Originally published on November 16th, 2023.

I’m currently working on a much longer piece, and realized that I had no way of placing this in any article aside from its own. I had to mention the work that Stop Zionist Hate has been doing to “cancel” the Cancel-Americans calling for genocide in Gaza, because it’s the first I’ve seen something productive happen online in a very long time.

What Stop Zionist Hate does is essentially just what antifa does to White advocates, or normal people who don’t want groomers around their children. Stop Zionist Hate finds out who the people openly calling for genocide of the Palestinians are, finds out who employs them, and tries to get them fired.

The shocking twist is that it works, at least some of the time. It helps that the statements made by these zionists are incontroversially genocidal. Take Kenneth Ballenegger for example.

Twatter has a nasty habit of cropping multiple image posts in the worst way possible. Here are the two quotes of Ballenegger’s that Stop Zionist Hate is referencing.

What happened to (((Kenneth)))? He was suspended from his job at Oyster Ventures.

Another Zionist they brought to some small semblance of justice was Dr. Darren Klugman.

Klugman formerly served as the Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Director at Johns Hopkins University.

Stop Zionist Hate put out a very professional video demanding that Johns Hopkins University fire him. Here is the tweet with the video embedded.

Here is a re-upload on Odysee.

I don’t know who is behind the Stop Zionist Hate account, but them including all the “diversity,” and other anti-White pablum that Johns Hopkins included in their own “Stop Hate” video was an obvious but necessary move. The most productive way to fighting the enemy is to expose them as being malicious, pretending to believe in principles that they do not believe in. 

Partial transcript of the video below, which is itself showing a video produced by Johns Hopkins, bloviating about “managing negative biases,” etcetera. 

Johns Hopkins Staff: Having a diverse and inclusive environment makes our patients better.

*Show Klugman’s posts calling Palestinians barbaric animals and publicly calling for their mass slaughter.*

Johns Hopkins Staff: At Johns Hopkins Medecine we must acknowledge, actively address, and work towards effectively managing our negative biases, so that we collectively make decisions that improve the lives of our patients, our colleagues, and our community. We stand against discrimination and oppression in all their forms, and it starts with each of us.

Perhaps this “stand against discrimination and oppression” should have started by firing the Jew calling for this.

You might think that (((Johns Hopkins Medicine))), being a “far-left” organization, would fire Klugman at the drop of a hat, but it was a real fight. Turns out that Klugman’s superiors, Dr. Schwartz, Dr Muehlschlegel, and interim dean DeWeese were initially siding with the Jew Genocide Enjoyer, even after Klugman had publicly apologized. 

However, they did finally relent and place him on leave.

Stop Zionist Hate has gone after quite a few different targets in the eleven days since its inception, as of time of writing. I’d estimate that they’ve already gotten tangible action on about one third of those cases. As mentioned earlier, at least five people have been fired or suspended as a result of their work.

No good dead goes unpunished, so of course they’ve had their Instagram page taken down. 

Since Elon Musk is a pathetic fraud, I suspect that their twatter account will soon be holocausted, despite Musk meekly tweeting about how Jews are occasionally being meanies against White People… while censoring all pro-White political organizations like the NJP, NRM, Patriotic Alternative, and Justice Report.

After all, he already censored all “Hamas affiliated” twatter accounts, with a very liberal interpretation of Hamas affiliated of course, and plenty of anti-Israel tweets get shadowbanned, or outright deleted.

Still, if you’re into online activism, you couldn’t do anything more productive right now than following Stop Zionist Hate and going after the targets they’ve identified. If the slacktivists telling us to care about twatter did things like this, I wouldn’t hate them so much.

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