I’m getting pretty trooned out these days. There’s only so much you can take of these viscerally repulsive mutants who are utterly coddled and privileged by our (((Democracy Class))). But every now and then a hero arises.

In the above video we see some creep holding up a troon flag. After just a few seconds of this, some hero – mystery meat or otherwise – goes and steals his flag. Then he just stands there like a goof while everyone laughs at him, while cheering for the flag snatcher. 

The school in the background appears to be York Mills Collegiate. I looked that up, and it’s a high school in Toronto. Further searches yielded no news stories from this event, which occurred on April 12th. However, with some luck I managed to find this Facebook post by one Chris Dacey.

I downloaded the video, then uploaded it to Odysee. It’s absolutely fantastic, and I strongly recommend actually watching it. 

The man with the microphone is Josh Alexander. He’s the sixteen year old high school student who was suspended for protesting the tranny bathroom policy of his school. Then he was arrested by the police for going to school anyway. I won’t go into too much detail, since he deserves his own article.

The start of the video sees him saying the following.

I am here in opposition to a drag queen performing in front of students, as well as a Stonewall rioter now giving a presentation. These influences do not belong in the education facility. And uh-

It’s at this moment that young Chad Alexander spies the Monkeypox patient sprinting towards him. He beats back the first attempted molestation, but Xir circles around him like an AIDS ridden shark. He will attack again.

Speaking of predators, what was he referring to with the Stonewall stuff anyway?

The Star:

York Mills Collegiate Institute and the Toronto District School Board marked International Day of Pink on Wednesday with an in-person and virtual celebration attended by a Stonewall Riots survivor and a champion drag queen. Outside, protestors and counter protesters clashed over the message the event was, or wasn’t, promoting.

“This is a small group (of protesters),” said gay rights activist and Stonewall Riots survivor Martin Boyce in an interview after his keynote address to students. “In my time, it was the whole world. We know where we stand on the idea of righteousness, individuality and togetherness.”

Small group of protesters? It looked like the whole goddamn school.

This is only one direction. Everywhere the camera pans there is a sea of kids who NOPE’d out of the fag party and went to go listen to a normal person speaking for once.

Anyway, the creep who crashed the party eventually gets xirself up on the impromptu podium. And the entire crowd is booing him. He has not one supporter, other than an obese landwhale with died red hair who loudly proclaims “someone STEPPED ON MY TOES reeeeeee” at one point during the shot. She is also seen waddling after the Goy who stole his groomer flag. Speaking of which, let’s see that again.

You can see the hambeast’s luxurious locks swaying as she waddles after the anti-groomer activist. It’s better in motion, since her whole body jiggles. 

Although having said that, the sheer number of mystery meat mulattos in the crowd is a trip. Sure, this screencap aggregated a collection of them, but even still. Then again, they were unanimously jeering the groomer, so they’re not all bad. There may be some Kanye’s in that crowd.

The video made its way onto YouTube, and received a nice 107 likes, 0 dislikes. The commentariat is, as you might have imagined, utterly enraptured. 

Although we do appear to have spotted one conservative faggot in the punchbowl. Imagine whining about someone doing one thousandth back to these troons that they do to everyone else. Remember back in Vancouver, when some mutant stole our sign, and the VPD stood around doing nothing?

I expanded the comment, but YouTube is doing that thing where they refuse to show you the response, presumably because it’s so naughty that it will cause their beloved golems to neck themselves after a three second exposure. In case you were thinking that Elon “cuck for the ADL” Musk has suddenly turned based, the exact same thing is happening over there in the thread where I found this video. 

The video content is hidden, as is the last tweet. Let’s take a look at that, shall we?

Boy am I ever glad that Elon “big faggot” Musk is shielding my eyes from this monstrous take.

Clicking on the shitlib replies shows additional hidden replies. 

Both for thathfag and LionWolfAndButterflyWithAIDS.

I expanded that last one and saw this. 

Normally I’d make fun of the Covid-19 reference, but imagine still having a face mask in your profile picture in 2023?

I imagine that this is a troon who thinks that Xir passes better the more of its face that it covers up. Perhaps this is the most intelligent and self-aware thing a tranny has ever done. I’ll let you be the judge.

Schools everywhere under ZOG are intolerable cesspools of anti-Whiteness and groomers. Canada may well be the worst of the lot. Check out the flag they’ve given heterosexuality.

To quote one Daily Rake commenter.

Bottom right is not a flag that stirs the Aryan soul.

It’s the paint card when deciding which colour you would like to paint your new contemporary designed house.

And to quote from another.

Can’t help but notice they left out Super Straight.

Ah yes, Super Straight, the only truly oppressed sexuality. 

That short lived, but beautiful meme, and this high school outburst show, in their own way, the same thing. The groomers are astonishingly unpopular, and when people are given the smallest socially acceptable way to lash back at them, they take full advantage. Credit to the sixteen year old Josh Alexander, who is a truly amazing public speaker, especially for someone his age. 

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  1. Nice to see young people showing up and listening to non-conformists like Josh.

    If all Josh succeeds in doing is having youth figure out that modern-day school commissars are just government hacks, (a.k.a. employees) who also happen to really really REALLY need that pay check, then a lot of related political insights will surely follow and naturally fall into place.

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