the UN. They want white people to become accustomed to seeing black people everywhere.

      2. >They want white people to become accustomed to seeing black people everywhere.

        World’s Most Important Graph

        Enormous population growth projected for Africa this century.

    3. >Speaking of ‘coordination’

      It’s apparent in many social media contexts — there is more of it going on behind the scenes than most people are prepared to realize — a constant effort to control what people see, hear, and read in order to influence and ultimately control them and their behavior and thinking.

      In this case it’s Western military assistance to Ukraine:

      [what makes citizens of completely different states think and write the same thing with the same words?

      45 seconds to answer]

      It should say ‘alleged citizens’ — no one knows where they actually live, or who is controlling the accounts — Musk said he would do something about fake and networked bot accounts, but it doesn’t look like he has done enough.

  3. Considering that the LGTBQ+ endgame is genocide, disrupting a retail outlet’s operations in protest seems like a very polite response, imho.

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