A few days ago I wrote a piece on Daniel Schmidt. He is a University of Chicago student, and had an extremely popular interview with Fox News exposing anti-Whiteness on campus, even referencing one course called “The Problem of Whiteness.” That interview was then privated, because Daniel Schmidt was too well spoken, and Fox News doesn’t want Whitey getting too uppity about anti-White hate propaganda, classes, discrimination in any way, shape, or form. Just mildly irritated enough to reliably vote Republican.

Good ol’ Rock Ribbed Republicans at Fox Jews. Fighting the good fight against the WokEsTErS.

I asked some people if they had a link to the interview. There were actually two done with Fox, one with Jesse Waters, and one with Fox Business. I only got a link to the latter, and re-uploaded it to Odysee.

Fox Jews Host (FJH): A student at the university of Chicago recently called out a class at the school which was titled “The Problem of Whiteness.” He didn’t agree with it, so he posted the course on twitter. Daniel Schmidt is that student, and he joins me now.

Daniel, take me through the story. What happened after you called out the class?

Daniel Schmidt: Yeah well thanks for having me. I want to paint a bit of a picture first of all. I’m a White kid from a middle class household in Tennessee. I get to this elite institution, the University of Chicago, and basically right off the bat I experienced what I can just call anti-White discrimination. I was banned from a debate tournament because I was White.

Cut to a few months later, I find this class and it’s called “The Problem of Whiteness.” And just based off that title, what is that suggesting? That there’s a problem of White People, or Whiteness? I mean it’s totally racist, it’s totally bizarre. I called the class out on twitter. I named it, I said ‘it’s the most egregious example of anti-White hatred I’ve ever seen,’ and a few days later the professor [Rebecca Journey] wrote this article. She’s saying I’m going to encourage an armed school shooter, and then a few months later CNN wrote an article calling me a bully, and the NY Times called me an instigator.

Below is Rebecca Journey, a “cultural anthropologist,” at the U of Chicago.

Here’s her bio.

Global Studies U of Chicago:

Rebecca Journey is a cultural anthropologist who earned her PhD from the University of Chicago in 2021. Her work examines how the evolutionary and reformist logics of eugenic ideology animate the aesthetics of green urbanism in contemporary Denmark.

This satire?

She has special interests in the techno- and ethnopolitics of climate change;

With that one I can at least hypothesize the probable meaning.

histories of Scandinavian design; and the semiotics of social difference.

That’s it. There’s no mention of “The Problem of Whiteness.” Now back to the Daniel Schmidt interview.

(cont) All I can say about all this is ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists call out classes all the time when they find a racist, they call out professors, they call out students. When a White student does it they’re called a cyberterrorist, a bully, and it just shows the double treatment, the second class treatment of White People, especially White students.

[NOTE: BLM calls out anything not anti-White as LiTRAlLY GEnOciDE, but I don’t want to critique Schmidt too much, he’s doing a great job.]

FJH: Have you gotten any support, uh, from the college or anybody else?

Daniel Schmidt: Well it’s really ironic because the conservative paper at my school actually fired me. They said I was too extreme. The school actually, funnily enough, the professor filed two separate complaints to get me expelled. My school fortunately refused to expel me, so I have to applaud U of Chicago for doing that.

Woah! Can’t be having any of this fascism tainting up our conservative movement.

Someone on Poast claimed to read a blog written by a U of Chicago professor, who occasionally writes about politics on campus. The blog doesn’t have a search function, but according to the Poast user, the professor claims that the general school faculty are less “captured” by Globo Homo than the social sciences, so they never treated the demand to have him expelled seriously.

However, they don’t get credit for not expelling a student for pointing out the extreme anti-White hate propaganda masquerading as intellectualism, they should be condemned for having this anti-White teaching in the first place. Frankly, the professor should have been immediately fired for trying to have the student expelled.

Problem glasses tyrant.

These people are scum and they need to be made examples of.

But I really want to use this platform to say, if there are any White students listening from Ivy League schools, or other schools, you need to speak up, because this is insane. I mean seriously consider what this class title says, “Problem of Whiteness.” I mean what is that saying? That there’s a solution? I mean what is that solution? This is absolutely insane and it’s only going to get worse, and this is just clear, uncut anti-White hatred.

So no, I haven’t received any support from the right or the left. They’ve both been pretty hostile.

FJH: I do – uh real fast just thirty seconds – the professor did say that “White People are damaging,” her word “damaging.” 

Daniel Schmidt: I mean this is, you know it’s not an exaggeration to say we are entering straight up anti-White genocidal rhetoric maybe. I mean let me give you one more example.

FJH: That’s extreme.

[NOTE: Shut the fuck up you faggot. God I hate servatives.]

Daniel Schmidt: A psychiatrist spoke at Yale, and said she had fantasies of murdering White People. Imagine being a White Person in the audience. You’re looking around, your classmates are nodding in agreement. So, seriously, if you’re a White student, speak up. The time is now, because things are only going to get worse. They’re going to treat me like this, but there needs to be more student like me.

Bravery is contagious. 

FJH: Daniel Schmidt, you got the fire this morning, and thanks for bringing it to our show. We appreciate it, Daniel. Come back soon.

Daniel Schmidt: Thank you so much.

“Come back soon,” they say as they private the video and blacklist you from all servative media for being too over the target.

I had never heard of Daniel Schmidt before this incident, but he’s not a one and done. I covered some of his TikTok videos in the previous piece, and they’re also over the (((target))).

He’s been even more forward at times.

His twitter, sorry, his “x” feed is enlightening, in part because he doesn’t have an addiction to tweeting xing. As an aside, did Elon put literally any thought into the rebrand? Does he not see how clunky this is?

Daniel Schmidt did go on Charlie Kirk, but he also pushed back against the enraging servative “just don’t go to university,” bullshit Kirk is pushing. Example #103,393 of servatives getting the bright idea to not fight. Servatives have “intelligently not fought” for academic institutions so much that perverts are 40% of Brown University, and Schmidt confirms that about a quarter of the students walking around are visible Monkeypox carriers.

Interestingly, Schmidt openly wrote his Common App essay, essentially a college application essay that is used by almost 1,000 schools, about attending a Trump rally, and got into “several top schools,” one of which is the U of Chicago. 

He also shows how utterly unhinged even the supposed high class propaganda rags like CNN and NYTimes are. Sure, these are op-eds, but it’s not like you or I could write for these zionist propaganda rags.

Schmidt started a twitter x thread where he recaps the highlights of his pushback against the University pushing an (((agenda))).

Good on him for turning his anti-White debate exclusion into a national story, which eventually got the debate shut down. Next he’s demanding answers of Anne Applebaum. 

Unfortunately, he brings up the Hunter Biden laptop example as “disinformation.” There are a few, much harder hitting examples of disinformation that (((Anne Applebaum))) is a big fan of. Remember when Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and was an urgent threat to invade America?


Good thing no one died because of that. 

Iraq road movie. 2003
Welcome to spring breack Iraq.
Us Marines going north on their way to Baghdad.Marines fighting their way into the outskirts of Baghdad to take the key Nahrdiyalah bridge leading to the center of Baghdad. Incoming Iraqi artillery fire kills 2 marines, wounded 4.
Iraq April 7 2003.

And remember what her husband, Radek Sikorski, said after the US blew up the Nordstream Pipeline? Remember how she keeps pretending that Russia blew up their own pipeline for no reason?

Unfortunately, Schmidt also pushes the Ray Epps nonsense. I’ve covered this before, but the servative take on Ray Epps is as garbage as their takes on everything else. There is little evidence that he is anything other than a blowhard boomer. 

He did some Covid-19 activism. Normally I’d roll my eyes, but he doesn’t do retarded “muh computer chip vaccines,” but tangible political action which he won on. 

He leaves with the following message.

I wanted to make this thread to show other alienated students that their voice is more powerful than they think. University administrations are fragile.

I don’t have any powerful connections or organizational support. The conservative newspaper at my college even fired me lol. I just try to call out what I think is wrong and defend what I think is true.

With no institutional support Daniel Schmidt has gotten an anti-White debate shut down, and an anti-White professor and course exposed and self-canceled.

Gun violence is overwhelmingly a black crime problem.

Daniel Schmidt is a sophomore at U of Chicago. That places him at 19 or 20 years old, and as a result, no one should expect him to have perfect takes on anything. Having said that, he reminds me of a lot of genuine activists, most of whom have quit, that we had around 2015-2018, back when people thought that Orange Faggot was going to actually do something for us, as opposed to stab us in the back thousands of times. 

As another example of that, we see him retweeting a criticism of Ronnie DeShabbos sneakily passing absurd anti-White legislation requiring even more anti-Whiteness in education. In the prior tweet he said that Weimerica looks like a Third World Country, months before Trump got cheers for saying the same thing. These are not difficult observations, but servatives are so fake, cowardly, and full of shit that it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone simply call it like it is instead of wrapping themselves in the Weimerican flag and talking about how based and conservative Da Blax are.

I’ll leave you with this observation he makes as to the relative unimportance of twitter, relative to the sewer of the internet that is TikTok. I do have to point out that people have tried pushing TRS content on TikTok, and faced fairly quick bans.

The internet is on life support, but if you do want to try something, you probably should try TikTok, you can find his here. Video content has always been better than tweets xs (Elon you fucking moron). That’s why the one major site censorship that I’ve always felt hurt the most is YouTube. It’s possible that there really is something to be gained through an organized effort on that site, and I’ll probably throw a few mediocre vids up there at some point, because it’s worth a shot.  

“The Republican Party Sucks” – Daniel Schmidt

It’s hard to predict the future for Daniel Schmidt. What we know for sure is that (((Big Con))) has closed their doors to him. He’s well spoken, young, passionate, has a popular message, and isn’t going to stop speaking his mind just because it hurts Ron DeSantis. That’s not going to get you far in the Republican Party.

Maybe he should try being a gay Jew instead.

BTW, that course, “The Problem Of Whiteness,” got canceled by the professor, just like the anti-White debate he exposed got canceled. Daniel Schmidt has done more for White People than any Republican ever, and he’s never held office. This is precisely why he’s not going to be allowed to have a career in the GOP.

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